Exclusive Guide To Buy The Best Bar Oil For Chainsaw

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One thing that can make your chainsaw run smoothly and last longer is the chainsaw oil. Understanding the best bar oil for chainsaw can help you make the best decision when trying to purchase one.

In this article, we’ll be talking about all the necessary info about bar oils for chainsaw as well as your best options in the market today.


Product Name




STIHL 07813138004 High-Performance Ultra 2 Cycle Engine Oil

97 /


Oregon 54 026 Chain Saw Bar Oil

93 /


Husqvarna 610000023 Bar Oil

87 /


Poulan Pro 95203 0203 Bar Oil

85 /


Makita 181119-A Commercial Grade Chain Saw Bar Oil

81 /

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Why You Need A Bar Oil For Your Chainsaw

Indeed, bar oil should always come with your chainsaw upon purchase. However, do you know why it is so important to have one? There are a lot other reasons why you need bar oil for your chainsaw and the most common reasons are as follows.

1. For Lesser Friction

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Using oil on your chainsaw to cut thick tree branches will be like cutting butter with a hot knife. On the flip side, if you don’t use the right bar oil for your chainsaw you’ll have a rough time cutting even a thin wood. The absence of oil will cause a great deal of friction on your chainsaw resulting in dents or even breakage from continued use.

The bar oil is applied to the chain which is linked to the bar of the chain saw – this makes the chainsaw run smoother without having to produce noise which friction from the bar and chain makes.

2. Prevent Clogging

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Clogging is a common problem encountered when cutting moist wood or when cutting during wet seasons. Wet debris usually stuck or pile up in the chainsaw thus making the operator clean the equipment every so often. With the right bar oil for chainsaw, clogging can be lessened thus reducing the need to unclog the chainsaw every time.

3. Environment Protection

saw oil

Another benefit of using a bar oil for your chainsaw is to keep the environment safe. Using the right bar oil instead of grease or the ordinary oil can’t cause any harm to the environment – just make sure to verify that it is and try to avoid petroleum-based oils as these can cause harm to nature.

Also, with the right oil for your chainsaw, you won’t have to deal with splatters or dripping while using the chainsaw seeing as there are oils that stick directly only to the chain.

4. Lengthen Chain’s Life

chainsaw chain

If there is one thing that you don’t want your chain to have, it would be having blunts or chips. The last thing you want to do is always sharpening your chain just to get through the wood you’re trying to cut. In this regard, using the right kind of oil can help lengthen chain life and keep the chain sharp for a long time.

Thus, the sharper teeth, for a long time, can directly convert to lesser time sharpening and getting more things done.

5. Save You Money

a chainsaw and oil

Using the right oil on your chainsaw can help lengthen its life and can reduce events of sharpening. Since you the equipment can last for a long time, you’ll be saving yourself a good sum of money from replacement, purchases as well as repairs.

A chainsaw is just like a car. If you don’t invest on good oil, you’ll end up bearing with the ridiculous repairs and maintenance fees later on.

Essential Factors To Consider When Buying Bar Oil For Your Chainsaw

Now that you understand the importance of bar oil for your chainsaw, lets’ check out a few of the factors you should bear in mind when buying one. These factors can greatly help you find the right oil that is ideal for your specific chainsaw as well as your requirements.

1. Lubricating Property

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One of the most important things to consider when buying oil for your chainsaw is its lubricating property. Oils with higher lubricating property tend to cause a smooth run for your chainsaw. However, this option doesn’t come cheap.

On the other hand, low lubricating oils, although very cheap-priced, have lesser tolerance to friction thus making cutting a wood a lot less easily than using oil with high lubricating property.

2. Chainsaw Speed


The speed of your chainsaw is an important factor in terms of its performance. Effectively cutting through thick wood requires a good speed of chain. Today there are a few oil lubricants available in the market that can increase or maintain the running speed of chainsaws.

3. Can Be Used To Clean The Metal Surface Of The Chain

chaisnaw oil

A dirty chainsaw is something to be expected after working with the equipment. The last thing you want to do is having oil for your chain and another to clean the surface of the chain saw with.

While you want to use the oil for the mentioned uses above, you may also want the oil to be able to clean the surface of the metal. You will want the oil to keep the chainsaw surface free from rust and debris from cutting.

Leading Bar Oil For Chainsaws In The Market Today

Now that you know that you can’t just dump any kind of oil in your chainsaw as this could harm the equipment and can also harm you as the operator, you need to make sure you’re buying the right kind of oil for your chainsaw.

Outlined below are some of your best chainsaw oil options in the market today. Each of these bar oils are tested as well as reviewed to provide the best out of your bar oil needs.

1. STIHL 07813138004 High-Performance Ultra 2 Cycle Engine Oil


The STIHL Engine Oil could be the greatest choice for you if you’re trying to avoid your chainsaw from being rusty and blunt from regular use under adverse conditions. This product is biodegradable oil which means it is safe for the environment and safe to the user as well.

Also since it is fully synthetic, it is well suited for power and high-performance tools. Not only can it be used to all kinds of chainsaws that are sold in the market today but can also be used to lubricate other tools.

Just like the previous choices of oils for chainsaws, this product is also an excellent choice for lowering heat and friction caused by cutting wood. It relieves the chain from the heat that can cause damage or breakage to the equipment.


  • Comes with superior lubricating properties that make it stand out among other chainsaw lubricants
  • Best to go along with chainsaws that have high-performance engines
  • Safe to the environment and cleans thoroughly
  • Can also be used to lubricate other power tools


  • The optimum quality comes with a bit ridiculous price

2. Oregon 54 026 Chain Saw Bar Oil


The Oregon Bar and Chain Oil is an excellent choice if you’re looking to protect your chain saw against being corroded and being destroyed. It features an optimum film rigidity which doesn’t only protect your equipment from the surface but also from between the gaps and holes of the chain.

Furthermore, it shields the surface of the chain saw from corrosion and rust. Also, it can keep the chainsaw surface from saps or gums which can stick to its surface when cutting trees. If you’re looking for a low-priced bar and chain oil then the Oregon 54-026 oil can be your best option.


  • Lessened friction causes optimum engine and cutting power
  • Smooth chain loop, therefore making the equipment cut faster
  • Comes with good-film rigidity which secures the surface of the chain saw from dirt and sticky debris


  • Poor flip up spout design for convenient oil pouring into the oil reservoir

3. Husqvarna 610000023 Bar Oil


This Husqvarna Bar & Chain Oil could be the ideal oil for you if you’re looking to have a chainsaw that is in excellent working state. Using this product to grease or lubricate the chainsaw can guarantee your equipment to last for a long time even from regular use.

It is conveniently designed to match or go along with a wide variety of chainsaws around the market today. Additionally, it is designed with high-quality base stocks along with tackifier additives that lower friction on the chain.

While it is an excellent choice to reduce friction on the chain and surface of the chain saw, it additionally protects the bars, links and other components from within the chainsaw.


  • Reduces heat and friction in the chainsaw surface
  • Relieves the chainsaw surface of rust and debris from cutting
  • Conveniently priced considering the optimum quality performance


  • Compared to other oils with the same quantity, it’s a bit pricey

4. Poulan Pro 95203 0203 Bar Oil


This Poulan Pro bar oil is a flexible choice of chainsaw all as it is good for virtually all kinds of chain saws available everywhere on the market today. It is designed with features that make it stand out from its competitions.

It is equipped with higher tolerance against high temperatures and friction in the chain. It provides excellent lubrication while the chain is running thus keeping the chain from jamming. Also, it is designed to stick to the exterior of the chain saw to avoid splatters and dripping. This provides smooth cutting as well as easy and less cleaning.

Also, the Poulan Pro comes with an affordable price with enough volume (1 quart).


  • Can be used on all sorts of chainsaw bars in the market
  • Lessens the daunting task of cleaning the chain whenever cutting through wet wood
  • Debris do not stick to the chainsaw metal surface
  • Cools chain temperature thus lowering chances of breakage


  • Compared to other oils with the same quantity, it’s a bit pricey

5. Makita 181119-A Commercial Grade Chain Saw Bar Oil


Another option for a bar and chain oil that you can purchase for your chainsaw is the Makita Chainsaw Bar oil. It is designed to ensure that your chainsaw is working at its fullest. Also, this is a common preference by professionals because it is readily available in the market.

Compared to the aforementioned bar and chain oils, the Makita oil is much conveniently-priced. It can also be used in all DCS models of chainsaws.

In addition, the Makita Chain saw oil lessens the chances of flying debris when cutting or trimming wood or trees. As well, it helps reduce friction in the concentrated part of the chain saw and limits heat that is incurred in the teeth and in the surface of the chain.


  • Reduces wear and tear from regular use
  • High-film capacity which makes the chainsaw durable and protected from debris
  • Boosts engine efficiency by providing a protective layer into the exterior as well interior parts of the chain saw.


  • A bit expensive if you’re looking for a bar and chain oil with basic features

Final Thoughts

All of the mentioned bar oil options above are no doubt the best options you can find in the market today. All these have unique features as well as a few specific disadvantages. What is important is that you choose one that fits your budget and is specific to a task that you have in mind.

Say if you’re trying to cut wood but still want it to grow after it has been cut then you can go for the STIHL 0781 313 8004 Bar And Chain Oil for the reason that it is safe to the environment and is definitely safe to the tree you’re cutting. Furthermore, it is also an excellent choice because it can lubricate other power tools.

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