Efficient And Inexpensive Lawn Maintenance Using The Best Brush Cutter Blade

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Among those garden equipment that I personally like when trimming and cutting grass and weeds off the loan is brush cutter. Not only is this equipment an inexpensive choice but it is also more convenient, especially when dealing with corners or sloping surfaces in the garden.

What many people don’t know about brush cutters and trimmers is that the most important part of them which does the work is the blade. So, to guide you through today’s best brush cutter blade, I’ll share with your some of the best options that I’ve personally tried.


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PoolSupplyTown 2 Pack Brush Cutter Blades

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MaxPower Brush Cutter Blade

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MaxPower Brush Cutter Blade

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Forester Chainsaw Brush Blade

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What You Need To Find In Your Ideal Brush Cutter Blade

As mentioned earlier, you would want a reliable blade to match your brush cutter or trimmer for it to be effective. Among those things you need to look for are as follows:

1. Blade Teeth

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Basically, when you want more cutting power out of your blade or trimmer, you need to make sure that the blade has a substantial number of teeth. If you’re looking to deal with light lawn cutting work, a lesser number of teeth out of your blade will suffice.

For the general to heavy-duty type of cutting jobs in the lawn, an 80-100 set of teeth in a blade is recommended. While the more teeth packs the more cutting power, you also need to bear in mind that it will require more maintenance and sharpening in case the teeth gets dull.

2. Material

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The material should also be considered before you cash in on that brush cutter blade. While it may be made from a variety of steels, you may want one that is comfortable with the specific cutting tasks that you have in mind.

Say if you’re looking to use the equipment over moist and muddy lawn, a blade that is water resistant and durable would be highly recommended. A blade that doesn’t require much sharpening because of its extra hard construction is also great.

While wanting the toughest material out of your blade would mean an extra price hike, there are other options for which you can get optimum durability with just a fair price.

3. Arbor Hole Size

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There are a wide variety of arbor hole sizes for brush cutters to choose from. Seeing that the arbor hole is the place where you connect the blade to the trimmer or cutter, you need to make sure that it comes with the right dimensions.

Check with your cutter or trimmer to know the suggested arbor hole dimensions and ensure that it matches your potential blade. The last thing that you’d want is to have a blade with all the amazing features but can’t be fitted in your brush cutter.

4. Blade Diameter

Cut The Metal Pieces

Another thing about your blade that should match your specific model of brush cutter is the diameter of the blade.

While gunning for the bigger diameter would definitely provide you with more power and speed in cutting grass and weeds, it may not be effective for some models of brush cutters. This is especially true if your brush cutter is designed with a metal shield.

If not given a recommended diameter of blade to use for your cutter, go with the moderate diameter to have power and extra safety.

5. Weight

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Since you’ll be carrying the brush cutter the whole time as you work in the garden, you may want your blade to be light. This is to avoid fatigue and back pains when using the equipment.

Also, it is important to note that as you use the equipment, its weight gradually increases as it makes contact to the grass, especially thick grass. With this, you would want your blade to be light and manageable or else it will be hard to control and may not provide a clean cut.

6. Maintenance

A Metal Saw

A blade that doesn’t require much maintenance is also a better choice. Go for cutter blades that are easy to clean and resistant to rusting and corrosion.

While it may require a few extra dollars to have a maintenance-free blade, it is surely a good investment since it enables the blade to last longer and it won’t need any cleaning on your end.

Top 5 Brush Cutter Blades

Among the many varieties of brush cutter blades in the market, it becomes difficult to find that perfect one that suits your specific needs. Without having to go through all the options one by one, I’ll share with you the top and most used brush cutter blades today.

 1. RENEGADE BLADE 2 Blade Pack


The first choice of brush cutter blade is the 2 Blade Pack from RENEGADE BLADE which is not only available in 1 but 2 blades out of a single package.

Having an established reputation, this blade from Renegade is not a brush cutter to be reckoned with. As a leading provider of high quality and long lasting garden equipment, this blade also lives up to its predecessors.

Both the blades included in the package have 8 inches of dimeter which is the standard diameter used for most brush cutters today. It is designed with a set of 32 teeth which is ideal for moderate to general types of cutting tasks.

Should you require more cutting power out of this blade then you can also have the option to upgrade to the 80-tooth blade. Opting for the 80-tooth blade variant will allow you to make heavy-duty cuttings on your garden.

This pair of blades is also highly durable and is made from carbide steel which can endure heavy pressure and is resistant to rusting and corrosion. Having the teeth made from carbide also means that the blade doesn’t get dull easily and won’t require any sharpening for a long time.


  • 2 blades in one
  • Standard size for most types of brush cutters
  • Carbide material
  • Upgradable to 80 teeth
  • Trusted name


  • Hard to sharpen
  • Not very long lasting

2. PoolSupplyTown 2 Pack Brush Cutter Blades


The PoolSupplyTown 2 Pack Brush Cutter Blades also provides 2 blades in a single package and is also a universal type of brush cutter blade.

While this blade has the dimensions that fits the general types of brush cutters, it also fits other grass cutting equipment such as weed eater and garden trimmer. It comes in various arbor holes that match the blade requirements of lots of equipment.

This blade is designed with high RPM rate to provide faster and more efficient cutting. At the same time it is also a popular choice in the market because of its excellent durability. It is made from carbide steel which ensures the blade lasts for a long time and the teeth won’t need sharpening anytime soon.

With its 8 inches of diameter and 80 teeth, it becomes ruthless garden cutting tool. Despite its durable and high quality construction, it’s lighter than other options and is easier to manage and control.


  • Universal type of blade
  • Can be used for other cutting equipment in the garden
  • With 80 teeth for more cutting power
  • Carbide and titanium alloy construction


  • Aggressive cutting which makes it hard to control
  • Not recommended for light cutting

3. MaxPower Brush Cutter Blade


The MaxPower Brush cutter Blade is another excellent choice to add in this list because of its high quality construction and design along with its much cheaper price.

Also designed to fit almost any size requirements of various brush cutters, this blade is ideal for cutting small trees, thick grass, weeds and branches. While this blade is designed for brush cutters, it can also fit other cutting equipment in the garden such as gas-powered trimmers.

It comes with 7 inch diameter and a set of teeth which are best for finishing and making accurate cuts on the lawn. This product is also designed with carbide material allowing it to last for a long time without getting dull easily.

While it takes a long time before its teeth gets dull, it can be sharpened with the help of a 3/16 chainsaw file. The product is also easy to find in the local market.

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose brush cutter blade that is inexpensive, this could be a good option.


  • Great for making finishing and accurate cuts
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Universal blade


  • May require constant cleaning
  • Not recommended for heavy-duty cutting

4. MaxPower Brush Cutter Blade


If you want a bigger diameter out of your brush cutter blade for a wider cutting range, you can also invest in the MaxPower Brush cutter Blade.

This blade is designed with 9 inches of diameter to allow for faster cutting and wider area of coverage when performing cutting jobs.

What many users love about this product is that since it has a bigger diameter, it quickly cuts through a wide area of the lawn in just one pass. It is designed with a durable construction and a set of teeth that are guaranteed to last a long time before it requires sharpening.

Just like the previous choice of brush cutter blade, this product also comes with a set of chainsaw teeth which allows it to be used for heavy-duty brush cutting jobs. Despite the increase in its diameter, this blade is still light for making accurate cuts on the lawn and it is still much cheaper than most conventional brush cutter blades.

Lastly, while ideal for cutting grass, the product can also be used to cut tougher materials such as wood and thin tree branches.


  • Durable
  • Chainsaw teeth for cutting tough materials
  • Easy to sharpen
  • 9 inch diameter


  • Not recommended for accurate or light cutting works
  • Doesn’t fit smaller brush cutters with metal shields

5. Forester Chainsaw Brush Blade


Next on our list is the Forester Chainsaw Brush Blade. It comes with a large diameter in a pair bundle in a single package.

One selling point out of this brush cutter blade is that it features a set of 20 chainsaw teeth to deliver powerful and clean cuts out of any wood, grass or garden debris. This blade is designed with 9 inches diameter to fit almost any variety of brush cutters.

What I personally like about this blade is that you don’t need to push or put pressure on the brush cutter as you cut. It can provide a gentle action even while cutting tough plants and yard debris.

Its blade is highly durable and can last a long time before requiring sharpening. Also, since it comes in a pair from its package, you can simply replace it right away when the teeth get dull to enable continuous cutting work.

While this product is ideal for cutting grass, it can also be used to cut tougher and harder materials such as wood and thin tree branches.


  • Comes in a 2 Piece Bundle
  • Fast cutting
  • Can be used on hard and tough materials and thin wood
  • Universal blade
  • Easy to sharpen


  • Easily dulls
  • Not very accurate cuts


Cutting and trimming grass in the garden will never be easy without the help of a reliable blade out of your brush cutter. Among all these options, we believe that the 2 Blade Pack from RENEGADE BLADE is the optimum choice.

This is simply because while it provides a highly durable construction and a set of teeth that doesn’t easily dull, it also provides price convenience as it comes in a 2 piece bundle.

So which blade do you think works for you? If you have questions, comments and suggestions for the top brush cutter blades in the market today, do let us know. We have a convenient comment box below where you can share your thoughts.

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