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All You Need To Know About The Best Chainsaw Bar Options In The Market

When it comes to cutting trees, lumber or any thick wood, the chainsaw would be the best tool for the job. Additionally, you can use chainsaws in trimming bushes in your garden or for other various purposes. One of the most important parts in a chainsaw that makes it effective is the chainsaw bar or chain.

The chainsaw bar performs the main task in a chainsaw – which is the cutting. It has a series of sharp teeth which are attached to the chainsaw’s rotating chain. While it may be an excellent idea to have your own chainsaw for your garden or outdoor cutting purposes, it is very important to consider the best chainsaw bar for your chainsaw.

Outlined below are a few of the important things you should know about chainsaw bars, the considerations before buying one and a few of the best options you have in the market.

Top 5 Best Chainsaw Bars - Comparison Table


Product Name




Poulan Pro ChainSaw Bar

95 /


Oregon 105671 Replacement Chain Saw Bar and Chain Combo

94 /


Oregon 105667 Replacement ChainSaw Bar and Chain Combo

90 /


Husqvarna 531300440 FT280-72 Chain Saw Bar

88 /


Husqvarna 531300436 HLN250 Chain Saw Bar

84 /

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Reviews of 5 Best Chainsaw Bars On The Market

Certainly there lots of chain saw bars that you can find the market today and each of these options can be the ideal choice for your specific needs. To help you narrow down your list of choices with regards to the best chain saw bars in the market today, we’ve came up with our own list.

This list contains not only the most effective chain saw bars but also the most cost-efficient.

1. Poulan Pro ChainSaw Bar


The Poulan Chain Saw Bar can be an ideal chain saw bar if you’re looking to deal with heavy cutting tasks. It is designed to fit almost all kinds or models of chain saws and is equipped with chain tensioning for better fitting and more stable cutting.

This chain saw bar is also made durable and can withstand being regularly used for a long time. It is corrosion-proof and with a good length that is perfect for cutting thick lumbers or wood.


  • Comes with an impressive length of 18 inches which easily cuts through wood with substantial diameters
  • Easily adjustable to various chain saw models and doesn’t require much technical knowledge about chain saws
  • Sharper than the conventional chain bars and can be purchased almost everywhere


  • Doesn’t provide enough tension when tightened

2. Oregon 105671 Replacement Chain Saw Bar and Chain Combo


A good advantage of having the Oregon bar and chain combo package is that you don’t have to worry about corrosion as well as having to deal with fatigue for the reason that this model is light-weight. It has been designed to fit almost all models of chainsaws that are in the market today.

The Oregon bar is made durable and can be maintained by making use of oils. It has a bar length of about 20 inches with a pitch of .325 inches. It comes in various sizes ranging from 16, 18 to 20 inches and lasts longer than other chain bars.


  • Very affordable and can be purchased in almost any hardware store
  • Bar is durable and doesn’t overheat easily even after continued use
  • Anti-kickback chain for smoother and more efficient cutting compared


  • Its oil port holes around the bar are easily clogged over model MS-271 chainsaws
  • Most Oregon chain bars have light and thin drive lines which can deform right away

3. Oregon 105667 Replacement ChainSaw Bar and Chain Combo


The Oregon 14-Inch Chain Saw Bar offers a more compact bar option than the earlier model of Oregon chain saw bar. It features a 3/8 inches chain which is perfect for users or operators that want low vibrations or sounds. Additionally, it is designed for low-kickback saw chain.

With its chain combo, users can easily maneuver the chain since it is also light weight. While it is recommended to cut thinner and small woods due to its small length size, it is also good for cutting thicker wood.


  • 14 inches of standard size is readily available everywhere
  • Durable material makes it last longer than the conventional bars and delivers smooth cutting
  • Very minimal kick-back performance and is very friendly-priced


  • Not very effective against thick wood with bigger diameters

4. Husqvarna 531300440 FT280-72 Chain Saw Bar


The Husqvarna chain saw bar is a popular choice among professionals. It easily fits most models of chainsaws which include the 455 or 55 rancher. It features a pitch of 3/8 inches which is great in cutting thick wood or lumber.

It has also been designed with reduced vibration capabilities and can be an excellent tool to use for gardening as well as for carving tasks that require accurate cuts.

Readily available in the market, this chain saw bar is also durable and can last for a long time after many numbers of uses. It has a very light weight which allows the user to carry and use the chainsaw with ease.


  • Portable and provides ease of use
  • Made from corrosion proof metal and is much more durable than its competitions
  • Adjustable and easy to manage – doesn’t require technical knowledge to install the bar
  • A lot of lengths to choose from (16) and compatible with more than 17 chain saw models


  • It works loudly which can cause discomfort to the ears

5. Husqvarna 531300436 HLN250 Chain Saw Bar


The Husqvarna Chain Saw Bar is a dynamic chain saw bar that is very compatible almost all chain saw models around the globe. It features a convenient pitch of 0.325 with a 0.050 inch gauge which makes it the best chain saw bar when it comes to performance.

It is exceptionally light weight and is made from durable materials which makes it last longer than others. Also, it is conveniently adjustable to whatever chain saw model available on the market.

Lastly considering it has sophisticated features, it comes sold in the market at an affordable price.


  • Very easy to adjust in almost any model of chain saw
  • Rust and corrosion free material makes it last longer and more durable
  • Available for purchase in 16 inch
  • Fair priced


  • Not recommended for professionals that require demanding conditions

What Is A Chainsaw Bar?

chainsaw bar

Indeed the chainsaw bar is the most important part of a chainsaw but what is it exactly? Generally, the chainsaw bar stands out as the guide for a chainsaw chain. In order for a chainsaw to effectively function, the chain must be fixed firmly to the chain bar – it should also fit perfectly for safety.

When the chainsaw is being used, the chain with a set of sharp teeth runs along the bar creating a looping motion which cuts through the wood. Depending on length of a chain bar, a chainsaw can cut quickly or slowly through thick or thin lumber.

Why Change Your Chain Bar?

sharpen chainsaw bar

One good reason to change your chain bar is because chain bars are very prone to wear and damage. Furthermore, having a damaged chain bar can cause the whole equipment to malfunction.

One example is with a chain bar that is bent. If a chain bar is bent it can’t provide a perfect alignment for the chain which can cause the chain to tangle or fly off when the chainsaw is being used. Not only can this destroy the whole equipment but can also endanger the user.

From constant use, the bar can also acquire dents or chips which can cause the same problem like bent chain bars. The chip or dent in the bar can push the chain off its alignment during the process of cutting.


Of course the chain bar is not only required to be replaced in order to avoid injuries or malfunctions, it is also recommended for replacement in order to provide better performance. One good reason to replace your chain bar for better performance is to increase its length.

Increasing the length of your chain bar will increase its effectiveness in cutting thicker lumber or wood materials. Furthermore, changing to a longer or shorter bar can help the user cut through compact or wide spaces.

How To Choose The Best Chainsaw Bar For Your Needs

While it can be a good idea to change your chain bar, it is also important to note a few things when trying to purchase one.

To help you with your decision on which chain bar to buy, we’ve outlined a few factors you need to check on your potential chain bar so you could get your money’s worth and so you could get the best performance out of your chainsaw.

1. Chain Bar Length

a well

How fast a chainsaw can cut through a wood will be determined by its bar length. In addition, the diameter or thickness of the wood can also be cut easily through a chain bar with bigger length. In other words, if you want to cut through thick pieces of wood at the fastest time possible then you need to opt for the lengthier chain bar.

However while the lengthier chain bar can very much finish the job quicker, it can be quite dangerous to use. It becomes dangerous because having a lengthier bar for the case of a low-powered engine can cause the chainsaw to struggle to work thus making the equipment harder to control.

At the same time, a short chain bar in a high-powered engine can cause too much pull on the equipment thus also taking away your control. Therefore, you need to make sure that your length matches your engine as well as the type of task you are dealing with.

2. Chain Bar Weight

a chainsaw bar

While it is important to consider your chain bar length, it can also be quite helpful to consider its weight. Lengthier chain bars can disrupt the balance of the equipment which can be harder to control compared to lighter alternatives.

Choose the chain bar weight that you can carry in the duration of your work and you are comfortable with.

3. Chain Bar Purpose


Of course when it comes to buying the perfect chain bar for your needs, you also need to consider where you’re going to use it for or its purpose. Are you looking to cut trees, thin wood, small planks, or probably just to cut a few branches in the garden?

For thick pieces of wood, the longer and heavier bars would be recommended. While for thinner woods, the light and short bar would be an excellent choice.


As a final verdict, with all the essential factors considered (consisting of length, weight and purpose), we would recommend the Poulan Pro ChainSaw Bar to be the best choice in this list. It is for the simple reason that it is readily available in the market anywhere and it has an adequate length that can adapt to cutting thin as well as thick wood.

In addition, it is a popular choice by professionals since it can cut almost any kind of wood with varying lengths and sizes.

If you think the other models are way better than the recommended chain saw bar then do let us know. We’d love to hear your thoughts about it through our comment box located below.

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