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The same with finding the best pruning saws or pole saws to use in the gardens upkeep and maintenance, finding the right bow saw could also be a pain. This is especially true if you’re doing this sort of thing for the first time and have no idea of what to look for in your ideal bow saw.

The good news is that we’ve already laid out all the necessary info that you will need prior to buying the best bow saw that you can use for your garden or for outdoor cutting. Also, we’ll be throwing in a few of the best bow saw options that are sold in the market today.


Product Name




Fiskars 7029 Bow Saw

97 /


Bahco Ergo Bow Saw

94 /


Sven Saw

90 /


Truper 30255 Steel Handle Bow Saw

85 /


Irwin 218HP300 Combi-Saw

81 /

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Benefits Of Using A Bow Saw


Little did many people know that using the bow saw instead of the conventional saw provides a number of benefits. To start off, it is actually a great tool for making various cuts – from the small, medium to large and thick wood or branches.

It cuts wood with higher accuracy than the ordinary saw which is why it is also a common preference by professionals. With the right skills and knowledge, this saw can carve an ordinary wood to shapes and sizes of decors and furniture.

Another benefit of using this kind of saw is that it has better performance in cutting a straight line over thin or thick wood. Since the blade is thin and can be managed easily, it provides a convenient sawing rhythm to the user thus providing straight and easy cuts.

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Bow saws are simply powered by the hand and don’t require electricity or gas in order to work. Since it is the manual way of sawing, it can save you a lot of cash from gas or battery purchases.

Lastly, the bow saw is also a good choice because it creates lesser noise as compared to the other saws. It has a smaller set of teeth and doesn’t need a chain to cut through wood.

What You Need To Bear In Mind When On The Lookout For The Best Bow Saw

Now that you understand the benefits of using a bow saw, you’re ready to purchase you own bow saw. Doing so however may not be easy as bow saws also have specific features and requirements that match specific needs. So, for you to make a good decision on which bow saw to buy we’ve laid out the common considerations that you should bear in mind. These considerations are as follows:

1. Length Of The Saw


The first thing that you need to consider when buying a bow saw is its length. It can range from 14 inches to 36 inches and even more if you’re trying to cut a wood with big diameter. One thing that you should note about bow saw lengths is that the longer the bow saw is, the bigger the wood that it could cut.

2. Cutting Power

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Of course if you’re looking to find a cutting tool, you definitely should check its cutting power. And by cutting power, we mean its teeth and its weight. While it will be the users’ strength that will mostly power the saw, its teeth and its weight can also influence the cutting power.

Say, if you’re trying to cut a thick wood, a bow saw with a bigger set of teeth and heavier frame can make the job easier. Whereas if you’re trying to cut smaller wood to be used for décor or furniture, a lighter and smaller toothed bow saw could be your best option.

With this, we can say that reducing the tooth of the blade results in reducing its cutting power, however, increasing the accuracy of the cuts.

3. Protection

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Since you’ll be working with a sharp object, it would also be great to monitor its safety feature. Bow saws although not as sharp as knives can easily cut through the skin with just a small amount of force. Say if the saw falls to your legs, the blade with its set of teeth can easily cut the skin.

A few features for protection that you want to consider in your bow saw are: an ergonomic grip to avoid slippage and for convenient handling, a blade cover/sheath which covers the sharp end of the blade when it is not being used and a saw bag or case where to store the saw.

4. Design

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One more thing to bear in mind when buying the best bow saw for your needs is its design. Currently there are two bow saw designs available and each of these has their own specific purpose.

First is the angled design wherein it usually features a pointed edge which is designed to reach compact spaces when cutting. The second design of a bow saw is the oval tube design which features a more rounded shape edge that generally offers comfort by relieving stress to the hand.

Top 5 Bow Saws In The Market Today

Bow saws are an excellent choice of cutting tool especially if you’re trying to make accurate cuts from the small to large wood pieces. Also, it is a convenient choice as it does not require gas or electricity to work. Plus, it is smaller sized which makes it portable and easy to handle.

Finding the right bow saw for your needs, however, can be difficult because there is a wide range of choices in the market and going through all these options can be a daunting task. So, we’ve made a research on the best bow saws today and laid them out in front for you.

Here’s an overview of our top 5 bow saws in the market today.

1. Fiskars 7029 Bow Saw

This bow saw from Fiskars – the Fiskars 7029 also makes it to our list of best bow saws in the market because it offers an impressive level of quality as well as affordability. Although may not be as durable as the previously mentioned options, this bow saw is impressively cheap despite its outstanding quality.

It is constructed with hardened metal with a carbon-steel blade which is resistant to rust and corrosion. In addition, it also boasts a protective tension lever which provides a comfortable grip as well as straight cuts over the wood.

Designed to be lightweight as well as easy to carry and store. The best part about this bow saw is its lifetime warranty.


  • A common preference due to its affordability
  • Durable steel blade that doesn’t dull or break easily
  • Very light and easy to manage when cutting
  • Replacement blades are readily available in the market


  • Some customers complain about the rivets falling out of the frame
  • No knuckle guard

2. Bahco Ergo Bow Saw

This bow saw from Bahco is an excellent choice if you’re trying to cut thick green wood in your garden. It extends to 30” and is equipped with firm tensioning which is great for making straight cuts.

Adding to its light weight which makes it easy to handle, this bow saw also has an ergonomic handle for that perfect firm grip whenever cutting indoors or outdoors and even in adverse conditions.

The knuckle protector is also a unique feature for this bow saw as it provides safety to the hands of its user. It is constructed from durable steel tubing and designed to be rust and corrosion proof.


  • Has a long length of up to 30 inches which is ideal for cutting wood with big diameters
  • Offers a straight and more accurate cutting with the high-tensioning system
  • Very light and easy to handle
  • Made from durable material and lasts long


  • Poor welding specially on the ends of the blade
  • Thin blade bends slightly when cutting thick wood

3. Sven Saw

This bow saw from Sven is the lightest in this list with not more than a pound. The Sven is a Swedish inspired and is foldable to 21 inches. This portable saw is an excellent saw for cutting small trees and branches for as thick as 5 inches.

Since it is light as well as foldable, it is easy to carry around. It is made out of high-strength aluminum alloy which makes it last for a lifetime and designed with a triangular frame to provide frame rigidity.

It doesn’t have corners on its tubular handle and it has a red anodized finish which prolongs through the blade providing better grip.


  • Excellent portability – just pick up and go
  • Although very light as well as compact, it creates excellent and fast cuts
  • Easy to direct and maneuver to the desired path


  • Disassembling is not as easy as assembling this saw
  • Makes use of rivets which makes it a challenge to replace the blades

4. Truper 30255 Steel Handle Bow Saw

If you’re looking for a bow that falls under the low to middle length range then the Truper 30255 could be your ideal choice. It offers a unique feature of a cam-lever tensioning system that keeps the blade tight and secure while using the saw.

Also, changing blades will not take more than a few seconds as this product is designed with a quick-blade-change-release system. This means you can simply change your blade quickly without having to dismantle the whole tool.

This specific bow saw boasts a sleek bright orange paint which makes it resistant against rust and corrosion. Also with knuckle guard, the Truper 30255 can be the best bow saw in the market yet.


  • Sleek design with reliable blade tension that helps cut in a straight path
  • Ergonomic handle and convenient grip
  • Enhanced hand protection through the knuckle guard


  • Poor blade strength when cutting wood with bigger diameter
  • Protective sheath is not durable

5. Irwin 218HP300 Combi-Saw

This bow saw from Irwin is yet another excellent choice for people looking for bow saws that cut with accuracy and convenience. This bow saw is designed with a welded frame which creates stability as well as flexibility for faster cutting. It comes with a metal and wooden blade that allows its user to flexibly cut through wood as well as metal.

It designed to be compact for portability and foe easy storage. It also features a protective knuckle guard to protect the hands of the user while cutting. Despite the shorter size compared to the previous bow saws, it has a durability as well as power that can go at par with its bigger competitors.

Additionally, the Irwin 218HP300 features a blade length of 12 inches which is perfect for making small and accurate cuts on wood. Also with a tooth per inch of 8P/18TPI which creates smooth and convenient sawing this is a common favorite by furniture makers as well as other professionals.


  • Welded frame offers better flexibility and makes cutting faster
  • Interchangeable blades that can cut through wood and metal
  • Knuckle guard avoids slippage and keeps the hand safe


  • Not very effective for large cuttings
  • Wiggles a bit


As far as durability, features and budget are concerned, we would recommend the Fiskars 7029 as the top choice among all the listed bow saws in this article. However, while it can be the top choice in this list, it is also important to note its downsides which in this case is the missing knuckle guard and the rivets that are falling off of its frame.

While it is simple to just choose another bow saw after knowing these downsides of the Fiskars 7029, it is also possible to make adjustments or customizations to counter the flaws of this specific bow saw.

Do you think the Fiskars 7029 deserves a thumb up in this article or do you think it should get a thumb down? Also, do you have other suggestion of the best bow saws in the market which are not included in this list? If you do, let us know. We’d love to hear about it on our comment box below.

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