Exclusive Tips To Finding The Best Battery Backup Sump Pump In The Market Today

For those who do not know yet, a battery backup sump pump mechanism is a system that regulates the flow of water on basements. It helps preventing the buildup of water as well as floods which lead to rather expensive damages.

Additionally, the battery backup sump pump system also helps reducing dampness which leads to molding and accumulation of mildew that can harm our health. Some of the health risks include problem on the nasal cavity, irritation of the throat, wheezing and coughing.

Ideally, if you own a basement, you will need a battery backup sump pump which comes in many different sizes along with various power as well as performance levels to match your water flow requirements.

To help you find the best battery backup sump pump that suits your requirements, we’ve came up with a few things to consider when buying one. Also, we have looked up the Internet for the top 5 options to help narrow down your choices.


Product Name




Superior Pump 92330

97 /


Superior Pump

92 /


Attwood Water Buster Pump

90 /


Zoeller 98-0001 Sump Pump

83 /


Liberty Pumps 257

80 /

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Things To Consider When Buying A Battery Backup Sump Pump

If it is your first time trying to buy a Battery Backup Sump Pump from the market, you will find doing it a bit complicated and challenging because of the vast number of options available. It also becomes a difficult task if you are not really sure of what you are looking for.

So, to help you identify the most ideal Battery Backup Sump Pump that suits your needs we noted down the top considerations to make when buying one. These considerations are as follows:

1. The Battery Type

sump pump replacing

There are 2 very common types of Battery Backup Sump Pump that are available today - the AGM battery and the deep cycle marine battery. The AGM battery is the more conventional type of battery that requires very less maintenance.

On the other hand, the deep cycle marine battery is almost the same with the battery that you use for your cars. Compared to AGM batteries, this type requires frequent maintenance by using water.

Among the two types, the AGM battery is more preferred because it can run 50% longer and they are durable enough to last for at least 5 years prior to replacement.

2. Pump Construction

replacing an old sump pump

There are two choices to choose from when considering the pump construction or the material of your pump. You can have either the cast iron construction for your pump or the plastic. While the cast iron material for the pump is the ideal choice, it is also prone to corrosion and rusting thus requiring more maintenance.

So before you choose, make sure that it suits your specific preferences.

3. Output Or Pumping Capacity

sump pump in the park

Of course, if you’re looking for an effective sump pump, you’ll have to choose one that has a good pumping capacity or in other words, the size of the pump. Ideally, a sump pump provides an output of 35-60 gallons a minute which converts to 2100-3600 gallons in every hour.

So far, that’s the ideal output. However, if you’re looking for a better performing sump pump, be sure to choose one that surpasses that standard output.

4. Technology

When it comes to technology, there will be types of it for back up pumps – the first is the AC/DC pump and the other is DC pump. The first type is the preferred type because these can function directly out of battery or wall current.

The DC type on the other hand doesn’t work directly on sources which the AC/DC makes use of. It will only run depending on the life of the battery. While it may provide lesser efficiency, it is a much cheaper alternative. Also, it is much safer since it is not plugged directly to a wall current.

5. Price

Of course just like when you buy anything you will need to consider its price. You need to specify your expected budget for your ideal sump pump. As soon as you’ve come up with a specific budget you can simply narrow down your choice.

It is also important to note that added features in your ideal sump pump means additional numbers on its price. If this happens, stick close to your allotted budget and only consider the features you really need.

Top 5 Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Are you staying in a place where it usually rains and gets drowned each year? If so, are you looking for a way to rid yourself of these issues? If you’re looking for a battery Backup Sump Pump to help you with that, you’re on the right page on the Internet.

To help you narrow down the choices of the best battery Backup Sump Pumps that suits your needs, we’ve already made the research for you. Listed below are the top 5 battery backup sump pumps that are ideal for your specific needs.

All these options are based on customer reviews as well as following criteria such as pumping power, motor, durability, affordability and other added features.

1. Superior Pump 92330


Another pump option to look at if you’re looking for a sturdy solution is the Superior 92330. This product is designed with a split-capacitor type 1/3 HP electric motor that delivers 2400 gallons of water per hour over any basement sump.

It is also powerful enough to pump water out of the floor. It is designed with a side as well as bottom inlet features that resist debris from clogging the system. Also, it has a tethered float switch that can be used in sumps.

It also has a secondary power plug which can be switched off you want the pump to run continuously. It has more than enough power compared to others which allows it to push water to a height of 25 feet.

Also, any user can start operating this product by simply plugging it to any 120 VAC outlets.


  • Comes with handy 10 feet cord for better reach
  • With 1.25 inches outlet pipe
  • Very powerful motor (1/3 HP)


  • Hard to read manual
  • Much expensive than other alternatives with same size

2. Superior Pump


One more reliable sump pump that you can consider is the Superior Pump. As its name suggests, this pump is superior when it comes to light-duty as well as bottom intake pumps that are submersible.

This particular choice of pump works perfectly for removal of basement water without needing a sump basin. It features a bottom suctioning device which takes out water to 1/8 of an inch off the base. It is designed entirely with double sealed thermoplastic for added durability.

This product can also be used in the garden with hose diameters of ¾ of an inch attached to its adapter. Its ¼ HP motor is able to deliver 1800 gallons of water per hour having 10 feet of discharge lift.

This pump is also a common favorite because of its variety of applications which include moving water to pools or washing machines, for spill cleanup and it also serves as a fountain pump.


  • Very portable and lightweight
  • Quiet operation
  • Maintenance-free screen


  • Not recommended for permanent installations
  • Requires tightening

3. Attwood Water Buster Pump


This portable pump from Attwood is among those handiest breed of modern pumps that are every created. It runs on 3 D-size batteries which move water at 200 GPH for as long as 5 hours of continuous operation.

The Water Buster has more than enough power to raise water 4 feet above the ground. Since it makes use of batteries, it does not come with cords which make it ideal for other outdoor activities and maintenance such as pumping out water from canoes, dinghies and others.

This is an effective product in removing spills, clearing the basement sumps or even removing water over pool covers. Unlike other options of pumps, this product comes with a free 42 inch hose along with a garden hose adapter so you can use it on your lawn.

If you’re into a sump pump that you can bring around and use anytime then this particular choice could be ideal for you.


  • This product is easy to carry and lightweight
  • Long lasting power with the D-size alkaline batteries
  • Portable and can be used on other applications


  • Requires constant charging
  • Doesn’t have external power port to serve as power substitute when running out of batteries

4. Zoeller 98-0001 Sump Pump


When it comes to durable battery Backup Sump Pumps, it is hard to ignore the Zoeller Pumps. It comes with a vast variety of durable pumps which can also serve as a septic tank pump.

It is designed with a 0.5 HP AC electric motor that has more than enough power to deliver 23 ft discharge lift – a pushing power which can’t be delivered by regular brands. Also, at 5 ft head, it can push more than 4,000 gallons of water in an hour.

This robust pump is built to push spherical debris with diameter of 0.5 inches. It is manufactured with a durable and solid cast iron casing along with steel fasteners to make the unit last for long years.

Each Zoeller pump is designed with corrosion-proof coatings and parts that are guaranteed to last a long time even through adverse conditions. Every piece of its mort bearings and pump is oil-fed. Also compared to other pumps, this product works quietly which is why it is more preferred.


  • Durable cast iron casing
  • Can push out debris of up to 0.5 inches diameter
  • Excellent pushing power from 0.5 HP AC electric motor


  • A bit more expensive than alternative pumps
  • Only has 1 year warranty

5. Liberty Pumps 257


Another great option for a battery Backup Sump Pump is the Liberty Pumps 257. This product is proven to be reliable as well as versatile when it comes to its price given the excellent quality of its construction.

It is designed with a durable cast iron body along with sealed hermetical motor that comes with switches. Furthermore, it comes with bearings that are permanently lubricated for zero-maintenance and a rugged motor.

It is built to fit in sump basins that are as tiny as 10” in diameter and is compatible with outlet pipes with diameters 0.5-1 inches. It has a 1/3 HP motor that pushes 50 gallons of water an hour with an optimum lift of 21’.

This product also comes with 3 switch options and makes use of a fast-disconnect cord that lets you install a longer cord when needed immediately. If you’re looking for a robust, durable but at the same time cheap and quiet working pump them this option could be your best choice.


  • Durable housing (cast iron material)
  • With 0.5-1 inch discharge outlet
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty


  • Very less float inch travel (only 4 inches)
  • Expensive

Our Final Thoughts

This list of slump pumps is certainly the best in their field and is also the cheapest as well as most durable. As a personal recommendation, we would like to point out that the Superior 92330 submersible sump pump stands out among the other 4 sump pumps.

We found the Superior 92330 to be the best option in this list because of its sturdy and powerful motor which delivers the most power even with its compact size. Also, it comes with male fittings that let you use the equipment over other applications.

While this option is the best choice when it comes to power and durability, it is also a popular choice because of its budget-friendly price. Likewise it is easy to carry and can be plugged into any 120 VAC outlets.

What do you think of our list of top Backup Sump Pumps that are available in the market today? Do you have better suggestions that far exceed the options mentioned in this list? If you do, leave us a message through our comment box below. We’d love to hear your thoughts about it.

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