How To Find The Best Chainsaw Gloves That Suit Your Needs

When you’re operating a chainsaw, it is imperative that you use a chainsaw glove for safety, comfort and also for efficiency. Whether you’re into the light, moderate or heavy cutting jobs, a good pair of chainsaw gloves can make a big difference.

The ideal chainsaw glove can be quite a challenge to find in the market since there are a lot to choose from and each with varying price ranges. In this article, we’ll share with you how you can find the best chainsaw gloves that suit your requirements.

In addition, we’ll share our list of top 5 chainsaw gloves in the market to help narrow down your choices.

Top 5 Best Chainsaw Bars - Comparison Table


Product Name




Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L

97 /


Youngstown Glove

94 /


Husqvarna 579380210

90 /


Endura Hi-Viz Chainsaw Gloves

83 /


Husqvarna 579380212

80 /

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Reviews of 5 Best Chainsaw Bars On The Market

A chainsaw glove is a definite tool that you should have when using the chainsaw. With the list of considerations to make prior to purchasing one, you now have a better idea of your ideal choice of chainsaw gloves.

To help narrow down your choices, we’ve made all the research and handpicked the best options for you. Listed below are the top 5 chainsaw gloves today.

1. Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L

You can also go for the Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L if you want a glove that is designed for the general type of applications and is also made from Kevlar.

With this product made from Kevlar lining, you can ensure that it effectively safeguards your hands from cuts and abrasions. The good thing about this product is that despite its durable material, it does not lack flexibility.

It is made from a flexible material which allows for mobility, better tension on the hands and better grip when handling the chainsaw. This product also comes with a supportive cuff along with a padded knuckle as added safety feature.

This chainsaw glove is also easy to maintain through its soft-terry cloth thumb wipe which clears your glove of sweat to avoid slippage.

This product is designed with optimum flexibility which makes it a general-type of glove that is good for almost any kind of applications. Along with chainsaw applications, this glove can also be used for landscaping work, yard work, and even on construction works.


  • With Kevlar lining
  • Non-slippage feature
  • With flexible terry cloth thumb wipe
  • Supportive cuffs
  • Available in a variety of sizes


  • Not recommended for other tasks such as carpentry applications
  • Sensitive foam at the base of the glove
  • Stiff right glove
  • With strong leather and rubber smell

2. Youngstown Glove

Another chainsaw glove to consider if you’re into tools and gears made from Kevlar is the Youngstown Glove 09-9083-10-L. With this glove made from Kevlar, you can ensure yourself a sure hand protection from injuries and accidents when using the chainsaw.

With the lessened worries of injuries and accidents, you can focus more on your cutting. It comes with a variety of sizes which fits both the male and female hands.

When it comes to chainsaw gloves with proven durability, this glove always finds its place in the list. In addition to its Kevlar composition, it is also designed with high quality materials on the lines of nylon, PVC, Rubber, Polyester, and polyurethane.

Despite its top-notch durability, this glove is actually light and is easy to move with as well as flexible and easy to use. Its finger tips are made with TPR protection which also provides a thick cover against abrasion without compromising flexibility.

Also, this product is slip-resistant and automatically adjusts to tension on the fingers and palms when worn.


  • With Kevlar lining
  • Non-slip feature
  • With thick TPR on the finger tips
  • Made from a wide array of high quality materials


  • Comes with cuffs
  • Too big sizes
  • Not very durable padding

3. Husqvarna 579380210

If you want a proven hand protection whenever using the chainsaw, you can consider the Husqvarna 579380210.

This is an excellent pair of gloves that is lightweight and abrasion as well as cut resistant. While the right glove is guaranteed to be durable, the left glove is made more durable with high quality materials as it is usually more prone to cuts.

It is made out of flexible goatskin leather that allows for durability and also flexibility when using the chainsaw. Its back is made from foam laminated spandex along with nylon neoprene on the knuckles which features an added protection.

Of course, since it is made from goatskin, it is also an excellent choice if you’re trying to avoid slippage from moisture and sweat when using the glove. With its popular name, it is not hard to find in the market.

Also, this glove is designed with the trigger finger in mind making sure that the finger that applies the pressure has better quality and durable materials.


  • Durable and cut-resistant left glove
  • Back fabric made from spandex
  • Sweat and moisture resistant through the goatskin leather
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Not very durable for heavy duty applications
  • Expensive

4. Endura Hi-Viz Chainsaw Gloves

The last chainsaw glove to complete our list is the Endura Hi-Viz Chainsaw Gloves. It is also a reliable choice if you’re looking to shield your hands from cuts and injuries which can be caused by operating a chainsaw.

Unlike other chainsaw gloves, this choice of glove comes with features that help reduce vibrations operating the chainsaw. With the lesser vibrations, you can have lesser fatigue and can feel more comfortable even after extended hours of operating the chainsaw.

What makes this glove superior to others is that it has 8 layers of Kevlar lining on the back of the left glove. Considering that it is Kevlar and with 8 layers of it, you’re confident that your left hand is already secured from injuries and accidents.

It is designed with a smooth grain and water resistant goatskin leather. With this type of material, you can worry less about slippage caused about by moisture in the gloves and sweating.

Also, it is designed with Velcro wrists to ensure that no debris will get in the gloves.


  • Dexterous gloves
  • With 8 layers of Kevlar lining
  • Water resistant
  • With reduced vibration feature
  • Velcro wrists to avoid debris from getting into the gloves


  • Too big sizes
  • Protection focused only on the left hand
  • Expensive

5. Husqvarna 579380212

When looking for a tried and tested chainsaw glove, a primary choice of chainsaw glove that you can consider is the Husqvarna 579380212.

This choice of glove is proven to be pressure and cut resistant through its chainsaw lining on the left glove. Also, it is designed with a spandex fabric on its back making it easy to stretch for that snug fit when wearing the glove for easy removal.

With the spandex material, it provides better comfort as well as lighter total weight. And with its lighter weight, it becomes more manageable and provides better handling.

In terms of leather quality, this pair of gloves is made from goat skin which is known to be durable as well as abrasion resistant without compromising comfort. Another amazing feature of using a goatskin for the gloves is that it helps draw out the moisture from the hands.

This means no more sweaty hands after using the gloves and of course no more smells. The best thing about this glove is that it comes available in a variety of colors.


  • Made from durable goatskin leather
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Spandex fabric
  • Comes available in many varieties of colors


  • Expensive
  • Not enough coverage on the left glove

Things To Consider When Buying A Chainsaw Glove

Chainsaw gloves are indeed an essential accessory to have especially since it relieves your hands and fingers from injuries. Before cashing in on that chainsaw glove, make sure that it is the ideal choice for your specific needs. Bear in mind these considerations to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

1. Chainsaw Glove Leather Quality

One of the things that you need to carefully consider is the quality of the gloves’ leather. Many gloves used for various applications are made out of leather because of its durability, comfort and elegance.

It is also tear-resistant which makes it an ideal choice when it comes to heavy-duty applications like operating a chainsaw. A leather chainsaw glove also provides better grip for better handling and maneuverability.

When buying a chainsaw glove, make sure that it is made from pure leather and that it covers the sensitive parts of the hands and fingers.

2. Abrasion Resistance

using chainsaw gloves

The abrasion resistance of a chainsaw glove should also be considered before buying. With operating the chainsaw, the gloves will always be prone to saw dust, chippings as well as debris which can puncture damage and even contribute to the deterioration of the gloves.

A chainsaw glove that comes with a good abrasion resistance will ensure extended use as well as safety for your hands.

3. Chainsaw Lining

protective chainsaw gloves

The chainsaw lining refers to the inner material that the glove is made of. Most modern gloves are designed with this lining for better durability. Take note that gloves with this feature may be a bit more costly compared to the ordinary gloves.

4. Kevlar

chainsaw protective gears

Kevlar is one of the most durable innovations of man. It is used in many applications such as in helmets and bullet-proof jackets. Having this material with increased tensile strength than ordinary gloves will provide you with more than 5x protection for your hands as you use the chainsaw.

If you have this material with your chainsaw glove, you’ll be more confident on using the chainsaw.

5. Size

wearing protective gloves holding chainsaw

Just like when buying anything to be worn, you should also consider the size of your ideal chainsaw glove. Make sure that your chainsaw glove fits your hand snugly. Avoid purchasing a bigger and lose glove as it would be prone to slippage and can cause accidents or injuries when using the chainsaw.

6. EN Standards

Chainsaw gloves also come in different EN standard categories which certify that they are good and safe for human use. The three EN standards to watch out for are EN 381-7 which assess the effectivity of the glove when used with chainsaws, the EN 388 to assess abrasion and pressure resistance and EN 420 as a test for safety.

7. Price

protective gloves on chainsaw

Of course, just like when buying anything in the market you should always consider the price. When it comes to price, there is only one thing to bear in mind – better features would mean added costs. To cut down on the price, make sure that you only consider the features you need.

8. Added Features

an electrical chainsaw

It is also important to note the added features that may come with your ideal chainsaw glove. Some of the features to expect include the anti-vibration feature which reduces vibration when using the chainsaw, cuffs and Velcro wrists to keep debris and dust off from getting into the gloves.

9. Maintenance

sawing wearing chainsaw gloves

Lastly, you also want to consider the maintenance of your chainsaw glove. While most gloves are washable, there are those that do not require washing and sometimes can be prone to deterioration when in contact with water.

Final Verdict

If you’re using the chainsaw, you will always need a good pair of gloves to keep your hand safe and for better performance. Before you purchase your ideal chainsaw, you need to make sure that you have referred to the previously mentioned considerations to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

As a personal recommendation, we would side with Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L because, despite its many line of high quality materials, it is proven affordable and easy to find in the market.

Also, it comes with a wide variety of sizes which fits both male and female hands.

So what do you think of our top 5 choices of chainsaw gloves? Do you think the Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L deserves the special mention? If you have questions, comments or better suggestions of chainsaw gloves, do let us know.

We have comment box below when you can reach us.

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