Keep Your Properties Safe From Dogs Using The Best Dog Repellent

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Among those animals that we need to keep off our yard are dogs. Whether you’re a dog owner or not, you definitely have had challenges keeping up with them.

Not only can these pets leave behind their waste in your property but they can also destroy pretty much anything – from plants, fences, furniture and even the soil as they dig.

As someone who is faced with the same problem, I came up with a list of the best dog repellent options in the market today. I personally tried and tested these products and found them not only effective in deterring dogs off the yard but also other animals as well.


Product Name




HALT Dog Repellant

97 /


Grannicks Bitter Apple Dog Repellent

93 /


Dog Dazer II Dog Repellent

89 /


Havahart 5266 Spray Repellent

85 /


SprayShield Dog Repellent

80 /

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Advantages Of Using Dog Repellents On The Yard

Dog repellents have far been the more popular choice of keeping dogs away from properties. Among the many advantages of using such product are as follows:

1. Ease Of Use

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One major advantage of using a dog repellent over other animal control products is that it is very easy to use. It does not require further set up or installation before use. You can simply, scatter, spray, plug or simply just hang them where dogs usually do their deed to keep them off the yard.

2. Less Maintenance

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Another thing that I love about this product is that it doesn’t require further maintenance. After application or set up, you can leave it and let it do its job without constant monitoring.

3. Long Lasting

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Dog repellents are also long lasting. These products are designed to withstand any kind of weathers and they’re not easily absorbed or dissolved by water. If not weeks, this product can last for months once being used.

4. A Cheaper Option

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Compared to other dog and animal control products and services, the use of a repellent is more affordable. It doesn’t make use of components or accessories.

Things To Consider When Buying A Dog Repellent

To make sure you are buying the right dog repellent that suits your needs, I’ll share with you some considerations that I’ve learned from my many years of experience buying such products.

1. Dog Repellent Types

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Currently, I’ve came across 3 types of dog repellents that are effective in this kind of job. These types are the gels and sprays, the ultrasonic dog repellents and the waterjet repellers.

Gels and sprays are usually the traditional type of dog repellent which makes use of natural ingredients that emit a strong scent or smell which is unbearable to dogs.

These products are used by simply spraying them directly over the animal or by applying them on properties and places where you want them to stay away from.

The ultrasonic dog repellent on the other hand is more of the conventional type of dog repellent. It makes use of ultrasonic high frequency waves that causes temporary discomfort to the dog’s ears. These products make use of motion-activated sensors which instantly switches on the devices at the first signs.

Lastly, the waterjet repeller is also another conventional way of dealing with trespassing dogs by using water pressure. It is a setup of pressurized water from a hose controlled by a motion-activated sensor. Once it detects trespassers, it immediately fires off water on the target.

While the last two options maybe the more effective options, they’re not really affordable.

2. Versatility

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When buying dog repellents, you should also consider its versatility. While many of these products work against general breeds of canines, it may not work for bigger breeds or other animals such as cats, deer and rodents.

Check to see if your choice can also be used as a deterrent for other animals to save more on your expenses for other repellents.

3. Ingredients

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The last thing you’d want to do to dogs is to injure them or cause permanent damage to their nasal or ocular senses through chemicals. Choose a dog repellent that is made up of natural ingredients. Not only is it easier to manage, it is also much cheaper.

4. Safe To Use

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The ideal dog repellent should also be safe to use in any environment, on other animals as well as on humans. It should not be able to cause harm to plants once sprayed or applied directly. Furthermore, it shouldn’t cause the same effect on other animals and humans seeing as dogs are usually around these environments.

Top 5 Dog Repellents In The Market Today

Finally, we’ve come to the point where we know about our ideal dog repellent and the things to consider when buying one. The last thing you’d want when buying these products is to go through each of the tons of choices that are available in the market.

So to help you weed out your choices to only the best, I’ll share with you the top dog repellents that I came across with. These choices are as follows:

1. HALT Dog Repellant

Another dog repellent that you can use as a pepper spray for dogs is the HALT Dog Repellent.

What I like about this product is that it works effectively on aggressive dogs. It sprays an even amount of solution to dogs which temporarily causes discomfort to their sense of smell as well as sight.

This is a popular product used by many especially those who love to jog in the morning but have problems encountering stray and aggressive dogs along that way. This product keeps them safe from dog attacks, bites and being pursued by the animal.

Since this product comes in a spray bottle, it is very easy to use and can be carried around anytime and anywhere. It only weighs around 4 oz. which can be carried in the pocket or around the waist.

The HALT Dog Repellant also covers a spray distance of 12 ft. which is enough reach to put any persistent dog to a halt. This product is also a popular choice by professionals and dog handlers because of its high efficiency rate and the fact that it does not cause permanent discomfort or harm to dogs.


  • With good reach
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and can be carried around the waist
  • Keeps dogs from pursuing


  • Not recommended for bigger breed of dogs
  • Not enough volume or quantity out of one bottle

2. Grannicks Bitter Apple Dog Repellent

Another reliable dog repellent that you can depend on especially in times of dog attacks is the Grannicks Bitter Apple Dog Repellent with its spray function.

This product is a personal favorite for me because it can be used on furniture, walls, curtains, cloth, linens and everywhere else without staining. Also, the smell of bitter apple is rather not very foul to the human nose but causes a very strong smell to a dog which instantly turns them the other way around.

The Grannicks Bitter Apple Dog Repellent is very easy to use and does not require any maintenance. It comes with a small spray bottle which can be hand held and carried anywhere and anytime.

While this product is effective as a deterrent for dogs, it can also be used on other animals such as cats, squirrels and other rodents.

Compared to other choices, this dog repellent is much cheaper and doesn’t make use of chemicals which may cause harm to dogs, other animals and humans. Its delivers even sprays and can cover a good distance for more effective and safe spraying.


  • Safe to use on furniture and fabric
  • All natural
  • Non-staining
  • Easy to use
  • Fast acting


  • Not long lasting
  • Issues of dripping from its nozzle

3. Dog Dazer II Dog Repellent

For a more conventional and high-tech way of controlling dogs, I also find the Dog Dazer II Dog Repellent rather highly effective.

This product makes use of ultrasonic technology which temporarily causes discomfort in the ears of a dog but is completely inaudible to humans. Once used, this product can cause a temporary disorientation and confusion to the dog and prevents and further attacks, damage or further actions from the animals.

What I love about this product is that it doesn’t need to be plugged to an outlet or through an external power source. It comes with small long lasting batteries and is designed to be compact and easily carried around anytime and anywhere.

Unlike sprays and other dog repellents, this product has a good range of coverage of about 20 ft which allows you to work on greater distance. Also, there is no need to point this product on the animal when using since the sound frequency is delivered in radius.

It comes with a sleek and simple design which allows you to carry it conveniently around your waist and comfortably hold it in your hand.


  • Uses ultrasonic technology
  • Harmless
  • With good range
  • With low battery indicator
  • Hand held
  • No mess


  • Expensive
  • Manual switch

4. Havahart 5266 Spray Repellent

One popular dog repellent that I’ve personally tried is the Havahart 5266 Spray Repellent which uses water pressure and noise to keep dogs off the yard and garden.

This product is an all-natural dog repellent that makes use of motion sensors that instantly activates the sprinkler or sprayer and noise alarm once dogs or other animals set foot on a target perimeter.

It does not harm the animal since it only makes use of bursts or sprinkles of water without much pressure. The sound produced from its alarm is also not deafening or threatening to the dogs’ ears – it is mainly designed to fright or scare them.

What I like about this product is that it does not require any further maintenance and upkeep once it is installed and set up. It also works 24/7 without the need for constant monitoring.

While it is long lasting, it is also a durable choice since it can’t be washed away by water unlike other dog repellent products. Once setup, this product can secure a large area seeing as the spray and sensor can cover distances of 35 feet.


  • Highly effective sensor
  • All natural
  • With 9 settings to control sensitivity
  • Very low maintenance
  • Covers a large area
  • Works for all trespassers – even humans


  • May require constant adjustment depending on size of trespassers
  • Not very durable sensor

5. SprayShield Dog Repellent

If you want a dog repellent that you can simply carry around with you on your waist through a belt clip, you can go with the SprayShield Dog Repellent.

This product is formulated with citronella – a natural ingredient which emits a rather unusual odor to animals especially dogs and instantly causes them distraction and enables them to flee. This formulation is highly effective for mid-range dog encounters and attacks.

Not only can this product be used in keeping the yard safe from these animals but can also keep you safe from attacks seeing that it can be carried anywhere and anytime on the waist through the belt clip.

It is also the much smaller dog repellent and can be easily stored and fitted in pockets and bags. In addition, it has a good reach of 10 feet which provides you with enough distance when taking care of the animal.

While this product is highly effective in distracting dogs, it can also be used on other animals such as cats and rodents. Also, this product is so easy to use that even children can use it.


  • With citronella formula
  • Easy to use
  • Harmless
  • Portable and compact
  • Effective for mid-range dog attacks


  • Strong breeze sets the spray off target
  • Not very durable belt clip


Whatever the choice of dog repellent you go for in this list, you’ll be sure to have an effective and safe to use option. As a personal recommendation, I would go with the HALT Dog Repellant. It is easy to use, compact and small for convenient carrying and is affordable.

So which dog repellent do you think will work for you? If you have other suggestions, comments and questions about the options mentioned in this list, do message us. We have a convenient comment box bellow for all you messages.

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