How You Can Find The Best 2000 Watt Generator That Suits Your Needs

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In this world we are living in right now, electricity has become an essential part of our lives and almost no task can be done without electrical power. We use electricity to power the most basic equipment and machines that we have at home, at work and even in our pockets.

Electricity plays a major role in our lives today and it is important that we always have a good supply of it. Unfortunately, we can’t always rely on power grids as they can also encounter unwanted problems which may lead to power loss – and this leads us to relying on generators.

Generators are proven equipment that serves as a backup whenever there are power outages or insufficient supply of electricity. This equipment is portable, compact, easy to manage, and delivers just the right amount of electricity which a household needs. This is why more and more homes are into purchasing their own generator for their disposal.

Getting the best 2000 watt generator however is not that much of an easy task since there are a lot of things to consider. To help you make the right decision in your generator purchase, we’ve lined up the considerations to make before cashing-in on that generator. Also, we’ve lined up the best options to help narrow down your choices.


Product Name




Briggs & Stratton 30553

97 /


Westinghouse WH2200iXLT

92 /


Smarter Tools STAP-2000iQ

90 /


Powerhorse 2000 Watt Generator

83 /


Sportsman GEN2000

80 /

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Things To Consider When Purchasing A 2000 Watt Generator

Generators today have an increasing demand in the market. This is because of the many benefits that it can provide a household. To help you make the best decision out of your generator purchase, be sure to bear in mind these few considerations.

These considerations will help you figure out which generator works for your needs and which one best suit your budget.

1. Power

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The first thing that you would want to check on your generator is its power. If you’re looking to use the generator to power up an entire building, you will definitely need one that is packed with enough power to do so. However, when considering the power you should also consider the price seeing that more power means a bit of increase in the price.

Also, the number of devices, appliances, or other electrical equipment should be considered as well with regards to the amount of power that you will need. More connections, means more power requirement.

2. Fuel Type

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Among those commonly used fuel types for generators today include diesel, propane and natural gas fuel types. While the natural gas seems to be the more-convenient choice, it actually grades low in its fuel efficiency and thus can be costly because it doesn’t make efficient use of the fuel that it is burning.

On the other hand, diesel and propane fuel types are indeed the more ‘fuel efficient’ choice however these usually delivers lesser power and would require constant refilling on the fuel tank.

When considering the fuel type, you may also want to check which fuel is readily available for you.

3. Installation

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You won’t be able to start using the equipment if you don’t know how to install it properly. Some generators may require complicated installations which only the professionals know of. If you are unaware on how to make the installations yourself, choose a generator that doesn’t require much expertise on its installation.

4. Voltage Requirement


While the average generators usually require 120/240 volts, there are new models and brands that can be used on other voltage outlets such as 277/480. Prior to cashing-in on that generator, make sure that you can use it with your outlet.

5. Running Time

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Whenever considering a generator, you may also want to consider its running time. Ideally, choose one that has a long running time to make the most out of the equipment. Not only will this save you money but will also relieve you of the daunting work of making fuel refills every time fuel runs out.

Today, there are those generators that can last from 7.5 hours to 11 hours depending on where you will be using your generator.

6. Safety Features

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You may also want to check the safety features of your potential generator. Some of those safety features that come with modern generators include surge protectors, low-oil shutdown, spark arrestors, and many others. All of which can secure you from the risk of being electrocuted while using the equipment.

These safety features will also ensure the longevity of your generator.

Top 5 2000 Watt Generators In The Market

Now that you have a better picture of what your ideal generator should look like and which features it should have, let’s look at your best options in the market. These choices of generators are carefully handpicked using a few criteria such as efficiency, affordability, safety-features and durability

1. Briggs & Stratton 30553

If you need a clean as well as fast power supply, you can also consider this generator from Briggs & Stratton. As a leading provider of efficient and long-lasting home and garden equipment, this portable generator from Briggs & Stratton has been a common favorite for quite some time.

This portable generator is lightweight which makes it the ideal choice when looking for a power supply to use during camping or when doing outdoor activities that require electricity. It is also designed with a noise-reduction feature which lets you operate the equipment with comfort.

This portable generator is also easy to set up and install without the need of professional expertise. Its 1-gallon fuel tank is guaranteed to deliver power for at least 6 hours from each refill.

It comes with a 12v battery outlet along with 2 120V outlets. One more thing to brag about this product is that it comes with a 2-year warranty which other generates don’t offer.


  • Generates instant and clean power
  • Portable and is a preferred generator to use during camping
  • Much quieter than other portable generators
  • With a 12V DC outlet for charging batteries
  • With 2-years warranty


  • Earlier versions are much quitter
  • Not recommended for those who are used to bigger gas engines

2. Westinghouse WH2200iXLT

If you’re a fan of the traditional gas-powered generators, you may want to consider purchasing the Westinghouse WH2200iXLT. It is a common choice for a 2000-watt generator for its maximized motor starting capacity along with its enhanced AC starting capability.

It is also chosen by many because it is compact and is portable. Also, this product comes with an adjustable speed feature that allows you to tune the engine and the load accurately for better power generation.

As it delivers an impressive amount of power, it operates with minimal sound. In addition, this product is designed to ward off engine damages brought about by low oil. With this, you’ll no longer have to deal with constant maintenance and cleaning, and you are guaranteed a long lasting generator.

This product is an ideal choice for a long-running power source especially when you want to power up home appliances, computers, mowers, and other gadgets as it runs for at least 8.6 hours.

This generator is also a common favorite because it is designed with a gas-petcock which reduces the risks of impeding stale gas from constant use.


  • Compact and light with 43 lbs for its total weight
  • With many safety features
  • Better fuel efficiency than the average gas-powered generator
  • With 2-years warranty


  • Expensive
  • Air filter needs constant maintenance and cleaning
  • Issues of overheating

3. Smarter Tools STAP-2000iQ

If you want a generator that operates with lesser noise, this could be your best bet yet. The Smarter Tools STAP-2000iQ is a popular choice because of its noise-free muffler for lesser noise during operation and it features a spark arrestor which reduces straying sparks.

This product is designed especially to power up appliances and gadgets through its Sinewave-type technology. With this technology, it is safe to power up sensitive types of appliances and gadgets such as phones, computers, microwave ovens, etc.

It is conveniently portable with a total weight of 47 lbs which makes it easy to carry around and use around anytime.

It is also designed with fuel-efficiency in mind with its smart throttle feature. It comes with ah 12v/8a outlet which works best for charging 12V batteries.

Also, this choice of generator is the more ‘modern’ type of generator since it comes with advanced features such as USB charging outlet, an oil fill door, a fuel gauge and a gas cap that is self-ventilating.


  • EPA and CARB compliant
  • Fuel efficient engine
  • With noise-free muffler that reduces noise on operation
  • Compatible with other AP-2000iQ equipment
  • Easy to carry around with 47 lbs


  • Overloads on bigger appliances
  • Issues of gas leaks
  • Expensive for a compact portable generator

4. Powerhorse 2000 Watt Generator

Another option to consider when looking for a noise-reduced generator that is also portable is the Powerhorse 2000 Watt Generator. When you choose this generator, you’ll be granted with a generator that has a parallel-prepared design which allows for linking 2 gadgets or equipment together using cables that come free from the package.

This generator can power up sensitive gadgets and devices such as phones and computers. Compared to other portable generators, the Powerhorse 2000 Watt Generator has lesser chances of overheating during operation and works with lesser noise.

It is designed with a copper-wound head which ensures longevity and ensures lesser damages from corrosion and rusting. In addition, it comes with a convenient side panel that is removable and is available in many sizes depending on your requirements and for your oiling needs.

Another good thing about this product is that it requires lesser maintenance compared to other portable generators. It has a convenient tank capacity of 1 1/8 gallons which leaves you with lesser refills for at least 9 hours of run time.


  • Runs smoothly over sensitive devices and gadgets without overheating
  • With durable copper-wound heads
  • With parallel-prepared design that lets you connect 2 units together


  • Issues of fuel leaks
  • May require constant maintenance
  • A bit more expensive than other portable generators with same size

5. Sportsman GEN2000

If you are looking for a durable and efficient generator then the Sportsman GEN2000 could just be your best choice yet. It provides enough power for the average appliances and basic power tools.

It is designed with 2-120 volt outlets with a 12 V DC outlet which lets you charge batteries conveniently while using the equipment to power other equipment and tools. The Sportsman GEN2000 is also designed with a recoil-start feature which allows you to use the generator for a long time without using much load and fuel.

This equipment can also be operated using unleaded gas which can be easily acquired in the market. Also, this portable generator is easy to set up and does not require in-depth knowledge of electronics during installation.

It is rather compact and small compared to other portable generators making it easy to carry and move around anytime. This generator is a common choice of generator because it is easy to store and is affordable.


  • With 2 AC outlets and 1 DC outlet for charging batteries
  • Runs on gasoline
  • 9 hours of operation
  • With recoil start for long-runs
  • With 1 year warranty


  • The shaft between generator and the engine easily snaps
  • Recoil housing is not durable
  • Issues of fuel leaks


For our final thoughts, if you want a reliable 2000-watt generator carefully go through reviews as well as the features that are included in the equipment. Choose only those features that you need and that you can afford.

For our personal choice, we would go with the Briggs & Stratton 30553 for the reason that it is affordable and runs a long time while using only a little amount of gas and load. Also, it runs more quietly than other models and it comes with a good number of years for its warranty.

So what do you think of our list of top 5 2000 watt generators? Do you think there should be other options that could be included in this list? If you have suggestions, comments or questions, do let us know through our comment box below.

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