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The Best Chainsaw Under 200 – Quality Chainsaws With Affordable Price

protective gloves on chainsaw

Are you looking for ways to fell trees, cut wood or chop firewood with a chainsaw but don’t have much money to spend for it? That’s just sad because chainsaws are one of the most important things to have in a yard because of its various benefits.

Many believe that only the rich can afford it and that they will never have one unless they spend at least a thousand. What they do not know is that there are actually wide arrays of chainsaws that are cheap and affordable without compromising the quality.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the best chainsaw under 200 dollars that suits your cutting needs. Also, we’ll share with you some of the considerations to make prior to purchasing one to ensure that you are actually buying the ideal chainsaw that suits your requirements.


Product Name




Poulan Pro 967196401

97 /



92 /


Poulan Pro PP4218AV Chainsaw

90 /


Husqvarna 240

83 /


Blue Max 6595 Gas Powered ChainSaw

80 /

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Things To Consider When Buying A Chainsaw That Is Worth No More Than $200

You should always be careful with what you buy. This is especially true with chainsaws because buying the wrong chainsaw can make cutting inefficient and bring you injuries and accidents.

To make sure you are actually spending on something that you can definitely use, be sure to refer to these few considerations.

1. Features

protective chainsaw gloves

Many chainsaws today come with different designs and features. Among those features you would want to check include the speed and safety. The cutting speed is based on the power of the chainsaw engine or motor – the more speed you get; the more powerful your chainsaw will be in cutting wood.

Since operating the chainsaw is very dangerous, it is important to ensure that the equipment has safety features that you can rely on.

Some of the safety features you should note include the non-slip handle which also provides a firm grip for the machine, the auto-shut off feature which stops the machine every time it hits a hard object, and so on.

As you consider the features, you should also note that the price increases with more added features.

2. Type Of Chainsaw

chainsaw and oil

Currently, there are 3 types of chainsaws that are available in the market – the gas powered, battery powered and electrical chainsaw. Each of these chainsaws has their own advantages and disadvantages so be sure to note which one is best for your requirements.

3. Bar Length

chainsaw bar

When it comes to buying a chainsaw, you should also consider it bar length. The bar length is measured from the tip of the chainsaw to where the chain passes through the engine. As you consider your ideal bar length, simply note the thickness or diameter of the wood that you are looking to cut.

If you are looking to cut or fell a tree with a substantial diameter, it would be best to go for a longer bar length. Whereas if you’re looking to make accurate cuts on wood with smaller diameters, then you go for a shorter bar length.

4. Power

sawing by electrical chainsaw

Of course, when it comes to machines with engines, you may also want to look into its power prior to buying it. If you’re looking to use a chainsaw to cut thick trees for long hours, go with the robust and powerful engine.

Usually, gas-powered chainsaws packs the most power. However, they can be heavy and, at the same time, loud to use. If you want to consider an electric or battery-powered chainsaw, make sure that it has enough voltage for power in its battery or motor.

5. Weight

wearing protective gloves holding chainsaw

Since you’ll be carrying the equipment when operating, it is also essential that you consider its weight. That last thing you want is to get fatigued or end up with back pains after using a chainsaw for a few hours.

Make sure that the chainsaw is easy to carry and maneuver as you operate. Before you buy that chainsaw, make sure to give it a few tests to ensure that you can carry and handle it well.

6. Noise Levels

using chainsaw

One thing that many people dislike about chainsaws is its loud noise. Fortunately, many modern chainsaws are equipped with noise-reduction features that let you enjoy cutting wood without having to endure its loud noise.

Check out the decibel levels of the chainsaw and make sure that it does not go beyond 80-90 decibels since levels beyond that can be uncomfortable to the ears.

Top 5 Chainsaws That Are Worth No More Than $200

Having your own chainsaw with just $200 for a budget can be quite a challenge, but definitely not impossible. Listed below are some of the best choices of chainsaws that are less than $200. Despite its cheaper price compared to other conventional chainsaws, they definitely don’t lack in power and efficiency.

1. Poulan Pro 967196401


Another cheaper alternative for a chainsaw is the Poulan Pro PP3816. If you’re looking to make mid-ranged cuts then this chainsaw would be ideal with its 38 cc engine and 16 inch bar and chain.

It is also designed with an auto chain oiling system along with inertia chain brake for convenience and lesser maintenance. Despite its cheaper price compared other conventional chainsaws, it is also durable and is proven to last long even with constant use.

Poulan Pro is also an established name when it comes to durable and efficient chainsaws. It’s popular brand in the market and the replacement parts are easy to find in case the chainsaw needs replacement or repairs.

It comes with a clean air filter system which secures the engine of dust and debris when cutting wood. Lastly, the package comes with a good quality carrying case to help you move and transport the machine with ease.


  • With robust 38 cc 2 cycle engine
  • Auto-oiling system for lesser maintenance
  • Designed with chain brake
  • Air filter system secures the engine from dust and debris
  • Carrying case included in package


  • Issues of oil leaks
  • Not recommended for first time users
  • May not be very effective for heavy-duty cutting applications



Lastly if you want the more portable type of chainsaw then you can go with the BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 for your next chainsaw purchase.

Just like the other chainsaws mentioned in this list, this product is rather cheap and costs less than $200. It is a battery-powered chainsaw which makes it easy to carry around and is comes with much lighter engine compared to gas-powered chainsaws.

This chainsaw is designed with a 40 V motor with its MAX Lithium Ion Battery. With this much power, it is easy to cut through thick hardwood within minutes. This much power is comparable with heavy-duty gas chainsaws that are used to fell trees.

It is designed to work with 12 inch Oregon bars and features a reduced kickback performance for better handling and for improved safety during operation.

Also, this product comes with an easy-to-use feature which lets even beginner’s use the chainsaw with ease. Since this product is cordless, you don’t have to bother about any wires or cords getting in the way while cutting. Also, since it is portable, you can better reach and access to tight spaces.


  • Lengthy motor life due to brushless motor
  • 70% lesser vibration compared to the traditional chainsaw
  • Zero emissions
  • Comes with electric battery and charger


  • Customer service not supported for this product
  • Inadequate power from battery

3. Poulan Pro PP4218AV Chainsaw


If you’re looking for a mid-range chainsaw that is perfect for pruning, trimming and cutting moderate-sized trees and wood then you can also refer to the Poulan Pro PP4218AV Chainsaw. It’s certainly not that robust and powerful as the more expensive variety of chainsaws but it is sure to deliver the same efficiency.

It is lightweight with only 11.8 lbs for its total weight which makes it easy to carry and maneuver when making cuts. This product is also made with a manual chain adjuster to allow for easy chain adjustment according to preference.

This chainsaw is a recommended choice for making cuts on trees and wood with diameter or thickness of 16 inches. Also, it has a reduced vibration feature for better handling and maneuverability.

Despite its cheaper price, it does not lack on power with its 42 cc 2-cycle gas engine. Since it is gas powered, you are ensured of a more powerful engine which far exceeds other types.


  • With robust engine
  • With reduced vibration features
  • With carrying case on package
  • Comes with chain brake
  • Fuel efficient engine


  • Chain needs constant tightening
  • Not enough power for heavy-duty applications
  • Not enough speed

4. Husqvarna 240


The first on this list is the Husqvarna 240 chainsaw. This chainsaw is a popular choice not only because of its affordability but also for its efficiency in making light to moderate cuts. It makes it an ideal chainsaw for tasks such as pruning, brush cutting and moderate cutting for trees.

This product is designed with a 38.2cc 2 HP engine which is comparable to the more expensive chainsaws. It is also equipped with an air cleaning system which relieves the engine of dust and debris that are thrown everywhere during operation.

Also, this chainsaw is equipped with an anti-vibration system which serves as an added protection for your hands and fingers and to ensure better handling and maneuverability when using this product.

One more thing that Husqvarna is known for is its durability because their chainsaws are made from high-quality materials. This ensures that the machine lasts longer even in constant use. With its impressive durability, getting the Husqvarna 240 is definitely worth spending for.


  • Powerful engine with lower emissions
  • With air cleaning system
  • With side tensioner
  • Lightweight
  • With anti-vibration feature


  • Can be complicated to start for beginners
  • Doesn’t idle
  • Chain needs constant tightening

5. Blue Max 6595 Gas Powered ChainSaw


If you love a chainsaw that is durable and with a painted blue exterior then you can also count on the Blue Max 6595 Gas Powered Chainsaw to provide you everything that you need from your chainsaw.

This chainsaw is a much cheaper choice that costs only $129 however does not lack in power since it has a 45 cc chainsaw which packs more than enough power for heavy duty cutting for wood and tree diameters of as much as 18 inches.

It is designed with an 18-inch bar length which is a good length for felling trees and chopping firewood. This product is also designed with an easy start feature that allows for accessibility for first time users.

This product also comes with anti-vibration technology feature that allows for better handling and maneuverability when using this chainsaw. With this feature, you can have better grip and can reduce fatigue and back pains from carrying the chainsaw for extended hours.

This is also a wise investment despite its cheaper price compared to other chainsaws because of its auto oiling system which allows for lesser maintenance.


  • Comes with an 18 inch bar and chain
  • With powerful 45 cc engine
  • Impressive cutting speed
  • Quick start feature for beginners
  • Anti-vibration handle


  • Chain needs constant tightening
  • Issues of oil leaks
  • Replacement parts are not readily available in the market

Which Chainsaw Should You Buy?

stihl chainsaws on shelf

All of these options mentioned in this article are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable and at the same time an affordable chainsaw. As a personal recommendation however, we would like to point out that the Poulan Pro 967196401 is the more ideal choice because of these following features:

  • Durable and robust engine
  • Lesser maintenance through its auto-oiling system
  • With chain brake and air filtration system
  • Lastly, it has a free carrying case

We hope that you found this article helpful when it comes to finding the best and most affordable chainsaw that suits your needs. If you have question, suggestions or comments, please do message us on our comment box below.

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