A Selection Of The Best Hori Hori Knives With Convenient Price

Using the right tools always makes a big difference. It’s the same with gardening – using the right knife will bring about the best results. In this regard, we’ll be talking about the hori hori knife.

I personally like this garden knife because of its versatility and reliability in performing various tasks. This is a common favorite among other gardeners also because of its cheaper price compared to other types of garden knives.

In this article, I’ll share with you some of the best hori hori knife options that are available in the market today. These knives provide optimum efficiency in garden cutting and digging works and will surely improve the quality of the job.


Product Name




Secret Garden Hori Hori Knife

97 /


Truly Garden Hori Hori Knife

92 /


Nisaku NJP650 Blade Hori-Hori Knife

87 /


Fiskars Big Grip Hori Hori Knife

83 /


Lausihay Hori Hori Knife

80 /

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What To Consider When Buying Hori Hori Knife

Hori hori knives have many uses in the garden. With its increasing popularity, it’s no longer unusual to find a wide array of these knives in the market. To find the ideal hori hori knife that suits your requirements, consider these important guidelines.

1. Blade

When it comes to buying knives, you will always have to check its blade. While you may want your blade to be sharp for your specific requirements, you may also want it to be thick and stainless to avoid rusting and corrosion.

When using these knives in the garden, I normally use them to dig the soil and cut thick branches and roots. This is why a durable and sharp blade is essential for a hori hori knife.

2. Serrations

Serrations are also an important thing to consider when buying a hori hori knife. The serrated edge helps in cutting hard and tough materials in the garden. It helps the knife bite deep into a surface for more efficient and effortless cutting.

When looking at the serrated edge of your hori hori knife, make sure that it has enough width or depth depending on your requirements. Also, it would be best to have it stainless or powder coated to make sure that it is resistant to corrosion or rusting.

3. Handle

Any kind of knife is dangerous and having a poor handle would make it very prone to accidents and injuries. The traditional hori hori knives make use of a wooden handle having a full tang; however, modern improvements have brought out plastic as well as soft polymer handles for better grip and comfort.

Personally, I prefer soft polymer handles because they are comfortable to hold and usually come with ergonomic designs. While full tang handles could be more convenient since it provides a wider area of grip, it may not work for certain garden cutting and digging tasks.

When choosing the handle, choose one that perfectly fits your hand, provides a good grip and is durable enough for your specific tasks in the garden.

4. Sheath

Just like any knife, you also need a sheath for your hori hori knife for easy, safe storage and transportation. For me, I would recommend a leather sheath because not only is it durable and can last a very long time but it also looks nice.

Other sheath options would include plastic sheaths, wooden and metal sheaths. While all these options are all effective with regard to storing the knife safely, each of them has a different level of durability and price.

5. Additional Accessories

There are also other accessories that you will find added to your hori hori knife when you purchase them in the market. Among those accessories include sharpening whetstones, rods, belt clips, belt rings and many others. Placing your trust in a knife sharpener might also be a good idea. See here for my list of the most reliable knife sharpeners.

While these accessories may not be very necessary, it can provide better convenience and can enable the knife to do other tasks.

6. Graduation Marks

Out of all available knives in the market, hori hori knives are the only one that has graduations on its blade. This provides effective measurement when digging or cutting deep into surfaces. This allows you to work and at the same time measure when doing tasks.

The ideal graduation marks to consider would be one that is deeply engraved in the blade and does not wear off easily. You will also want the graduation marks to be clear and readable.

7. Price

Just like when buying anything else, you also need to consider the price of your hori hori knife. As you consider one that is thick, powder-coated and comes with a wide array of accessories, you should immediately assume a substantial price out of it.

To get the most out of your hori hori knife with a little budget, you just need to bear in mind the primary features that you need – which is the blade, handle and the serrations.

Top 5 Hori Hori Knives

Among the top performing hori hori knives, here are the best choices that I’ve personally tried in my garden. Each of these choices have their own unique features and accessories.

1. Secret Garden Hori Hori Knife


If you like a hori hori knife with a modern and sleek design, you can opt for the Secret Garden Hori Hori Knife with its modern black theme design.

This is a particular favorite among gardeners because it is provides a nice look out of garden knife without compromising performance and quality. While this knife is designed mostly for weeding the garden, it can also be used for digging, cutting, planting, slicing and many other tasks in the garden.

It is also designed with serrations to allow for cutting and sawing on hard and tough materials, branches or wood and for digging on tough soil. As well, it comes with clear graduations for easy measurements for any task.

Another good thing that many users love about this product is that it is thick enough to withstand any pressure and is made from stainless steel to ensure resistance to rust and corrosion for a long time.

It is also designed to be as sharp as the regular knife which makes it also a good tool to use for any general cutting tasks. If you want the all-in-one type of hori hori knife that almost acts like a Swiss knife, the Secret Garden Hori Hori Knife could be a great investment for you.


  • Multi-purpose knife
  • Ergonomic wooden handle
  • Rust resistant
  • Thick and durable blade


  • Not too sharp
  • Rivets are not deeply planted in the handle

2. Truly Garden Hori Hori Knife


Another multi-purpose type of garden knife that you can have is the Truly Garden Hori Hori Knife which is made from high-quality stainless steel that ensures resistance to rust and corrosion for a long time.

This knife is designed with a 7-inch blade and is made from high quality of stainless steel that is ensured to never rust whatever the task is. It is sharp and comes with metric markings and graduations for effective and clear measurements when working.

It is designed with a wooden handle for perfect grip and for overall balance. The handle is riveted securely on the blade and it comes with a full-length tang for added safety and strength.

What I like about this product is that it comes with a nice looking leather sheath which is not only heavy duty but is also rather cheaper compared to other leather sheaths today. Also, this product comes with an added accessory which is the diamond rod that keeps the blade constantly sharp.

While it is made from high quality materials, this product is much cheaper than other options and is rather longer lasting than others.


  • Made from high quality stainless steel
  • Durable sheath
  • Sharp
  • With diamond rod


  • Too sharp for other gardening tasks
  • Too long tang
  • Rivets are not flush in handle

3. Nisaku NJP650 Blade Hori-Hori Knife


A personal favorite of mine is the Nisaku NJP650 Blade Hori-Hori Knife with its flexible design which allows it to be used for cutting thick branches and plants and also makes it effective for digging.

This knife is also designed with a blade length of 7.25 inches which provides a good depth when digging as well as a good thickness when cutting. This product also comes with the traditional wooden handle for better and more convenient grip with using the knife.

While the handle is made out of wood, it provides a balanced weight for the knife and also makes this knife inexpensive. In addition, this product comes with a leather sheath to provide a durable and long lasting storage for the knife.

The Nisaku NJP650 Blade Hori-Hori Knife is also a common choice for many because of its stainless steel blade that doesn’t rust or dull easily. It is designed with a sharp and concave blade shape that is perfect for scooping soil as well as other materials in the garden.

You can also choose between a serrated and a straight edge for specific requirements when purchasing this product.


  • Multi-purpose garden knife
  • With leather sheath
  • Durable
  • Stainless and resistant to rusting


  • Not very durable wooden handle
  • Small serrations

4. Fiskars Big Grip Hori Hori Knife


Another convenient choice of hori hori knife with its ergonomic and comfortable handle is the Fiskars Big Grip Hori Hori Knife.

I personally use this knife for slicing over sod, digging out weeds, plating, cutting threads and thick branches without worrying about hand fatigue. This is because this product is designed with ergonomics and hand comfort in mind.

The handle is designed to be large with soft grip to provide optimum control for using on any kind of tasks in the garden. Its head is made from cast-aluminum to ensure that the knife lasts a long time without being bothered by rusts and corrosions.

It even has a serrated edge which allows easy digging in tough soil and to bite deeply into tough surfaces and materials. This product also features a hang hole where you can store the knife easily and quickly.

What I like about this product is its oversized handle that allows you to use both hands when dealing with hard and tough materials that require pressure.


  • Aluminum head that is resistant to rusting
  • Durable
  • Multi-purpose knife
  • With lifetime warranty
  • Excellent control over handle


  • Not very sharp
  • Too large handle

5. Lausihay Hori Hori Knife


The Lausihay Hori Hori Knife could also be an excellent choice if you want a garden knife that has a good length and durable blade.

One distinguishing feature of this knife among others is that it comes with a good length of blade which is 7 inches. With this long length, it’s easy to dig deep into the soil and can handle wider area when cutting or sawing.

It also comes with a wooden handle for perfect balance and better grip. It is also designed with a more substantial width compared to other knives which allows it to work like a trowel when digging soil.

Also, this knife comes with a leather sheath with brass rivet handle lock to secure the knife in place. This knife is also sure to last for long years because it is made from high quality stainless steel.

Compared to others, this knife has engraved graduations in large fonts which allow easy and clear reading of measurements, and it doesn’t get erased easily. While this knife is very sharp, it is also very durable to withstand extreme pressure for garden tasks.


  • Multi-purpose knife
  • Durable stainless steel
  • With leather sheath
  • Big graduation fonts
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Heavy
  • Not very durable sheath


So which hori hori knife in this list do you think works for you?

As a personal recommendation, I would go with the Secret Garden Hori Hori Knife not only because it is a multi-purpose kind of knife which works more like a Swiss knife but it also has a sleek and modern black theme design for that nice look when carrying or using the knife.

For questions, suggestions and comments about this article, do message us on our comment box below. We always love a share of thoughts with our readers.

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