Easy Tips To Finding The Best Hose End Sprayer That Is Ideal For Your Needs

If you want to have vibrant healthy plants and flowers in your garden, you will need a hose end sprayer. A hose end sprayer can help provide water for your plants along with other liquid solutions they need such as pesticides and herbicides.

A hose end sprayer simply functions as a spraying tool. It mixes liquid solution from a water source and provides even and continuous sprays without having to mix the solution and water manually.

However, finding the best hose end sprayer that suits your needs can be quite a challenge because of the many varieties and choices available in the market. In this article, we’ll provide you with the essential considerations to make prior to buying one that suits your needs.

Also, to help you narrow down your choices, we’ve pointed out top 5 hose end sprayers that suits almost any kind of spraying need. These choices are as follows.

Top 5 Best Hose End Sprayers - Comparison Table


Product Name




Ortho 0836560 Hose-End Sprayer

97 /


Gilmour 362 Hose End Sprayer

93 /


Chapin G362 Hose End Sprayer

90 /


Ortho Dial N’ Spray Hose-End Sprayer

84 /


Hudson 2100 Hose End Sprayer

80 /

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Reviews of 5 Best Hose End Sprayers On The Market

With the considerations outlined above regarding to purchasing the ideal hose end sprayer that suits your needs, let use check out the top 5 choices that are available in the market today.

1. Ortho 0836560 Hose-End Sprayer


Another good hose end sprayer from Ortho is the Ortho 0836560 Hose-End Sprayer which allows for multi-directional spraying.

This hose end sprayer provides an easy method to spraying concentrates to the garden or even to the farm. This product enables reusing any unused concentrates or solutions to its original container. Also, it delivers even and desirable amounts of sprays since the concentrate level can be easily adjusted.

The Ortho 0836560 is a common favorite hose end sprayer because it is user friendly and can be used by new users or the senior citizens. Likewise, it provides a good spray distance of about 25 feet which makes is suitable to use for spraying at wider or higher range.

This product is also designed with multi-direction spraying feature which allows you to set sprays on different directions at the same time – this helps you save time and effort when spraying.

Another thing that users love about this product is that it comes with 10 years of product warranty. Also, it is convenient to use for any kind of concentrate or liquid solution which include weed killers as well as fertilizers.


  • Doesn’t require mixing
  • Adjustable concentrate levels
  • Multi-direction spraying
  • With 10 years of product warrant


  • Not compatible with various hoses
  • Issues of leaks from connectors

2. Gilmour 362 Hose End Sprayer


Lastly, if you want a durable hose end sprayer with all that heavy-duty capabilities and features, you can invest in a Gilmour 362 hose end Sprayer.

This hose end sprayer is designed with optimum features and high-quality materials for better performance. One thing to note however in this particular choice is that it is more expensive than other choices in this list because it comes with many other added features.

Among the other features included in this product is the instant on/off dial that enables convenient shut offs and ons when using this sprayer. Also, this feature provides comfort to the hand when and reduces fatigue from constantly pressing the switch.

In addition, this product is also designed with a finger-molded nozzle which allows for convenient and comfortable operation. Its handle is made from durable materials such as zinc and brass to ensure that the tool lasts for long years even when using various types of chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides.

You can also choose from 16 dilution rates from this product for more effective and even sprays.


  • With removable deflector for various types of sprayers
  • Instant on and off switch
  • Made from durable materials such as brass and zinc
  • Finger-molded nozzle
  • With 16 dilution rate choices


  • Expensive
  • Hard to refill bottle with narrow opening

3. Chapin G362 Hose End Sprayer


One choice of excellent hose end sprayer in the market is the Chapin G362 Hose End Sprayer with its good capacity.

It is designed for various spraying applications and is suitable for spraying on larger areas because of its impressive tank capacity. This product from Chapin is also made with a precision dial that lets you monitor your mix ratio for more effective and even sprays.

This is carefully designed to be compatible with any kind of hose available today and it is also equipped with an anti-siphon system to prevent leaks and backflows whenever using the equipment.

The Chapin G362 Hose End Sprayer is also a common favorite in the market because of its impressive reach of 28 feet using 40 psi of pressure. With this pressure and height of reach, it makes it convenient to use on higher elevations like on trees and branches.

This product also comes with a deflector and a mixing ratio feature for 16 kinds of mixing settings for a more effective spray. Lastly, it is designed with a filter that is built-in to relieve the sprayer of dirt or debris.


  • Compatible with any hose
  • 16 mixing ratios
  • With built-in filter
  • Easy to use
  • Easy maintenance


  • Bottle cannot pick chemicals at low level
  • Expensive

4. Ortho Dial N’ Spray Hose-End Sprayer


The Ortho Dial N’ Spray Hose End Sprayer can also prove to be a good investment for a hose end sprayer if you want one with adjustable spray patterns.

If you are looking for affordability out of your hose end sprayer, this product can also be a good choice because it is much cheaper than other conventional hose end sprayers in the market. It comes with a direct connect feature that allows you to fit the sprayer right into any kind of bottle quickly and snugly.

Also, this hose end sprayer is designed with 3 adjustable spray patterns for specific spraying needs. These 3 spray patterns are the jet, fan and the shower spray patterns which are all effective for making sprays using chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides.

In addition, it is designed with 14 dial settings to accurately monitor and measure the volume of chemicals on every spray. This product is made from durable plastic and is resistant to corrosion and wear and tear brought about by regular use and using strong chemicals or solutions.


  • Extended grip
  • With direct connect feature for quick connection to any bottle
  • 3 spray patterns
  • With 14 mixing ratio


  • Made from plastic which makes it not very durable
  • Small capacity

5. Hudson 2100 Hose End Sprayer


It is also worth investing on the Hudson 2100 Hose End Sprayer if you want a hose end sprayer that can be used for other tasks such as washing the car.

This choice is actually more affordable than other conventional hose end sprayers and are designed to flexible for any other kind of applications. It is designed with 3 spray settings for specific spraying requirements.

Among these settings is the fresh water setting wherein one can use the tool for various applications such as washing the car or for cleaning the yard.

In addition, this product is designed suitable to use for other kinds of liquid concentrates and solutions. It is constructed using high-quality polyurethane materials which makes it resistant to corrosion, acid and other chemicals from liquid solutions that are used in the garden.

It is also designed with a bottle having a wide opening for easy refills. The tank is also made translucent for convenient monitoring of the liquid solution levels. If you’re looking for the ‘all-around’ type of hose end sprayer, this could be your best bet.


  • With 3 spray settings
  • Easy to use
  • Thumb-operated on and off dial
  • Can be used with any kind of liquid concentrate
  • With wide mouthed bottle
  • Durable construction


  • Sprayer don’t have a dial
  • Hard to find in the market

How To Choose The Best Hose End Sprayer That Suits Your Needs

Investing in a hose end sprayer should be carefully thought of and should not be done out of whim. Having to purchase any hose end sprayer will lead you to a sprayer that is inefficient for the specific spraying task that you have in mind and it might not be as durable.

To make sure that you are buying the ideal hose end sprayer that is perfect for your spraying needs, be sure to check out these considerations.

1. Hose Compatibility

The last thing that you would want out of your hose end sprayer is that it is not compatible with your garden hoses. Many modern garden hoses are equipped with various fittings and designed with different connectors – it is important that you first check if your hose end sprayer is compatible with your existing hose.

To check its compatibility, trace its connectors and look if it fits the connector snugly to avoid leaks. One way to check compatibility is by looking for the suggestions on the product label.

2. Powder Mix Or Liquid Solutions

Hose end sprayers can be used to spray liquid solutions or powder mix solutions. While hose end sprayers that can handle powder mix solutions may be ideal for its ability of handling liquid solutions, it may be the pricier option and may not always be as durable for liquid solutions or concentrates.

Sprayers for either solution will require a specific syphoning system which adjusts to specific dilution ratio from the concentrate or solution. Choosing the wrong sprayer for a specific solution can impact the flow rate as well as the efficiency of the equipment.

Make sure to choose accordingly depending on the solution that you are looking to use the sprayer for.

3. Capacity

If you’re looking to cover larger areas when spraying then you would want a hose end sprayer that can accommodate a large volume of solution. Preferably, you’ll want the bottle or flask of the equipment bigger to occupy more volume for the solution or concentrate.

While a bigger bottle out of your hose end sprayer may be ideal for spraying on large areas, it may be impractical to use it on smaller areas and can be a bit daunting to carry because of its size and weight.

4. Mix Ratio

Usually, hose end sprayers are set at 8-16 in its dilution settings. Many newer models however are equipped with even more settings for better mixing ratio. The mix ratio is defined by the amount that is pulled by the syphon from the liquid concentrate to the volume of water from the hose.

Having fewer amounts of either liquid can greatly impact the effectivity of the sprayed solution so it is important that you have the right mix ratio out of your hose end sprayer.

5. Durability

Of course you’ll also want your hose end sprayer to last a long time. Check to see if it is made from durable materials and is constructed to withstand corrosive solutions and concentrates. While most of the bottles or flasks are made out of plastic or polyethylene, you need to make sure it is thick enough to withstand pressure.

Our Final Thoughts

Buying a hose end sprayer should not be done out of whim and should be considered carefully. Having to choose any of these sprayers mentioned in this list ensures that you are getting the best out of the best.

As a personal recommendation, we would recommend the Ortho 0836560 Hose-End Sprayer for the simple reason that it is cheap, can be used for other applications such as washing the car and regular yard maintenance and is backed up by 10 years of product warranty.

Did you find the ideal hose end sprayer that you are looking for in this article? If you have better suggestions, comments or questions about our list of top 5 hose end sprayers in the market, do send us a message through our comment box bellow. We’d love to hear your thoughts about it.

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Sandra Dalton says Jul. 2018

When using a powder form, I assume one would wet it first. I have a hand-held Chapin hose-end sprayer and want to spray with Azasol (powder form). I assume I must add water first to the Azasol perhaps to the consistency of a thick fish emulsion, and then set the dial for teaspoons or tablespoons of this thickish substance to mix with each gallon of water from the hose attachment. Would that work?

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