How To Find The Best Lawn Tractor Battery In The Market

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Finding the best lawn tractor battery that suits your requirements may not be as easy as it sounds and could be quite complicated. There will be a number of considerations to bear in mind to make sure you are making the most out of your money.

Also, you will find there are a ton of selections available in the market and it would be difficult to choose from them if you don’t have prior knowledge on what to look for in your ideal tractor battery.

To help you narrow down your choices as well as to get you familiar with what you should be looking for in your ideal tractor battery, we’ve come up with all the details you’ll need in this article.


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What You Should Know About Your Lawn Tractor Battery

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A lawn tractor or riding mower is probably the best thing that you can ever have for your lawn. It can perform many garden tasks very efficiently, quickly and with ease as compared to a typical lawn mower. However, without enough power from the battery, this piece of equipment will not function as it should and the experience of cutting your grass could become a mess.

In order for you to make the most out of your battery, you should first be familiar with it.

The first thing to know about your lawn tractor battery is that it makes use of lead acid. This simply means that your battery undergoes a certain charge cycle which you should always keep in check.

If not charged for a long time, the lead acid can become crystalized and can lose its charging ability. A good way to deal with this problem especially over the winter when the tractor is not always used is through a maintenance charger.

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The next important thing to know about your battery is that it can get corroded terminals if not maintained properly and regularly. Always keep the terminals clean and clear of dust, and others that may make it cease to function.

Some batteries make use of battery water. If yours do, you may want to maintain its levels to make sure it functions well during operation. Also, always check connections and cables to ensure safety for the whole equipment and for your safety as well.

Lastly, there batteries come in many sizes. The last thing you want is to overpower your battery as it can cause overloading to your equipment. Each battery has their specific type and size and it is important to follow its restrictions for safety.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Lawn Tractor Battery

When looking to purchase a lawn tractor battery, the last thing you want is to have one that doesn’t work when you need your tractor the most. Luckily, tractor batteries are readily available in the market because of its increasing demand.

Getting the best one that suits your needs however can be quite difficult since there are a lot to choose from and you may want to consider a few important things before buying it. These considerations are as follows:

1. Lawn Tractor Battery Sizes and Voltage

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One thing that you may want to check from your potential battery is its voltage rating. The voltage rating tells you how much current the battery can deliver. Generally, lawn tractors require a 12V battery which is almost the same with most bigger-sized vehicles.

Today, there are bigger sized tractors that require as much as 36-40 volts from their batteries. So before you cash in on that battery, make sure that it suits your lawn tractor’s volt requirements.

2. Terminal Position And Size

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Batteries also come in many sizes as well as in a range of group numbers that are given by the Battery Council International. The general types of batteries are categorized under U1 group of batteries. These batteries are usually 8.3” long and have 5.1” for its width with 7.25 for its height.

These batteries have either a right or left side positive terminals depending on the tractor requirements.

Always bear in mind the right positioning of the terminals before connecting your cables to avoid damaging the parts of your vehicle as well as the battery itself.

3. Construction of Batteries

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Batteries can either be made from metal plates or plates that are made of lead submerged within sulfuric acid. Batteries with lead plates usually are not recommended because they lose their charge quickly when not in use and corrode easily.

Modern batteries however contain calcium within their plates to reduce the problems mentioned above and it also makes them less prone to damages. Since these are far better batteries, they are also quite expensive.

4. Cold Cranking Amp Rating

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Batteries produce ‘cold cranking amps’, and they are rated through it. The cold cranking amps or CCA rating is determined by measuring the current that is delivered in half a minute at 0 degree Fahrenheit of temperature.

The higher the CCA value, the more power the battery has and this shows how reliable the battery can be under low temperatures.

5. Lawn Tractor Battery Maintenance Tips


The battery gives life to your lawn tractor. And it is important to always maintain your battery prior to effective landscaping and gardening. Listed here are a few tips that you should bear in mind for battery maintenance and upkeep.

6. Battery Charger and Charging Tips

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All batteries require a constant charge cycle or else they will crystallize and may lose their charging ability. A good way to make sure your battery is always charged is by using a maintenance charger.

7. Clean Your Battery

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As mentioned earlier, you don’t want to have your battery dealing with heavy corrosion as it may cease to function and may not even be used ever again. One effective way to always clean your battery and its terminals is by using a steel or thick brush to clear it with dirt or grease.

8. Keep The Water Level In Check

You should always make sure your battery has good levels of distilled water within. Batteries come with removable caps where you can check water levels inside.

9. Proper Size

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If it doesn’t fit, then it doesn’t match the battery or equipment requirements. Don’t force it in as it may cause problems later on.

10. Tighten Connections


Faulty batteries are sometimes caused by loose connections on the terminals. Always make sure they are tight and if possible try replacing the fasteners if they are no longer functioning well.

Top 5 Lawn Tractor Batteries Today

Now that you know everything about batteries and what to look for when trying to purchase one, let’s look at your list of possible options in the market today. To help you with that, we’ve researched through the Internet for the top choices based on customer reviews, features, functionality and affordability.

This simply means that the batteries provided on this list is the best that have been tried and tested to deliver everything that you need from a lawn tractor battery.

1. ExpertPower EXP12200

These lead acid batteries from ExpertPower are manufactured with the high-quality materials that are available for batteries. If you’re looking for a robust and durable solution to your battery needs then this is the road to take.

This line of rechargeable batteries is a popular choice in the market not only for tractors but is also commonly used for UPS, lighting equipment, home alarm systems, general electronics, medical devices, solar collectors, wheelchairs and many others applications.

It has been in the market for quite a while because it is proven to last for a long time and has long life which lessens the need for constant maintenance.


  • Most trusted brand of battery for many applications
  • Sealed acid for no leaks
  • Maintenance free
  • Can handle a wide range of temperatures
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and can last a long time of constant use


  • Needs constant charging
  • Not enough power even after charging

2. ExpertPower EXP1250

Another lawn tractor battery that you can consider is the ExpertPower EXP1250 if you want a lawn tractor that is convenient for various applications and is easy to maintain.

While this battery is designed for any kind of temporary power needs, it works perfectly for lawn tractors with its stable supply of 12V power. It is also designed to be more compact than most batteries in order to fit all the tight spaces under the hood.

Also, this product can be used for other applications such as providing power for other power tools, for portable speakers, appliances and others.

It is made from durable external casing that is hardened ABS plastic which ensures formidability against leaks and spills. In addition, this product makes use of Absorbent Glass Mat System which enables the unit to deliver high currents when needed.

Another thing that customers love about this product is that it has a long shelf life and it is actually much easier to maintain. It has a high discharge rate for those high current requirements.


  • Compatible with various power applications
  • User friendly
  • Affordable
  • Durable external casing
  • Totally sealed


  • Expensive
  • Short life

3. UPG UBCD5745 Lead Acid Battery

This lead acid battery by UPG is a common preference by many because of its diverse applications. This battery has been proven and tested to work perfectly with snowmobiles, watercraft equipment, motorcycles, ATV’s and of course lawn tractors.

If you are tight on the budget and looking for something that is cheap but still delivers the same power as those pricier battery brands then this product should be one of your top choices.

It has a total dimension of 7.13” for its length, 3.01” for its width and 6.57” for its height. It makes use of the AGM technology which is an effective system used for powering lighting and other electronic equipment.

It weighs 12 lbs and is sealed tightly to avoid spills and leaks.


  • A favorite battery used in UPS systems and lighting equipment
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Swells upon overheating
  • Not a recommended choice for electric scooters
  • Maybe too small for solar panels

4. 12V 35AH SLA John Deere Battery

This battery from Mighty Max is an excellent choice if you’re looking for heavy-duty as well as the more modern alternative to your lawn tractor battery requirements. It produces 12 volts of power and makes use of calcium-alloy grid from its components which make it a much durable choice than its competitions.

The ML35-12 makes use of AGM technology (Absorbent Glass mat) along with a valve structured design which can be utilized indoor or in closed environments without dealing with the problems of leakage and excessive maintenance.

This particular choice of battery comes with an affordable price and is easy to find in the market because of its demand.


  • Comes with sealed led acid which doesn’t require maintenance
  • Easy to install and fits most models of lawn tractors
  • Spill proof with long life
  • Rechargeable at any position
  • With 1 year warranty


  • Doesn’t fit older versions of lawn tractors
  • Doesn’t charge after a year of not using

5. Husqvarna YTH2448

Another option you could consider for your lawn tractor battery is this battery from Husqvarna. This brand name has been a popular choice when it comes to garden equipment and tools because of their durability and reliability - and it is just befitting that we include their battery on this list as well.

This product has total dimensions of 7.68” for its length, 5.12” for its width and 6.46” for its height. These are standard dimensions of a battery which makes this choice an ideal option if you’re not sure about your battery’s dimensions. It has a total weight of 26.00 lbs which is a bit heavier than the rest of the options.

It also features an AGM design which ensures that the unit is leak and spill proof.


  • Fits everything with its standard dimensions
  • Durable and can last a long time of use
  • With 60-days money-back guarantee
  • AGM design for leak and spill proofing
  • With 3 terminals


  • A bit pricier than other brands
  • Heavy

Final Thoughts on How to Find the Best Lawn Tractor Battery

As a personal recommendation, we would go with the ExpertPower EXP12200 lawn tractor battery. This is for the reason that it has an established name when it comes to durable and efficient batteries as well as features.

Also, not only can it be used to power your lawn tractor but can also match your other equipment’s power needs. Lastly, it is so popular which makes it easy to find in the market.

What do you think of our list of top lawn tractor batteries today? Do you have other suggest which were not included in this list? If you do, we would love to hear it. Please leave a message in our comment box below for your suggestions.

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