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When it comes to durable and reliable engines of a generator, one name always comes to mind – Honda generators.

Honda has a proven track record with regards to dependable generators since 1953 and still continues to provide unwavering reliability with the constant improvements through the years. With this, we can conclude that it is a top choice when buying generators.

So, without further introduction, let’s check out some of the top Honda generator reviews along with the considerations to make when buying one.


Product Name




Honda 655680

97 /


Honda EU2000I

93 /


Honda EU3000iS

89 /


Honda EU1000i Generator

84 /


Honda EU3000i Handi

80 /

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Things To Consider When Buying Honda Generators

Honda generators are probably the most favorite breed of generators today because of its long line of efficient generators which has had an established name for more than half a century. To make sure that you are getting the ideal Honda generator that matches your requirements, be sure to note these considerations.

1. Noise Levels

2000 watt generator

When it comes to generators, nobody wants it loud during operation. Fortunately, all Honda generators are designed with noise-reduction features to relieve you of the noise created by generators which cause discomfort to the ears during operation.

Prior to buying your ideal Honda Generator, make sure to check the noise level or decibel level of your specific generator. There are a wide variety of decibel levels out of Honda generators which goes from 10 dB to 50 dB depending on each machine’s features.

A common factor that would influence the noise level of the generator would be the engine – a bigger engine would simply mean a louder performance.

2. Run Time And Fuel Efficiency

a generator on the street

Of course, when using a generator you would want it to last as long as possible and that it makes use of every ounce of fuel that is being burned.

When looking for Honda generators, choose those with proven fuel efficiency and with features that ensure optimum use of fuel during operation. One feature to note in this regard is the Eco throttle which allows you to adjust the speed of the engine to match the power requirement.

Many Honda generators can run for as long as 15-20 hours depending on various factors such as fuel tank capacity, power output and consumption, engine performance and many others.

3. Power Output

a small red generator

You may also want to consider the power output of your Honda generator prior to buying it. If you’re looking to provide power to a whole house or a small building, then you will need to consider a generator with substantial power output.

On the other hand, if you’re only looking to provide power for mid-range requirements such as outdoor lighting, camping or boating, it is better to go with a generator with lesser power output.

With this, you can save more on your money and can even benefit with its portability since generators with lesser power output are lighter and may be portable.

4. Outlets

a black and red generator

When buying any generator, you would want to have as many outlets as possible. Before you cash in on that Honda generator, make sure that it is equipped with the right number and type of outlet that matches your electrical devices.

If you’re looking to have more outlets on your generator, opt for the bigger generators with bigger output.

5. Maintenance

generator in action

Maintenance and upkeep are something that is constantly required out of your generator engine. When buying your ideal Honda generator, it is important to consider its maintenance requirements and if it is easy to perform without expert supervision.

The last thing that you would want is to send the generator back to the dealer for maintenance and deal with ridiculous service and shipping fees. Make sure that your generator is easy to maintain and that you can do it yourself.

6. Size And Portability

honda generator

It is also important to consider the size as well as the portability of your generator prior to buying it. When considering the size, simply think of the space or area where you’ll be placing or mounting your generator. Before heading out to find your ideal generator, be sure to measure the space allotted for it.

Also, it is important to consider its portability. Are you looking to bring the generator to places? Or are you looking to fix the generator in a single spot in your yard or mount it over to the wall in the backyard?

When it comes to fixed and portable generators, fixed generators seems to be the more economical but can also be quite expensive if it comes with substantial power output.

7. Easy-Start Feature

1 generator

The traditional generators are equipped with engines that are started using a pulling cord which requires a good amount of tension. Not only does it require a good amount of effort, but it can also be dangerous toward the engine because of the constant tension.

Today, generators are equipped with easy-start features which only require a flip of switch or a push of button. While many generators make use of this feature, Honda generators are made even better because some are designed to start automatically as soon as power is out.

Without manual starts, Honda generators run automatically upon full set up.

Top 5 Honda Generators Today

Now that you have a better idea of your ideal Honda generator, let’s look at your best options in the market. These choices are carefully hand-picked based on reliable reviews in terms of fuel efficiency, durability and many more.

1. Honda 655680

Lastly, if you want more power out your Honda generator, you can opt for the Honda 655680 which is designed with 5000 watt output rate.

This Honda generator is designed with a commercial grade engine that is guaranteed to last longer than most conventional generators. Also, it comes with a non-wheeled steel cage and its engine is separated from its frame for extra protection from external elements.

This product makes use of Digital Automatic Voltage Regulation or DAVR Technology for that stable and clean supply of power. Also, it provides a wide range of outlets including a pair of twist lock style outlets for RV and transfer switches.

With its OHV engine, this generator is easy to start and is known for enhanced power as well as durability to last for long years of use.

It is also much lighter compared to other generators that generate the same amount of power, having only 177 lbs for its total weight. With this weight, it is easy to carry around during camping and other outdoor activities.


  • With DAVR Technology for power stability
  • Easy to start
  • Lesser emissions during operation
  • Durable frame


  • Heavy
  • Not recommended for heavy-duty power generation requirements

2. Honda EU2000I

You will also find the Honda EU2000i Generator a worth-it choice if you want more power out of your generator.

Compared to the previous Honda generator, this generator provides more power with 2000 watts for its output capacity. Also, it comes with a dual standard outlet along with 12V charging station but added with a low-oil shutoff system which relieves the generator of the dangers of overheating.

Also, it is designed with a circuit breaker that is resettable for safety. It runs with reduced noise with only 59 dB during operation over 25% of its load. This generator is also easy to start with its recoil start feature which requires much lesser tension than the traditional generator.

This generator also provides better portability because it is much lighter than most conventional generators with only 46 lbs for its total weight. Also, it comes with a Honda engine with inverter technology which ensures smooth and efficient fuel consumption.

If you want a reliable source of power for your outdoor activities such as camping or boating, the Honda EU2000i Generator could be your best option yet.


  • Easy recoil starts
  • Light and portable
  • Reduced noise levels at 59 dB
  • 3.4 hours of run time at tank full


  • Requires constant maintenance
  • Issues of oil leaks

3. Honda EU3000iS

Another excellent Honda generator that you can consider for your next generator purchase is the Honda EU3000iS.

This generator is a popular choice in the market because of its reduced noise during operation which produces only 49-58 dB. Also, it provides more power with 3000 watt output which is great in supplying power for lighting, home appliances and even for power tools.

It is designed with an advanced inverter technology which provides a stable supply of power for home appliances as well as sensitive devices such as computers and cellphones.

Should you require more power other than its 3000 watt output, you can also set up a second unit and make use of a parallel cable for more power output.

Just like any generator from Honda, this generator is also fuel efficient can provide a running time of as much as 20 hours over 3.4 gallons of gas. Also, it can run in 2 modes and automatically switches depending on the load.

It also comes with a number of outlets and twist lock designed for transfer switches.


  • With Honda overhead valve engine
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can run for 24 hours on full tank
  • Eco-throttle system
  • Fuel efficient


  • Pull starts
  • Limited outlets

4. Honda EU1000i Generator

The first choice in our list is the Honda EU1000i Generator which is a popular generator for those mid-range power generation requirements.

It is a compact generator with an output of 1000 watts which is ideal for temporary power for electrical devices and gadgets with mid-range power requirements. Since it is much smaller and compact than other generators, it is also ideal for outdoor power supply needs such as camping, boating, and power for outdoor lighting.

This product is designed to be inverter style which means you will get clean and dependable power. Also, it comes with 2 operating modes and it adjusts automatically depending on the load for smoother operation.

Since it is compact and with a smaller engine, it operates much quieter than most generators of the same size. It comes with dual standard outlets along with 12V DC outlet for charging.

One thing that users love about this generator is that it lasts longer than other generators under the same output category and is much cheaper than its competitions.


  • Durable engine
  • Recommended for providing power for house appliances
  • Safe for sensitive devices such as cell phones and laptops
  • Very light and portable
  • Fuel efficient


  • Issues of oil leaks
  • Not enough fuel capacity
  • Not recommended for heavy-duty power requirements

5. Honda EU3000i Handi

The Honda EU3000i Handi is also a good option to consider for mid-range power generation requirements.

It has an output of 3000 watts which is ideal for providing power for house appliances including refrigerators, TVs, microwave and many others. It is also light with only 78 lbs for its total weight and is designed with sturdy wheels for easier transportation.

Compared to other conventional generators, it operates quietly with only 57-65 dB. This makes it an ideal generator to use for outdoor activities such as camping and for temporary power for the RV.

It is also designed with a unique Eco-Throttle system which provides enhanced fuel efficiency and allows the generator to run for 3.5-7.7 hours in a single tank and depending on the load.

This product also makes use of Honda’s inverter system which simply translates to efficient and clean power within a small as well as light package. Also, the inverter system ensures reliable power in the same manner as your outlets at home.

Lastly, this product is also equipped with an oil alert feature that automatically shuts the engine off during low oil levels.


  • With 3 years of warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Safe to use for sensitive electrical devices such as cell phones and laptops
  • Quite operation


  • Bulky
  • Expensive

Our Top Pick

Among all the Honda generators mentioned in this list, we think that the last generator on the list is the best. This is for the reason that the Honda 655680 offers more flexibility and provides more power for a number of power needs.

Do you think that the Honda 655680 deserves the special mention in this list? If you have better suggestions about the best Honda generators in the market today, do let us know. We have a convenient comment box located below for that.

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