The Best 1000 Watt Ballast Options In The Market That Are Worth Your Money

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One of the important things in a greenhouse or indoor garden is the lighting. It supplies enough sun nutrition to your plants thus making them healthy. However, a good lighting for your plants would not be possible if you’re using poor ballast. But what is ballast and why is it so important to have a good one?

To answer these questions, we’ve made a research on all the details you need to know about the best 1000 watt ballast. Also, we’ll throw in some information on the best ballast options you have in the market today.

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What Is Ballast?

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Fluorescent lighting systems are composed of three simple things – the lamp, the ballast and the connection to the power source. The ballast is in charge of regulating current to the lamp and additionally provides enough current to start the lamp.

Having a lamp connected directly to the source can cause a lamp to burn out or over heat since the direct flow of too much voltage can increase the current draw.

When starting or switching on a lamp, the ballast controls the supply of voltage that is going towards the lamp. Depending on the requirement or wattage of the lamp, the ballast regulates or reduces the inflow of current towards the lamp.

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Currently, there are two types of ballasts: the Magnetic ballast and the Digital or electronic ballast. Magnetic ballasts are the ‘older version’ of ballasts that we have today. They have simple designs as well as basic operating principle and are not commonly used today because the latter type of ballast has so many advantages over this one.

Electronic ballasts on the other hand are more sophisticated. Unlike magnetic ballasts, this type of ballast does not cause the fluorescent to flicker and make noises. In addition, these are much more compact and weight less. The electronic ballast is also energy efficient which is why it is a popular preference by all users.

Things To Bear In Mind When Buying Ballasts

Unless you’re a professional or an electrician, you probably won’t have any difficulty finding the right ballast that suits your lighting needs. But if you’re not, today is your day because we’ve laid out all the things you need to bear in mind when buying ballasts for your lighting needs. They are as follows:

1. The Bulb Type

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The first thing that you should always consider when buying ballasts is the bulb type that you will be using the ballast for. Today, there are a 3 available bulb types to choose from: the F40T12, F32T8 and the F54T5. These bulb types correspond to specific sizes as well as voltage requirements which should match your ballast. If you’re not aware of your bulb type, simply check its box for the product specifications.

2. The Start Method

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Choosing the wrong starting method for your ballast can result in the bulb over heating or burning out. If you’re using the ballast to lit lamps for long periods during the day then you can opt for the instant start ballasts as these are sort of heavy duty ballast for lamps that are constantly switched on for long hours.

For the frequent switching, it is recommended that the programmed start ballast should be used to avoid burning out from frequent use of the lamp switch.

3. The Ballast Factor

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One more thing to consider when buying ballasts is the light output or lumens. The ballast factor ranges from 0.77 to 1.1. A normal ballast factor would mean the normal lighting requirement wherein the light produced by the bulb is just enough to read a book or to perform simple tasks that don’t require bright lighting.

On the other hand, if you’d rather go with a lesser lighting, you can opt for the low output ballast that saves more energy than the normal output ballasts. Lastly, if you are trying to provide the optimum brightness then you can opt for the high output ballasts which are commonly used to light warehouses as well as indoor gardens.

4. Adjustable Wattage Feature

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There are a lot of adjustable ballasts that are available in the market today and it is also good to take advantage of these when looking for the best ballast for your lighting needs. Adjustable ballasts are mostly in charge of powering various light sources. You can go from dim light to bright light and to normal lighting through the adjustment feature.

5. Budget

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Just like anything that you are trying to buy in the market, you also want to consider your spending budget for your ballast. While it can be true that the most expensive option can be the best option, it may not always be what you need.

Make sure that you are spending only to have ballast that would suit your needs and not just to buy the best one simply because it has amazing features – features which you don’t really need.

Top 5 1000-Watt Ballasts In The Market Today

Getting the perfect ballast to regulate the voltage that goes to your lamp can be quite a challenge considering there are a lot of options to choose from. So, to help you narrow down your choices to the best ballasts available in the market we’ve already made the research and experimenting for you.

Listed here are some of the best ballasts that cover 1000 wattage of power for your lighting needs.

1. VIVOSUN Dimmable Digital Ballast

This product from Vivosun is an excellent choice with its 2 packs of 1000 watts of ballasts. It can be powered using either 120 or 240 volts source and provide the 1000 watts which is more than enough lighting for any kind of use.

An impressive feature of this product is that you won’t have to deal with overheating lamps as well as ignition failures and short circuits. It has a no-sound operation and does not create flickers. Also, it boasts a good number of years in its warranty which allows you to have peace of mind during these long years of continued use.

It has a soft-start feature that allows you to use the ballast instantaneously and quickly.


  • Great protection from overheating and very long bulb life
  • Relieves users from ignition failures and short circuits
  • Comes with a lengthy 8 ft power cord which makes it easy to set up
  • Great deal on the warranty (3 years)


  • It’s not exactly the cheapest ballast available in the market

2. Phantom PHB2010 Digital Ballast

One good thing to note about this choice of ballast is that it works a lot more quite than other options. It has an FCC certification making it safe for public use. It also has a safety feature which protects the light as well as the ballast from harms caused by ignition failures as well as short circuits.

It works with a 32 mhz microprocessor which makes it perform better than other ballasts in the market today. Additionally, this ballast cools down first before automatically restarting which lengthens its life. Equipped with power control, ignition control as well as lamp detection to provide easy set up.

Lastly, it has a good range of features from 60%, to 75% and max.


  • Features amazing alert technology to let you know of the ballast and light conditions
  • Comes with a microprocessor regulator
  • With 4 way dimming feature


  • Restarting can take too long - around 15 mins

3. Apollo Horticulture APL1000 Hydroponic Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast

If you’re looking for the perfect ballast for your lighting requirements then you should consider the ballast from Apollo Horticulture. The APL1000 is a digital ballast that is capable of regulating 1000 watts of power to a lamp or bulb.

Despite the high wattage output, this ballast runs with minimal noise with the wattage also easily adjustable depending on preferences. It comes with a 2-meter power chord for easy set up on lamps that are a bit far away from the power source.

If you’re looking for top-quality digital ballast that provides flicker-free as well as stable lighting, this ballast can be your best option.


  • Has an automatic shutdown feature to stall short circuits
  • Noiseless but delivers optimum lighting
  • Adjustable to brightness: 50, 75 and 100% and is compatible with power sources of 120 and 240 volts
  • Has a built-in air cooling fan and good warranty


  • A bit more expensive than its competitions

4. Apollo Horticulture Purple Reign Digital Dimmable Grow Light Ballast

Another excellent ballast from Apollo Horticulture is the dimmable ballast that can light bulbs from 400, 600 and 1000 watts. This option is best if you are looking for durable ballast that provides various lighting wattage. Also, same as the previous ballast from Apollo Horticulture, you won’t have to deal with noise and you are ensured with durable ballast that can last for a long time of use.

The digital display feature allows for easier access and makes switching hassle free. The package comes with a Purple Reign 400-1050 watt Digital Dimmable Ballast.

The best thing about this ballast is that it offers 3 years warranty and is much more affordable compared to its competitors.


  • A wide variety of wattage in a single unit
  • Features 12 settings for different adjustments
  • Impressive warranty and customer support
  • Reduced noise performance and durable
  • Easy to manage digital display


  • Bulky and a bit heavier than other ballasts
  • Requires enough ventilation to avoid over heating

5. Hydroplanet™ Hydroponic Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast

One that would definitely make a customer purchase this Hydroponic Ballast is because it is ETL listed and has achieved CE certification. Just like the previous models, it can also power up a range of wattages which includes 400 w, 600 w and 1000 w.

In addition, this ballast can be used for high-pressure sodium lights as well as Metal Halide lights and can support 120 volts and 240 volts power sources. It has a quick ignition with flicker-free light output.

A good feature of this ballast is that it has a short-circuit protection system which enables user safety as well as lamp protection. Also, it has an automatic power off setting so the user can simply switch off the lights anytime without having to lift a finger.


  • Comes with a replaceable source/outlet fuse
  • Automatic off feature and does not produce any noise
  • Quick ignition and does not flicker
  • Long product warranty of 2 years


  • Heats from extended use and does not have a cooling fan to relieve the heat

Final Verdict

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As a final verdict, the excellent choice of ballast would be dependent on its purpose or the kind of lamp that this product will regulate. Say you’re looking to provide enough lighting for your indoor garden which covers a substantial area then we would recommend the VIVOSUN Dimmable Digital Ballast seeing as it has a double pack of power and can produce the best lighting which is good for the plants.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking to provide the normal lighting to light a room, we would recommend the Phantom PHB2010 Digital Ballast because it has a flexible dimming feature.

What do you think about our list? Do you think there are other options not added in these top 5 ballasts? If you do, please let us know. We’d love to hear your thoughts in our comment box located below.

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