Best Bed Bug Killer: Dealing With The Bedroom Biters

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Tired of being bitten by annoying bugs while sleeping at night? Bed bugs are known to cause a lot of discomfort especially when a bunch of them will bite you at night. These parasitic insects are known to favor living inside warm houses, especially in beds, beddings, even in sofas and sleeping areas.

Bed bugs have been identified as pests for thousands of years. Although their populations have declined with the development of bed bug killers or insecticides, many of them still thrive especially in areas with dense human populations. This is why knowing what tools to use against them is very important.

You need to keep in mind that these insects have a very nasty bite. If you allow them to stay in your bed, these insects will bite you, cause allergic reactions and irritations on your skin. Although they are not known to carry deadly diseases, some scientists speculate that they can cause Chagas disease.


Product Name




The Bed Bug Killer By EcoRaider

97 /


The Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

94 /


The Tempo Ultra SC Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide

89 /


The Harris Bed Bug Diatomaceous Earth Powder

85 /


The Harris Toughest Bed Bug Killer

82 /

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How Do I Know That There Are Bed Bugs In My House?

The best way for you to tell whether or not there is a bed bug infestation in your home is to do a visual inspection. You need to make sure that you can see evidence of their presence in your home by checking the beds, bed frames, walls, sofas and even your carpets.

Although they are very small in size, bed bugs are visible to the naked eye. If you do not have a keen eyesight, you might want to use a magnifying glass so you can do close inspections. Adult bed bugs have a reddish-brown color, and they have flattened bodies that will allow then to easily slip into crevices.

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The bed bug nymphs on the other hand are much harder to spot because they are much smaller than the adults. You should also spend some time trying to check if there are bed bug eggs in your sleeping areas. The eggs are not placed on the host’s body, but are laid on surfaces near where you sleep.

Bed bugs also tend to leave behind a lot of fecal matter. They can also be found hiding in small areas that con provide them with darkness, isolation, and even protection. You can also use a flashlight to check hidden areas closely, and you should also check adjoining rooms if you find bed bugs in one area.

Preparing The Area Before Treatment

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Aside from using the right bed bug killers, it is very important for you to prepare the area properly before using any treatments. This will allow you to kill the pests more efficiently. Failure to prepare will result in poor outcomes simply because it will allow some of the bugs to survive and do a re-infestation.

To prepare the area, you should consider removing all of the clutter. Get rid of toys and other electronics, and put them inside sealed plastic bags. Do not transfer the clutter from an infested area to another area as it can spread the bugs to other places. You should also disinfect the items in the bag.

Infested garments should also be laundered using hot water. Since they cannot be sprayed with insecticide, you should kill the bugs hiding in the garments through heat. If you cannot use hot water to clean the garments, you can kill the bugs by heating the garment in the dryer for several minutes.

You should also consider dismantling the bed. These bugs can easily hide inside the joints of the bed frame and they can also easily hide inside cracks and crevices. If you will not dismantle the bed properly, you might not be able to kill all of the bugs especially the nymphs.

You should also consider sealing the room using caulk. Inspect the floor, the walls, and the ceiling for areas where they can easily hide. Seal off the entire room by applying caulk on all of the cracks, open joints and crevices that you see. You should also inspect cabinets and drawers inside the room.

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After putting all clutter in sealed plastic bags for disinfection, laundering the garments, dismantling the bed, sealing the entire room, and inspecting cabinets and drawers, you will then have to vacuum. You need to make sure that the floor, the furniture, and the edges of the bed are vacuumed properly.

Try not to use the bristle attachment on the vacuum so that you can avoid spreading the bugs to other areas of the house. The vacuum bag should be placed inside a garbage bag, sealed, and then thrown away immediately so you can get rid of the bed bugs for good.

The Best Bed Bug Killer

There are many ways for you to kill bed bugs and remove bed bug infestations in your home. The products I have compiled in this article are meant to provide you with a wide selection of products so you will be able to choose one that can best suit your needs at home.

1. The Bed Bug Killer By EcoRaider

This product is a cut above the rest simply because has been praised by the Entomological Society of America's journal publication as the most effective natural product against bed bugs. Unlike typical insecticides, it uses 100% organic ingredients to kill bed bug adults, nymphs, and eggs.

And because it is 100% lethal to bed bugs, it can also kill bed bugs that are resistant to typical pesticides. This product is safe for use at home, it is eco-friendly, and you will not have to worry using it on your child’s bedroom. It is also pet-friendly, and it kills bed bugs on contact.

This product is also backed up by scientific studies that prove its effectiveness against bed bugs when used inside home and buildings. It is also highly recommended for sensitive environment and it can actually keep killing bed bugs for two weeks since it leaves behind a dry residue.


  • Its claims are backed by up scientific studies
  • It has been praised by the Entomological Society of America
  • It kills bed bugs of all stages, and it can also kill resistant bed bugs
  • It can provide long-term protection so you can avoid re-infestation


  • It leaves behind a strong odor

2. The Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

What makes this product unique is that it can kill bed bugs on contact without having to use toxic chemicals. It uses organic ingredients so that you can kill bed bug adults, nymphs, and eggs. Unlike other products, you can use this product directly on beddings and bed sheets since it will not cause any stains.

Since this product does not contain any harsh chemicals, you will not have to worry about having to deal with fumes after spraying it on your bed. Unlike typical pesticides that will leave behind harmful residues, this product will not cause harm if it will come in contact with your skin.

Another feature that this product provides is that it has a fast action formula that will kill bed bugs right away. Its formula allows the insecticide to go deep into garments and fibers, making it more effective than the typical bed bug foggers, traps, and bed bug powders.


  • It has a fast-killing formulation
  • It can kill bed bug adults, nymphs, and eggs
  • It uses organic ingredients that will not leave behind stains, fumes, and toxic residues


  • Some buyers have received bad batches of this product that did not work
  • Some people do not like the fragrance that it leaves behind

3. The Tempo Ultra SC Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide

This product is a multi-insect killer. It can be used to kill a wide range of pests including bed bugs, spiders, and fleas. This makes it ideal for homeowners who are not sure what kind of insect is biting them and infesting inside their home. This product utilizes a powerful and effective insecticide.

The Tempo Ultra is also able to provide long lasting results. It is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors which makes it great for combatting heavy infestations. This product is meant to be mixed to make as much as 30 gallons of insecticide, making it the ideal product for large properties and establishments.

When used together with the right spray system, it can be easily dispersed inside the home or onto lawns, gardens, walls, and sheds. This small product can actually be used to cover as much as 30,000 square feet, and it can also kill as much as 100 types of indoor, outdoor, or ornamental insect pests.


  • It uses a powerful chemical to kill bed bugs as well as a wide range of insect pests
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors
  • The product can cover as much as 30,000 square feet


  • It cannot be readily used
  • You will need to another product that can be used to spray the insecticide
  • The chemicals used can burn your skin and it can cause irritations
  • It might not be safe to use if you have children or pets in the house

4. The Harris Bed Bug Diatomaceous Earth Powder

This product is specifically formulated to kill bed bugs on contact and it can provide long lasting effects when applied inside cracks and crevices. This product will not leave behind stains and nasty odors, making it ideal for use on beddings. This product can also be applied easily on different surfaces.

The powder is composed of ingredients that have been registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. These ingredients can be safely used around pets and people. You will only need to use a light dusting of this product to kill the bed bugs and to control heavy infestations.


  • It can be easily applied on cracks and crevices
  • It has long lasting effects against bed bugs


  • It can cause mild skin or eye irritations upon contact
  • It should only be applied on problem areas
  • You should not allow its particles to scatter into the air

5. The Harris Toughest Bed Bug Killer

This product is one has one of the toughest formulations available that is designed to help you kill bed bugs as quickly as possible. It can be used to kill bed bugs in different stages and it can also be used to kill Pyrethroid Resistant Bed Bugs which can easily resist other insecticide formulations.

This product is ideal for homeowners who have had little success when using other bed bug killers, simply because its extra-strength formulation is designed to help you deal with tough bed bugs. This product can also provide you with residual control that will help you kill bugs after application.


  • It has an extra-strength formulation designed to kill tough bugs
  • It can help you deal with Pyrethroid resistant bed bugs
  • It will keep killing with the use of its residue


  • The formulation used can be harmful to kids and pets
  • Some products did not come with the sprayer
  • The chemicals can cause discolorations when sprayed on furniture


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When it comes to dealing with bed bugs, it is very important for homeowners to be methodical and patient. Sometimes, it is not enough to simply bombard the bedroom with bed bug killers simply because these bugs can easily hide and because some of them can withstand the insecticide itself.

After accomplishing the pre-treatment requirements mentioned above, I highly recommend that you use the Bed Bug Killer by EcoRaider. This is because it is the only one backed up by scientific studies and it is the only one that has earned the attention of an American scientific society.

This product is also safe to use in homes with pets and children, this will allow you to have something that can kill bed bugs in your child’s bedroom. If in case this product does not work for you, I recommend that you switch to The Harris Toughest Bed Bug Killer, but with extreme caution.

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