Why Finding The Best Dual Fuel Generator Is Beneficial For You?

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If you’re living in an area where power outages are common then you need to have a backup power always ready at your disposal. While there are many alternative ways on how you can get a backup power, having a dual fuel generator seems to be the best option.

A dual fuel generator can give you the ultimate flexible power that you need wherever you are and whenever you need it. Whether it's propane or gasoline, you can rely on the best dual fuel generator to give you the portable power that you need.

In this write-up, we’ll be talking about the things to consider when buying a dual fuel generator and your best options in the market today.

Things To Consider When Buying A Dual Fuel Generator

A dual fuel generator can only be effective if it comes with the right features and provides you with the things you need. Getting one, however, can be quite a challenge since there are lots to choose from.

To help narrow down your choices, we’ve lined up some of the important considerations to make prior to buying a dual fuel generator.

1. Durability And Engine Cost

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The first thing that you want to consider out of your dual fuel generator is the cost and its durability. As of this day, a gasoline-fueled generator is much preferred and is a popular choice because of its cost-effectiveness and since gasoline is more prominent in the market than diesel.

When considering your generator, you would want it to be durable enough to last for years. Make sure that your unit is made out of durable as well as rust-proof material. While the gasoline-fueled generator may be the cheaper choice, the diesel-fueled generator seems to be the more durable one.

2. Fuel Efficiency


Of course, whenever you are trying to consider any engine, you should always consider its fuel efficiency to make sure that you are not wasting your money out of fuel. In this regard, the fuel-efficiency choice is the diesel-fueled generator.

Be sure to note however that there are some gas-fueled generators that are also fuel efficient. These units help you save more from every gallon you put in the engine.

3. Fuel Tank And Availability

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The last thing that you want to do out of your generator is to always refill its fuel tank whenever it runs out of fuel. Choose a generator tank that has enough space for a good volume. As you consider the tank, make sure that it is strategically placed where it will be easy to access and that it is not too bulky.

Also, you may want to consider the availability of the fuel in your area. When you purchase a diesel-fueled generator, make sure that diesel fuel will be easy to find in case you run out of it. Same goes for the case of gasoline-fueled generators.

4. Safety Features

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You may also want to check on the safety features that come with your dual fuel generator. One common safety feature is the flammability. Since it runs mainly on fuel which is highly flammable and can cause serious damages and even accidents, you will want your generator to have reduced risks of getting on fire.

5. Noise-Reduction Feature

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Of course, when operating a generator, you would want it to have minimized noise. The noise that is made by a running generator engine is one of the most hated things out of the equipment. So, if you don’t want to endure the loud sound produced by your generator engine, make sure that it has reduced sound features.

6. Safe To The Environment


Today, modern advancements in technology brought about better and even environment-friendly engines for generators. There are those generator engines that are compliant with emission standards as well as those that are carb compliant for lesser emissions.

Of course, when considering a generator engine that is safe to the environment, you would also have to spend a bit more since these advancements may come with a handsome price.

7. Size

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You would also want to consider the size of your dual fuel generator. If you’re dealing with a compact space to fit your generator, it would be ideal to go for the smaller-sized options.

Be sure to note however that as the size decrease, you’ll also be decreasing the fuel-tank capacity as well as the other parts which may lessen that generated power.

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Top 5 Dual Fuel Generators In The Market Today

Now that you have a better view of the features you should look for in your ideal dual fuel generator, let’s look at your best options in the market. This list of choices is based on the considerations mentioned above as well as prices and reviews from previous customers.

1. Pulsar PG7500B Dual Fuel Generator


You may also want to consider the Pulsar PG7500B Dual Fuel Generator if you’re looking for a dual fuel generator that has a more modern and stylish look. In addition to its utilitarian look, it is a popular choice because of its reliable performance and durability.

It comes with a powerful 13HP engine which delivers 7500 starting watts and 6000 watts over gasoline fuel. Should you want a slightly bigger or lesser starting watt from your Pulsar generator, you’ll be happy to find that there are two available models for this series of Pulsar generators.

This product comes with a convenient push-start button for easier operation along with a control panel that is equipped with a digital volt meter. Additionally, it also comes with a good number of outlets namely 4-120V outlets and a pair of twist-lock outlets for 120V and 120V/240V.

Lastly, this generator runs longer than other models mentioned on this list with its 13-hours running time. This product is an excellent choice of dual fuel generator that is versatile as well as long running.


  • Impressive maximum output of 7500 watts
  • Air-cooled engine for lesser chances of overheating
  • With a wide array of outlets
  • With push-button feature
  • 13 hours running time


  • Does not include assembly manual for some of its parts
  • Not very convenient for propane fuel
  • Problems of choking using propane fuel

2. DuroMax XP4400EH Generator


If you want a bulky but powerful dual fuel generator, you can rely on DuroMax XP4400EH Generator to give you just what you need. Despite its big size which is much greater than other generators, it comes with a lot of outlet options.

Some of the outlets that are available from this generator are the 2 three-prong 20amp 120V outlets, the 120V/240 30amp outlet, 120V-30 amp outlet, the heavy-duty 120V/240V 50 amp outlet and the mini 12V 10 amp outlet which is mainly used to charge batteries.

It is designed with a power panel that is easy to use along with a noise-reduction feature that lets you operate this generator without having to deal with the irritating noise.

Ideally, this generator is best to use for heavy-duty purposes, however, can also be used for the smaller and more sensitive applications.


  • With impressive maximum output of 4400 watts
  • With a wide array of outlets for multiple connections
  • Can be operated using gas or propane fuel
  • With volt meter and shutoff switch for convenience


  • Not for sale in some states
  • Sensitive breaker
  • Wires around the battery corrodes easily

3. Champion Power Equipment 76533


If you’re looking for a popular brand when it comes to dual fuel generators, you should also consider this generator from Champion Power Equipment. This brand name is well-established in this industry which makes them a trusted option when it comes to portable power generation options.

This particular model is one of their lightest generators with a total weight of only 119 lbs which is much lighter than other models and brands. With its lightweight, it is easy to carry and move around anytime and anywhere.

It is designed with a 3.4-gallon tank that provides you with 8 hours running time which is already more than enough for a small-sized dual fuel generator.

For those looking to have a generator to use outdoors and in the car, you’ll find the TT30 RV receptacle that is built-in very handy. In addition, it comes also equipped with an array of outlets for multiple applications.

Among those outlets that you can expect from this product include a 120V twist-lock outlet along with a 120V duplex outlet.


  • Can be powered by either gas or propane
  • 8 hours run time which is longer than other compact-sized generators
  • With push-button start feature
  • With 3 years limited warranty


  • Replacement parts are hard to find
  • Produces loud noise
  • Insufficient generating capacity

4. Champion Power Equipment 100165


Another dual fuel generator from Champion Power Equipment that you can consider is the Champion Power Equipment 100165. Just like the previous model, it also comes with almost the same features but with bigger fuel tank capacity.

Knowing that it has a bigger fuel capacity of 6 gallons, it produces more power with 9375 starting watts and 7500 for its running watts. With this generated power, you can power up many home appliances such as TV’s, your refrigerator, well pumps, air conditioners and many others.

It has a total run time of 8 hours when using gasoline fuel and 5.5 hours when using propane fuel. Also, this product is designed with a number of outlets which include 2-120V duplex outlets, a 120V/240V twist-lock style outlet and a 120V receptacle (L5-30R).

This generator is also safe to use for the environment with its EPA certification along with CARB compliant accreditation. Lastly, it comes available with 3 years warranty.


  • Runs effectively on either propane or gas fuel
  • With large fuel capacity
  • Comes with a convenient push-button start feature
  • With a wide array of outlets
  • With 3 years warranty


  • Noisy operation
  • Slow customer support

5. NorthStar Portable Generator


Another excellent choice of portable dual fuel generator is the NorthStar Portable Generator. Also, if you’re more of a gasoline powered generator fan then this option would be ideal for you.

This generator comes with a Honda engine which makes it a dependable power supplier for any purposes. It comes with a set of easy hook-up features that are easy to manage with gas and propane lines from your home.

Using natural gas, it delivers as much as 8400 of running watts with 10000 surge watts on gas and 9450 running watts with 10000 surge watts on propane.

One favorite feature on this product is that it delivers clean power which is safe to sensitive and delicate appliances and electronics such as phones and computers. This product also comes with 11 receptacles for better range of applications.


  • Can run on both propane or natural gas
  • Can be connected to propane and gas lines within your home
  • With impressive surge watts on gas and propane (10000 watts)
  • With electric start through the Honda engine
  • Safe for sensitive equipment


  • Not very durable
  • A bit more expensive than other choices mentioned in this list


As for our final thoughts, a dual fuel generator is indeed a great help during power outages and for backup whenever in need of more power.

As a personal recommendation, we would go with the Pulsar PG7500B Dual Fuel Generator since not only is it more durable than other models mentioned in this list, it also has a long running time (13 hours) which far exceeds other models out there.

The Pulsar PG7500B Dual Fuel Generator also comes with the longer running time which allows you to save more money and effort on fuel refills. If you prefer to use gas over propane, this option should be on top of your list.

Got questions, suggestions or comments about our top 5 list of dual fuel generators? Message us if you do. We’d love to hear your thoughts about it on the convenient comment box located below.

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