How To Find The Best Kukri Knife That Is Right For Your Needs And Budget

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The kukri (khukhuri) is one of the most popular knives created by man. Seeing as it is used as a weapon in battlefields, many people before are not aware of its effectiveness in hunting, farming and even gardening!

In order to help you figure out which kukri knife is right for your needs and budget, we’ve came up with the top choices of kukri knives in the market today. Also, we’ve added some essential information which you should know about the kukri knife.


Product Name




The Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri

97 /


Schrade SCHKM1 Large Full Tang Kukri

95 /


The 1064206 Ontario Knife Co OKC Kukri

92 /


The 4000352 Cold Steel Kukri

86 /


SOG SOGfari Kukri

81 /

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Why Do You Need A Kukri Machete Or Knife?


While there may be many kinds of knives available in the market today and almost each knife can be used to do any cutting task, it is important that you understand there are specific benefits of using a kukri instead of a conventional knife.

The first reason why you need to have a kukri and not just any ordinary knife is because it is sturdy and durable as well as can be used in all kind of cutting jobs. Since these knives were originally used in battles, it is designed to withstand force, impact and weight.

With the modern improvements in technology, the modern kukri is made more durable. And since it is sturdy, it is made to last longer than the ordinary knife and also saves you money from making repeated purchases every time a knife breaks or is no longer usable.


Seeing kukri is more like a machete than a knife, it is designed to be a lot thicker for more strength and durability. This makes the knife less prone to breakage as well as dulling. Also, with the added thickness comes the added weight which adds to the force exerted when cutting thus making the task easier.

In addition to its effectiveness in cutting, chopping and slicing, it actually has a unique design compared to knives and regular machetes. Its fullers with the inward curve on its blade give the feeling of a scythe which makes it different from the average machete.

Also, the kukri is known to be used in religious practices in the mountains of Nepal which makes it a mysteriously delicate knife. With the length and size of the kukri, many martial artists as well as enthusiasts alike prefer this knife as a self-defense weapon.

How To Choose The Right Kukri?

Now that you’ve had an idea of the importance of the kukri as well as its users, you’re ready to have your own! But wait! How do you choose the best kukri for you? Well, to answer this you just need to figure out where it is going to be used for.

1. Cutting

kukri knife

Probably the most popular use of any knife or machete is the task of cutting or chopping. A good kukri suggestion for the regular cutting or chopping job is the kukri that’s made of high-carbon spring steel – this variety of kukri is durable as well as cost effective.

For those hard and heavy cutting in the garden or in the farm, it is advised to use those having no fullers. Also, the lesser the fullers, the less force or stamina you’ll have to exert to use the knife.

Lastly, if you need a kukri to chop wood or to clear a wide area in a garden you’ll need one that has a good length in order to distribute the weight for greater force and to clear at greater radius.

2. Self-Defense Or Combat

self defense

Many prefer the kukri as a weapon of choice for many reasons. One is because it is small and easy to conceal, another is its unique design that goes along with various types of martial arts, its balanced weight that is perfect for striking and slashing and many others.

So if you’re looking for a kukri to use as a self-defense weapon you can opt for one which is durable such as those made from high carbon spring steel. The number of fullers can also be a good consideration for this purpose as having more fullers makes the knife lighter which complements many forms of martial arts.

Quick and swift strikes usually require the light and small types of kukri knives whereas distant and heavy strikes or blows would be best for long blade kukris.

3. Art

a kukri knife

Just like any knives, machetes or swords which are used for aesthetic purposes, the kukri is also good for display. If you’re looking for a kukri for aesthetic purposes you can opt for those having various accessories which make the knife look more symbolic and at the same time sleek.

Accessories you can have with your kukri are the handle rings, cho and aunlo bal. Materials and number of fullers that come with the blade will depend on your preference.

Top Kukri Knives Today

While it is a difficult decision to know which kukri is best for you, we’ve came up with the best choices in the market today for you to have an extra leverage on your purchase decisions.

1. The Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri

If you are looking to brush your garden or simply want something for a heavy yard work then the Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri might just be the right choice for you. It has excellent quality material as well as ergonomic design.

The Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri is the modern kukri designed with carbon steel blade which offers a huge deal of advantages. Not only is this blade durable and tough enough to take pressures but is also lightweight at 1.7 pounds only for ease of carrying. With a carbon steel blade, the kukri blade will also have lesser chances of chipping or any kind of damage.

In addition, the Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri handle is designed with an ergonomic handle made from thermoplastic which perfectly fits the hand for that easy and firm grip. With this kind of handle, using the Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri is effortless and you won’t have to deal with calluses after a hard day of work with this kukri.


  • Very lightweight for easy carrying and easy swing
  • Carbon steel blade structure making it less prone to damage and chipping
  • Perfect grip handle material


  • Cleaning the black finish can be quite a job
  • Handle can be slippery when using with wet hands

2. Schrade SCHKM1 Large Full Tang Kukri Machete Fixed Blade Safe-T-Grip Handle

The Schrade SCHKM1 Large Full Tang Kukri Machete is a choice that is perfect for outdoor lovers and enthusiasts. It has a lengthy blade which reaches about 20 inches that’s perfect for chopping and brushing large areas in one swing which can also serve as butchering knife for hunters and the like.

It has a sturdy 3Cr13 stainless steel blade which easily neutralizes impact and pressure. With this material, the machete is also easy to sharpen and can dig deep from every blow.

The Schrade Kukri Machete blade also comes coated with black powder that disables the rust problem right off the bat. Having a Safe-T-Grip handle makes this machete easy to handle as well as reduces the risks of calluses and palm swelling from doing heavy work.

The handle is designed to go wider towards its butt, giving it lesser chances of dropping and better hand placement.


  • Excellent and very comfortable grip handle
  • Stainless material makes it easy to sharpen
  • Awesome add-ons with removal storage pouch


  • While the stainless steel material can be best for other uses it can’t last when exposed to rains for very long with less maintenance
  • Due to its bigger size and heavier weight, it has lesser fine-control like smaller knives

3. The 1064206 Ontario Knife Co OKC Kukri

The 1064206 Ontario Knife Co OKC Kukri is a popular kukri hybrid which can be compared to the conventional Marine Combat Knife. The blade is made more durable by using 1095 carbon steel, making it a lot more durable and robust.

With the 1064206 Ontario Knife Co OKC Kukri, cutting and chopping for farming and gardening will be a breeze and will leave less worries of chipping or damage from continued use since the knife is made out of reliable material.

The 1064206 Ontario Knife Co OKC Kukri is specially designed to have a tip that is heavier than the weight from the middle of the blade down to its handle. The heavier tip makes it perfect for chopping jobs as well as digging for gardening purposes. With a 17 inch length and heavy tip, it is perfect in making one strike chops and cuts.


  • This kukri is a lot more affordable than its competitors
  • The black coating on its blade won’t wear off that easily and is extremely durable with excellent grip for better knife handling and control
  • It has a balanced weight and length for effortless chopping and cutting


  • The sheath and belt strap may not be as sturdy to complement the knife from regular use because the knife is a bit heavier than others

4. The 4000352 Cold Steel Kukri Plus Machete With Sheath

The 4000352 Cold Steel Kukri Plus Machete with Sheath is designed with blades out of 1055 carbon steel material. This kukri is optimized with tough spring temper having black coating for anti-rust function. It comes with a 5" Polypropylene Handle for that easy and comfortable grip every time you use the knife.

This Cold Steel Kukri is also designed with Cor-Ex sheath for that easy carrying and convenience of use. It has an ergonomic grip for perfect handling for fine cutting like cutting grass, skinning coat and even limes.


  • Impressive chopping power
  • Sheath works well with the knife’s weight and size


  • With regular use, the handle has tendency to loosen up and you might want to upgrade the handle material for longer use

5. SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete MC11-N

The SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete MC11-N is the most recent addition of machetes in the SOG series. This particular product has been given careful attention to and was designed with its weight as well as its grip in mind. Unlike most kukri knives, it has a working saw on its back which works perfectly like the real thing.

With a length of 12 inches and a 3Cr13 black Kukri blade, it cuts deeper than most kukri blades could. The ergonomic rubber handle also has a bit of extension designed for scraping and pounding – it even has holes for mounting purposes.


  • Multi-purpose tool from cutting, chopping and sawing
  • Lightweight feature makes it easy to carry and swing
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handle


  • The thin spine of the knife makes the blade fragile, thus it is not recommended for heavy duty applications



So which of these mentioned kukri knife options is best for your requirements? Personally, I would recommend a kukri knife that is light and thick enough for easy cutting applications.

But then again, if you’re experienced and have a bit of good knowledge about these kinds of knives then the Kabar kukri knife would probably be a good choice. It has a sharp blade with light weight which is very handy and right on the budget.

Of course not all requirements will be the same as for the Kabar. It is still important to know which one works for you depending on the specific tasks you’ll use it for.

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