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When it comes to chainsaws, one name seems to be well-respected and proven reliable because of their product’s high quality and durability – the name of this brand is Echo.

Echo chainsaws are popular in the market because they are designed to handle the toughest of cutting jobs. While they are an excellent choice for heavy-duty jobs, they also prove to be effective in mid-range cutting jobs such as pruning, felling trees, cutting firewood, or the simple yard clean-up after a storm.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the most loved Echo chainsaws in the market. We will provide you with comprehensive Echo chainsaw reviews that will make the purchase worth your money.


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Things To Consider When Buying Echo Chainsaws

Echo is a Japanese brand for trusted and reliable outdoor equipment and chainsaws. They provide high quality chainsaws with excellent cutting capability and lesser drawbacks which the traditional chainsaw does.

To help you find that ideal Echo chainsaw that suits your requirements, make sure to check out these few considerations.

1. Echo i-30 Quick Start System

an echo chainsaw

When it comes to buying any Echo chainsaw, you always need to make sure it has the patented Echo i-30 Quick Start System for better handling and convenience. With this quick start system, getting the machine started will be a breeze.

This allows easier starts by just pulling the starter cord which does not require much tension. This feature is essential especially for newbies and older people who still love doing cutting work using chainsaws.

2. Auto-Oiling System

pouring oil into chainsaw

One of the common problems of chainsaw that owners have is to switch off the chainsaw in order to lubricate the chain. After lubricating the chain, they’ll have to restart and even warm up the equipment again before using. With an auto-oiling feature of your chainsaw, you won’t have to do all this.

The auto-oiler system allows chain lubrication even while the chainsaw is operating. Not only does this lubricate the chain to ensure better performance but also relieves the chain of debris and dust that could damage the tooth of the chain.

3. Bar Length


Of course you may also want to consider the bar length of your chainsaw. If you’re looking to cut big trees with substantial diameters, you will need to opt for the chainsaws with longer bars.

While the longer bars are more effective in cutting thick wood, the accuracy may not be at its best because the chainsaw may lack balance due to its added length and weight.

On the other hand, if you want to make smooth and accurate cuts on smaller sized wood and trees, the shorter bars would be recommended.

4. Power

using chainsaw

The effectiveness of a chainsaw is mostly depends on its power. As you consider the power of your engine, you need to make sure that it has enough to last for long hours of use. Also, the power relies on the type of engine or motor that you have in your chainsaw, thus it is also important to invest in a good engine.

5. Fuel Efficiency

a gas tank and chainsaws

When it comes to gas-powered chainsaws, be sure to have one that is fuel efficient to save more money and for lesser emissions when using the machine. Make sure that you won’t be making constant refills as you use your chainsaw because not only can this be a daunting task but can also be costly.

In terms of battery or electric powered chainsaws, be sure to that its battery lasts long enough and can recharge quickly.

6. Chainsaw Accessories And Safety Gears

an echo

Many chainsaws today are also offered with accessories and safety gears that come with the package. Some of the most popular accessories and gears include chainsaw chaps or trousers, safety gloves, chainsaw case and chain oil.

While you purchase a chainsaw, it is important to ask about these gears and accessories because not only can these provided an added safety while using the machine but can also make the chainsaw effective for other cutting applications.

Besides, most accessories and gears that come with chainsaws are often free so be sure to take advantage of it.

Top 5 Echo Chainsaws In The Market

Now that you know of the considerations to make when it comes to purchasing your ideal Echo chainsaw, let us now look at the best options that you can have in the market.

Each of these chainsaws from Echo is carefully handpicked and chosen because of their excellent performance, modern and useful features as well as affordability.

1. Echo CS-590 Chainsaw

Lastly, if you want an Echo chainsaw that is guaranteed to deliver optimum performance for heavy duty jobs then you can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth out of the Echo CS-590 Chainsaw.

Compared to all other Echo chainsaws mentioned in this list, this product packs the most power through its 59.8 cc professional grade dual cycle engine. It is also flexible for 18-inch and 20-inch bars.

With its powerful engine and good length of bar, it is an excellent choice of a chainsaw for cutting thick wood and for felling trees. It comes with a Timber Wolf logo which states that this machine is simply a beast and shouldn’t be underestimated in terms of cutting power and efficiency.

It features a kick-guard attachment over the top of its bar for added safety when operating the chainsaw. Also, it comes with a chain brake to keep the chain steady should kickbacks occur during operation.

Of course, it also comes with an auto-oiler that relieves you of constantly lubricating your chain for better performance and for maintenance.


  • With handyman seal of approval
  • Powerful engine
  • With see-through gas tank
  • Doesn’t overheat easily
  • Anti-vibration control
  • Auto oiler


  • Can be hard to start for beginners
  • Expensive
  • Heavy

2. Echo CS-400 Gas Chainsaw

If you’re looking for an Echo chainsaw that can handle the mid-range cutting jobs to the heavy duty cutting applications then you can rely on the Echo CS-400 Gas Chainsaw to give you all that.

This product is flexible for both 16 inches and 18-inch bar lengths for a better variety of cuts to be made out of just one chainsaw. It is designed with an auto-oiler feature which allows for automatic lubrication of the chain for better performance and for lengthier bar and chain life.

Just like the rest of the Echo chainsaws, this product is also equipped with a G-Force engine having air pre-cleaner for optimum filtration and to ensure efficient engine performance that lasts for long years.

It comes with a 40.2 cc professional-grade dual cycle engine which makes it much powerful and faster than other chainsaws today. Of course with its patented i-30 starting system, starting the chainsaw is easy and effortless.

With its flexible bar requirements, various cutting applications are possible such as felling thick trees, cutting firewood, pruning, trimming and other mid-range cutting applications.


  • Robust engine
  • i-20 quick start system
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Already assembled from package
  • With free engine oil


  • Requires specific mix of fuel
  • Issues of oil leaks

3. Echo CS-310 Gas Chainsaw

If you want a longer bar with more power, you can also opt for the Echo CS-310 1Gas Chainsaw. Despite is rather smaller bar of 14 inches, it packs more than enough cutting power with its 32.6 cc engine which allows for smooth and efficient cuts for those light to medium cutting jobs.

With its shorter bar compared to others, it is a much preferred chainsaw when trying to make accurate cuts when pruning, clearing the bush, trimming and the mid-range cutting applications.

Just like most of the Echo chainsaws, this product also comes with the G-Force engine with air pre-cleaner which lengthens the life of the machine and ensures that no dust nor debris get into the air filter.

It comes with an ergonomic handle which is carefully designed to provide optimum handling and comfort during operation. Also, this product is equipped with a chain tensioner that is conveniently located at the side of the equipment for quick adjustments and for reduced wear and tear.

Also, users love this Echo chainsaw because it is light with only 8.1 pounds for its total weight and is well balanced. With its light weight, using this equipment over tight spots and angles is easy.


  • Very light with only 8.1 lbs for its total weight
  • Well-balanced
  • Easy-start feature
  • Comes with 14 inch Oregon bar
  • Powerful motor


  • Only best for small to mid-range cutting applications
  • Not enough bar length

4. Echo B005UDT4HM Chain Saw

First on the list of top echo chainsaws in the market is the Echo B005UDT4HM Chain Saw which is known for its 12 inch bar that is excellent for making small to mid-range accurate cuts.

This product is designed with a G-Force engine with Air pre-cleaner system which allows for lesser maintenance for the engine especially around its air filter. It is also designed with a side-mounted chain tensioner that ensures quick and efficient adjustments of the chain even during operation.

Also, this chainsaw is designed with the -30 system quick start system which ensures fast and effortless every time using the chainsaw. It comes with a 26.9 professional-grade 2 cycle engine which makes the chainsaw flexible for the mid-range cutting applications to the moderately-heavy cutting applications.

It comes with an auto oiler which is clutch driven for better and faster chain lubrication even while the engine is running. This product also comes with a top handle which most chainsaws today doesn’t. With the top handle, a better handling and maneuverability is ensured.


  • Powerful engine despite its size
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver over tight spots when cutting
  • With top handle
  • Well-balanced
  • Can also accommodate 14 inch bars


  • Pricey
  • Not recommended for heavy duty cutting applications because of its short bar length

5. Echo CS-352 Gas Chainsaw

Another Echo chainsaw that you can look for when looking for a chainsaw that can accommodate 14 inches and 16-inch bars is the Echo CS-352 1Gas Chainsaw.

Just like the rest of the Echo chainsaws mentioned in this list, this product also comes with an easy-start feature which allows you to start the machine even with just a slow pull on its cord. This product is designed with an anti-vibration handle which provides better control and comfort when using the machine for extended hours.

This product also comes with convenient features such as a chain tensioner that is located on the side of the chainsaw for quick and effortless adjustments of the chain.

This chainsaw is lightweight and easy to move around with. While using 16-inch bar will make it an excellent tool for cutting thick wood and trees with substantial diameters, having a 14-inch bar would also be effective for making smaller and more accurate cuts.

One of the things that customers love about this product is its flexibility and great maneuverability due to its light weight of only 8.8 lbs and its shorter bar length.


  • Quick start feature
  • Light weight with only 8.8 lbs for its total weight
  • Flexible for 14 inches and 16 inches bars
  • Anti-vibration feature


  • Chain doesn’t last very long
  • Not recommended for heavy-duty cutting applications

Our Final Thoughts

Echo chainsaws are indeed a breed of chainsaws to look for in the market when you want versatility and flexibility out of your chainsaw. As a personal choice, we think that the Echo CS-590 Chainsaw stands as the best among the rest in this list of top 5 echo chainsaws in the market.

This is for the reason that it delivers the most power but still providing flexibility for big or small cutting applications using its 18-inch bar or 20-inch bar. Also despite its size, it is designed to make smooth and efficient cuts through its helpful features such as anti-vibration feature, auto-oiler, and engine cooler.

So have you made up your mind on which Echo chainsaw on this list to purchase? If you have better suggestions, comments or questions about our top 5 list, do message us on our comment box located below.

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