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Easy Tips For Finding The Best Cordless Electric Chainsaw That Suits Your Needs

When it comes to the ideal chainsaw with the best portability, power and maneuverability, nothing else beats a cordless electric chainsaw. These types of chainsaws are compact and more manageable compared to other types of chainsaws.

Also, when it comes to maintenance, the cordless electric chainsaws are quite superior to others with its zero-maintenance features. In this article, we’ll be talking about all other benefits that one can acquire from using cordless electric chainsaws.

In addition, we’ll be sharing with you the considerations to make prior to purchasing one. And of course, we will also share our list of the best cordless electric chainsaw that suits your specific needs.


Product Name




GreenWorks Pro GCS80420 Cordless Chainsaw

97 /


WORX WG303 Electric Chainsaw

91 /


GreenWorks 20312 Cordless Chainsaw

87 /



84 /


Makita XCU02PT Cordless ChainSaw

80 /

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Benefits Of Using An Electric Chainsaw

Many people are scared to try using cordless electric chainsaws because they are simply unaware of the many benefits that come with it. To help you understand that using a cordless electric chainsaw is a good choice, we’ll share with you some of the most common benefits out of using it.

One popular reason why more people are into cordless electric chainsaws is that these chainsaws emit lesser emissions which may be harmful to the environment. These types of chainsaws simply run on battery which also relieves you from making fuel and oil purchases. With this, you can cut back on your other expenses.

using chainsaw

A cordless electric chainsaw also works a lot quieter than other types of chainsaws. It comes with noise and vibration reduction features that relieve the ears of the loud annoying sound produced from operating this machine.

Another advantage of using this chainsaw is its easy switch. Unlike the traditional chainsaw which requires a pull start, all you have to do to start a cordless electric chainsaw is to push a button.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Cordless Electric Chainsaw

Having to buy a chainsaw that does not suit your requirements can risk your safety as well as the quality of your work. Each person will have a specific set of requirements out of their chainsaws.

To help ensure that you’re getting the right cordless electric chainsaw that suits your needs, it is imperative to check out these few considerations.

1. Use

sawing by electrical chainsaw

When you buy a chainsaw, it is important to think of where you will be using it. Will you be using it to fell trees? Or will you be using it to cut logs, lumber or wood with smaller diameters or thickness.

Establishing a definite use for your chainsaw it will help narrow down your choices to only those that can provide you with features to achieve your purpose. Say if you’re looking to fell a thick tree off your yard, you’ll need a chainsaw with a good bar length, powerful motor and good lasting power.

3. Power

using electrical chainsaw without protection

Of course, when talking about chainsaws, you should always refer to its power. This is most especially true if you’re looking to cut wood with thick diameters. With regards to cordless electric chainsaws, you need to make sure that its battery is packed with enough power.

4. Cost

stihl chainsaws on shelf

Just like when buying anything, you also need to consider the price of your cordless electric chainsaw prior to purchasing it. For chainsaws, prices usually go higher as the length of the bar increases. Also, the price can also increase if added features are added in the machine.

5. Safety Features


Using any kind of chainsaw can be very risky and can cause injuries if not handled with caution. Many modern cordless electric chainsaw comes with safety features that allow you to operate the machine with ease.

Among those popular safety features that you may want to have on your ideal chainsaw include a low-kickback feature, low-vibration feature, chaps and ergonomic handle.

6. Bar Length

electrical chainsaw

Just like when purchasing any kind of chainsaw, you should also consider the bar length of your cordless electric chainsaw. As you do that, make sure to bear in mind the thickness or diameter of the wood that you are looking to cut.

Thicker wood would require a longer bar length for more efficient and quicker cut. On the other hand, if you want to make short and accurate cuts, you can consider chainsaws with shorter bar lengths.

Top 5 Cordless Electrical Chainsaw

With the details mentioned above, you now understand the benefits of using a cordless electric chainsaw along with the considerations to make when purchasing one. Now let us look at your best options in the market. Listed below are the top 5 options for the cordless electric chainsaw.

1. GreenWorks Pro GCS80420 Cordless Chainsaw


Lastly, if you want robust cordless chainsaw with a great bar length for heavy duty cutting applications then you can also choose this cordless chainsaw from GreenWorks.

This product comes with an 80V motor with 2 AH battery which packs way more than enough power to perform 150 cuts from just a single charge. This is an excellent solution if you’re looking to avert fuel and oil expenses out of your chainsaw.

To ensure the safety of its operator, this chainsaw is also designed with added safety features such as the ergonomic handle that is equipped with a robust metal wrap. With these features, you can have a better grip out of your chainsaw and maneuverability.

One common problem that is encountered out of using a chainsaw is its ability to overpower the operator which can lead to injuries and accidents. It even poses more danger to those first-time users. However, this chainsaw is designed to be easy to use, even by senior citizens. It also comes with a quick start feature allowing users of any age to operate the machine with ease.


  • Easy to use
  • With quick start feature
  • Powerful
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Comfortable grip


  • Issues of oil spills when not in use
  • Not recommended for making accurate cuts

2. WORX WG303 Electric Chainsaw


If you’re looking for an efficient electrical cordless chainsaw, you can always rely on the WORX WG303 Electric Chainsaw to give you just what you need. This product comes with a 16-inch bar which is ideal for making cuts for wood or trees with big diameters or thickness.

Also, this product comes with a 14.5 Amp motor which effectively cuts wood with high accuracy and speed. With its combination of impressive length and powerful motor, it makes it an ideal chainsaw for trimming or cutting trees, clearing bushes, chopping firewood and other heavy duty tasks.

This choice of cordless chainsaw is also durable since it is manufactured from highly durable materials that are corrosion and rust proof. This product is also designed with light materials to increase its maneuverability as well as its portability.

Just like the previous chainsaw mentioned in this list, this is also a common favorite among users because it is easy to use and even first time users can use it like a pro.

For better control, it is also designed with ergonomic and firm grip handle. With this, control, as well as safety, is also improved.


  • Safe to the environment
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • With chain brake system
  • Ease of use feature


  • Cannot last long on heavy duty applications
  • Expensive
  • Less accurate on small cuts

3. GreenWorks 20312 Cordless Chainsaw


If you’re looking for a chainsaw that is safe to the environment, you should consider the GreenWorks 20312 Cordless Chainsaw on your bucket list of things to purchase. This chainsaw comes with a 16-inch bar that lets you fell and cut trees as well as wood with thick diameters.

This product is equipped with 4AH battery along with charger. With this much power out of the battery, it is guaranteed to perform 100 cuts in just a single charge. With this much cuts in just a single charge, you can finish more tasks and worry less about losing power.

It is also equipped with a brushless motor that ensures lesser vibrations upon operation. With the lesser vibrations, using the chainsaw will be easier as well as more comfortable. It also comes with an ergonomic handle for that added comfort during operation and for better grip.

In addition to the lessened vibrations from this machine, it is also equipped with a low-kickback feature to lessen the risks of accidents and injuries.


  • Long lasting battery
  • Durable and powerful motor
  • Easy and safe to use even for beginners
  • With low kickback feature


  • Slow chain speed
  • Not suitable for heavy duty cutting applications



If you’re looking for a chainsaw that is full of power, one ideal cordless electric chainsaw you can consider is the BLACK+DECKER LCS1240. With its 40V power out of its MAX Lithium-Ion battery, you can cut through thick wood and trees in no time. It is recommended for that heavy duty as well as moderate cutting applications.

With its impressive cutting power, this chainsaw cuts faster compared to other chainsaws available in the market.

It comes with a 12 inch Oregon bar and chain with reduced kickback on the operation. With the reduced kickback, you can perform smooth and effortless cuts without having to worry about too much vibrations and kickbacks.

This chainsaw is a common preference by first-time users because of its easy-to-use feature and that it does not require expert knowledge and skills to operate this cordless electric chainsaw.

It is also lightweight for easy carrying and better maneuverability over tight or steep spots during cutting wood.


  • Comes with an auto-lubrication system
  • Battery lasts longer than other conventional cordless electric chainsaws
  • Lightweight
  • Easy maneuverability


  • Creates a loud noise during operation
  • Expensive

5. Makita XCU02PT Cordless ChainSaw


The Makita XCU02PT Cordless ChainSaw is also another cordless electrical chainsaw that you should consider when looking for a reliable chainsaw that can deliver accurate cuts.

This chainsaw is designed with a pair of 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries which allows for powerful and efficient cutting equipment. Many users are also into this specific chainsaw because of its excellent accuracy in making small cuts as well as in chopping and trimming trees and logs.

Compared to other conventional battery powered chainsaws, the Makita XCU02PT Cordless ChainSaw charges faster which allows the user to continuously use the machine.

This chainsaw is also easy to maintain and does not require much maintenance which the gas powered or corded chain saw requires. Among the maintenance that is eliminated in this chainsaw include the spark plug replacements, oil change, refueling and filter cleaning.

Since this product is also cordless, you can have lesser worries of the cord getting in the way when working.


  • Fast charging batteries
  • Long battery life
  • Sleek exterior
  • Durable construction
  • Powerful


  • Expensive
  • Not recommended for heavy duty applications


Cordless electric chainsaws are indeed the optimal choice of a chainsaw when looking for portability, power, maneuverability, efficiency as well as cost when cutting wood and trees. These options mentioned in this list are the best in their kind and is guaranteed to provide you with anything you need in a chainsaw.

As a personal recommendation, we would like to point out that the GreenWorks GCS80420 cordless chainsaw far exceeds others. This is for the reason as follows:

  • It comes with an 80V motor which is more powerful compared to other cordless chainsaws
  • Despite its impressive power, it comes with a number of safety features to ensure that the operator is free from injuries and accidents
  • It is easy to use with the push button start feature and low vibration feature, allowing users and even senior citizens to use the equipment with ease
  • Lastly, it comes with an ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip for better maneuverability and control.

So which cordless electrical chainsaw from this list suits your needs? If you have questions, comments or suggestions about the options mentioned in this list, feel free to message us throughout comment box located below. We always love to hear your thoughts about it.

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