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Making your yard and garden look nice and healthy can provide you a ton of benefits. However, doing so may not be as easy as it sounds. You’ll have to perform daunting tasks such as mowing the grass, trimming branches, tilling the soil and many others that can sometimes take all day to finish.

Among those gardening and landscaping tasks, the one you don’t want to mess up is the spraying. This is because spraying involves pesticides and some chemicals which can be both harmful to you and the environment. Luckily today, we have garden sprayers at our disposal.

A garden sprayer is a must-have in every garden because of its many advantages. If you’re looking to purchase one, you might want to have a look first on the contents below as it features all essential details you’ll need prior to buying the best garden sprayer that suits your requirements.


Product Name




My 4 Sons’ Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

97 /


Chapin 20000 Poly Lawn and Garden Sprayer

91 /


Solo 418 One Hand Pressure Sprayer

87 /


Smith Contractor 190216

83 /


Chapin 26021XP ProSeries Poly Sprayer

80 /

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Types Of Garden Sprayer

Before you pick one up, you need to make sure you’re buying the suited garden sprayer for your needs. You need to know that there are a few types of garden sprayers out there that have their own unique feature from the other.

Those top and popular types of garden sprayers are as follows:

1. Gas-Powered Or Battery-Powered Garden Sprayers


As the name suggests, these types of sprayers are powered by either gas or battery. The good thing about these types of sprayers is that you will not have to use your hand and pressure to expel the chemical or solution out of the sprayer.

These kinds of sprayers come in many varieties and can fit almost any bottle. Also, it comes with a number of added attachments for convenience. Some of these attachments include: spray nozzles, booms and hoses.

Compared to other types, the gas-powered and battery-powered sprayers can hold more volume but can also be more expensive.

2. Compression Sprayers


Compression sprayer is popular among many garden owners and enthusiasts because it is simple to use. It is composed of a tank and a garden sprayer. To scatter the solution, it only requires a pump action. The lesser the air is pumped, the more volume of solution will be sprayed out of the nozzle.

This is also a common preference because it is affordable as well as easy to maneuver.

3. Backpack Sprayer

spraying chemical

If you’re dealing with back pains and arthritis but still feels the need to perform spraying tasks on your garden, the backpack sprayer is your best choice. It comes with a convenient tank that is worn as a back pack for ease and comfort while spraying.

A lot backpack sprayers today feature a pump action mechanism which just uses a lever to initiate the pumping. This type of sprayer is recommended for large areas of gardens because of its ability to spray on wide radius.

4. Handheld Sprayer

a sprayer

There are two ports in a handheld sprayer – one port for the hose and one for the chemical solution. One port is connected to the solution from the bottom and the hose to the other from the rear. A simple squeeze will initiate the mixing of the solution.

For some models, you can even specify the volume of your solution ingredients for better and more effective spraying.

5. Wheeled Sprayer

spraying herbicide

The main feature of this sprayer is its mobility due to its wheels. This type of sprayer is recommended for heavy spraying which requires drums if not tons of solutions to be sprayed. Also, this would be an excellent choice for gardens with large areas since it can contain enough volume larger areas.

Considerations To Make When Purchasing A Garden Sprayer

Now that you know the types of sprayers available today, let’s go ahead and look at the considerations to make when purchasing a garden sprayer. These considerations will help you gain a better understanding of garden sprayers as well as help you get a sprayer that is worth your money.

1. Spreader Sticker

garden sprayer in store

One of the most important things to note when spraying is the use of the spreader sticker. The spreader sticker makes sure your solution sticks to your plants. Seeing that water can easily evaporate if not fall from the leaf of the plants, having a sticker solution allow your spray solution to stick to the plants for better absorption.

2. Cleaning And Maintenance

a garden sprayer

What many people do not know is that cleaning and maintenance of the garden sprayer is actually quite easy despite it using chemicals. A good way to clean your sprayer is by simply filling the tank with water and soap solution. After that, you can just spray like normal and then wash thoroughly with clean water.

3. Tank Capacity

killing dallisgrass

The tank capacity is also a major consideration seeing that it will be carried around as well as can contain the amount of solution necessary for specific perimeters. Not including wheeled sprayers, sprayers can be really hard to carry if it has a large tank.

When buying a spreader, try to avoid the ones that will weigh you down. However, the good thing about bigger tanks is that you’ll have lesser refills which can make the job quicker.

4. Construction Material


Currently, there are 3 materials that are commonly used for garden sprayers. They are the stainless steel, plastic and galvanized steel. If you’re looking for the durable option that can last almost a lifetime then you can opt for the metal materials.

However, if you’re looking for a cheap, light and can also be durable then you can go for the plastic option.

Top 5 Garden Sprayers In The Market Today

Now that we have a better understanding of garden spreaders as well as what to consider when purchasing one, let’s look at the list of options we have in the market today. These options will be based on the various criteria such as usability, features, durability affordability and many others.

As an bonus, we’ll throw in a few customer reviews for you to have an idea of how the product functions.

1. My 4 Sons’ Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

This backpack sprayer from My 4 Son is a common favorite because it is convenient to use and does the job of spraying pretty well. Since the tank is conveniently carried by wearing the product, the user will have no worries about dragging or carrying the tank filled with solution.

Also, since it is battery-powered, the user doesn’t have to manually pump out the solution. This sprays evenly and quickly, and the good part is that it even has an excellent extendibility. It features an extendable lance which extends the nozzle from 16” to 32”.

Included in the package is a 15 ft. extension cable which allows the user the option to put down the tank on the ground or on a cart in case he prefers not to carry the backpack. It comes with an ergonomic handle for better grip and maneuverability.


  • Topnotch adjustable features in a sprayer
  • 2-fitter system
  • LED light located at the base of the backpack signals the operator if the battery is low
  • Comes with a large capacity battery for longer battery life and longer function


  • A little heavier (with 14 lbs)compared to other garden sprayers
  • Not the affordable option for average gardeners

2. Chapin 20000 Poly Lawn and Garden Sprayer

This garden sprayer is also a popular choice and it is once considered the best-selling sprayer in the market. This is because it provides optimum functionality with ease of use and is sold at a very affordable price.

This sprayer from Chapin features a 1 gallon tank capacity which allows for more sprays and lesser refills compared to its small-sized counterparts. It comes with a funnel-top and a tank that is translucent which allows the operator visibility if the tank has already run out.

It comes with a 12” wand along with a 28” hose with adjustable nozzle. Also, carrying and pumping is made easy through its ergonomically-designed handle.

The Chapin 20000 is lightweight and is made from plastic which makes it rust-proof and at the same time durable.

The good part about buying this product is that its company offers full-technical support through their customer service team.


  • Has already established a good reputation in the market
  • Easy refill and maintenance
  • Big tank capacity of 1 gallon which lessens number of refills
  • Convenient wand with adjustable nozzle
  • Anti-clog filter design for zero clogs during operation


  • Want doesn’t provide enough length for better reach
  • Too small pump handle
  • A lot less durable compared to other compact sprayers

3. Solo 418 One Hand Pressure Sprayer

The Solo 418 pressure sprayer is a one-hand operation sprayer which features a multi-angle spraying nozzle that lets the operator conveniently spray in any direction. This allows for better access to all parts of the plants when spraying.

Unlike its counterparts which are made out of durable metal, this sprayer is made out plastic. The good part about it is that it is not prone to rust seeing as the unit will be regularly in contact with volatile solutions and it is lightweight which allows the operator better control and handling.

This choice of a garden sprayer is an affordable choice and is recommended for small gardens only because of its low-capacity storage. However, since it is more compact it is easier to clean and maintain.

It also offers flexibility as it is not only used for gardening but can also be used for other tasks such as general cleaning, auto cleaning, weed control and many others.


  • The multi-angle nozzle helps in getting into all corners of the plants even under the leaves
  • Offers versatility and is lightweight
  • Durable – just ensure proper maintenance and cleaning
  • Flexible to use for other tasks
  • Affordable choice


  • Too little pressure build up and too little solution is pumped out of the bottle
  • Problems of leakage from the pump

4. Smith Contractor 190216

This D.B. Smith garden sprayer is common favorite by both professional gardeners and those who are just starting out in gardening. It is preferred by many because it is a compression type of sprayer which makes use of pumping mechanism to deliver a good amount of sprays to the plants.

It is designed to be handled for better control and equipped with a 2-gallon tank for more volume and lesser refills.

Along with the unit, the Smith Contractor 190216 also comes with 5 nozzles which are all adjustable depending on your garden spraying requirements allowing for better versatility and convenience.

It is designed with a chemical resistant poly wand along with professional shut-off. Since carrying the 2 gallons can be a bit daunting, it is also designed with a shoulder strap for convenient carrying.


  • Tank comes with a pressure-release valve for safety and to make sure that the chemicals are only sprayed towards the desired direction
  • Can be used to other yard work
  • Durable plastic material that can last very long
  • Easy to clean


  • Doesn’t spray thick solutions thoroughly
  • After using it a few times, pumping could get sloppy

5. Chapin 26021XP ProSeries Poly Sprayer

This garden sprayer from Chapin is an excellent choice for large areas of gardens however can also be used by homeowners. It features a 2 gallon tank designed with a 4” opening on its mouth for convenient refilling as well as cleaning.

Just like many conventional garden sprayers today, it is also equipped with a 3-stage filtration mechanism that keeps the unit from being clogged when in use. Also, the user can view the volume of the fluid in the tank since it is made a translucent tank.

It comes with a poly wand for better reach along with cushion-grip poly shut off feature and a handle that is ergonomically designed for better handling and maneuverability. Also, its angled sprayer extension allows for better access to all parts of the plants including under the leaves.

Lastly, the wand tip is made from brass for added durability.


  • Great reach which can access high areas
  • Durable and heavy-duty hose that doesn’t leak
  • Durable material construction
  • Convenient cleaning through the 3 stage filtration system
  • Ergonomic handle for better grip


  • Not recommended for using of caustic solutions
  • Brass tip of nozzle turns green after a few number of uses


spraying insecticide

All featured sprayers from this list are indeed top-notch and could be the best option that suits your needs. However, for the grounds that it requires lesser work when spraying in the garden or field, we would recommend the first option – the My 4 Sons’ Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer.

Despite the heavier weight compared to other options in this list, it is still easy to carry around since it is worn on the back. Plus it can be operated with just using one hand while you can do other tasks with your other hand.

Did you like our list of top 5 garden sprayers in the market? Got better suggestions? If you do, don’t hesitate to message us on our comment box below. We’d love to hear your thoughts about it.

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