Essential Tips On Buying The Best Mulching Blade For Your Lawn

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Do you want to ensure that your garden grass look well-maintained and neat? One of the best options to do is through a good mulching blade for your mower. It delivers even and accurate cuts that can lead to better aesthetics for your garden or lawn.

Buying one however, can be quite a challenge because of the huge list of choices to choose from and the many types that it comes available with. To help you narrow down your choices and find the right mulching blade for your needs, we’ve done all the research for you.

In this article, we’ll give you the best mulching blade options you can choose from. Also, we’ll give some tips and considerations to make when purchasing a mulching blade for your mower.


Product Name




Rotary 12963

97 /


Stens 340-066

92 /


MTD 942-0741A

87 /


Longer Life 595-605

83 /


USA Mower Blades Mulching Blades

80 /

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What You Need To Know About Mulching Blades

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A mulching blade is an ideal tool to have with your mower because it can offer many uses and can handle different applications or tasks. These types of blades along with curved blades provide additional cutting options to your lawn for more accurate and efficient lawn work.

A good combination of mulching blade and lawn mower provides even and more desirable cuts on grass. Modern mowers that use mulching blades are designed with a pair of perpendicular blades that rotate at the same time for better and more efficient cutting performance.

With a good length of mulching blade, not only can you make accurate cuts but can also do the job quickly as it covers a large area of grass.

Proper Use

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To be able to make accurate and efficient cuts using the mower with mulching blades, it is better to start from the top corner of the lawn them move downwards to another corner. As soon as you reach the other corner, move towards cutting another one as moving in a circular motion.

Doing so, will help you sort out the cuttings more efficiently as they are being expelled or thrown on one side of the mower depending on your mower’s specifications. Proceed with the circular mowing motion until the center of the lawn is finished.

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Mulching blades are designed for specific heights of grass. Before you set up your mulching blade on your mower, be sure that you’re dealing with the right height of grass.

For example, a mulching grass designed for 3 inch cuts on the grass can cut grasses that grow more than that – say 4 or 5 inches. Anything less would make the mulching blade inefficient.

Considerations To Make When Purchasing A Mulching Blade

Before you jump into purchasing any mulching blade for your mower, you may want to take a look at these considerations first. These considerations will help you pick the right mulching blade for your needs and one that can match your mowers blade requirements.

Also with these considerations, you’ll be able to have a better picture of your ideal mulching blade and as well as a better insight of other alternatives.

1. Teeth


Currently, there are two types of mulching blade teeth that you can consider – one is the standard mulching blade and the other is the gator mulching blade.

There is not much difference among these two types aside from the shape and the angle of curvature on their cutting edge. While the standard mulching blade features the regular teeth which are the same as the saw, the gator blades come with angled teeth for deeper and tougher cuts on grass.

Generally, a standard mulching blade is ideal if you’re dealing with thin types of grass while the gator blade would be recommended if you’re looking to make tough cuts on grass, weeds or small bushes.

2. Shape

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Another important factor to consider when buying a mulching blade is its shape. Lawn mowers require specific shapes of mulching blades for better efficiency cutting grass. Check the labels of your mower for more information about the mulching blade shape that is best for you.

If you’re unaware of which shape suits your mower, simply present your mower’s model number to your blade dealer – they’ll look up the matching blade for you.

3. Durability

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Of course if you’re looking for something to use in your garden, you’ll want it to be durable and can last for a long time.

Mulching blades are manufactured in a variety of materials. It is up to you to decide which one works for your garden. As you make a decision, you should consider those that are resistant to corrosion or rusting. Preferably, you should go with blades that have iron casting as well as powder coating for extra layer for durability.

4. Angle Of Curvature

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You may also want to check the angle of curvature for the cutting edge of your mulching blade. Although this factor does not contribute much to the efficiency of the cuts, it provides a great help in ensuring a neat and uniform finishing of the cuts.

This is a factor that is commonly considered by professional landscapers and those who are looking to make specific and sophisticated cuts on grasses.

Top 5 Mulching Blades Today

Mulching blades are an effective tool to use along with your mower. Getting one however can be a challenge because of the wide range of mulching blades to choose from in the market.

So, to help narrow down your choices from hundred to only a few, we’ll give you our top 5 choices of mulching blades. These choices are carefully handpicked based on the criteria of durability, affordability, design, features and efficiency.

1. Rotary 12963

If you’re looking for a mulching blade that fits almost all kinds of mowers, the Rotary 12963 could be your best option. Among those mower models that is compatible with this mulching blade include Z6600 17ARCACK099, 1500 Tractors, Troy Bilt 17ARCACK011, Z6600 17AF2ACK099 and the MTD RZT Series.

The Rotary 12963 is a copperhead mulching blade which comes in 18-1/2 inches of lengths and has a width of 3 inches with width of 0.204 inches.

A good thing about this product is that although it already comes at an affordable price, it even comes with three mulching blades for a single package.

If you want clean and efficient cuts without noises, this could be your option. The only probable downside of this mulching blade is that it can scatter grass cuttings all around.


  • Durable and proven to last longer than its competitors
  • Clean cuts with reduced noise operation
  • Compatible with a huge variety of mowers


  • Requires thorough maintenance
  • Messy cuts

2. Stens 340-066

If you want clean and neat cuts while mowing your lawn then you can opt for the Stens Mulching Blades. This is also a common favorite because of its ability to supply a wide variety of lawn mower models.

Some of the mowers that can be paired with Stens Mulching Blades include Husqvarna 777134149 and 532134149, AYP 134149, 531005085, 424752, 24676, 422719, 531307223, 532422719, 539110460, 532424752, Poulan 532134149 and Craftsman 134149.

This product has a total dimension of 6 inches for its length, 2 inches for the width and 0.5 inches for its thickness. This blade set is designed to last with its powder coating which also makes it corrosion and rustproof.

This set of 2 blades is easy to maintain and can be readily purchased over any garden equipment store. If you want a blade that is guaranteed to last, you may want to look at this mulching blade


  • Powder coating for rust and corrosion proofing
  • Neat and clean cuts
  • Compatible with a huge variety of mowers
  • Less maintenance required


  • Works very loud
  • Not durable against rocks or hard materials along the way while mowing

3. MTD 942-0741A

Another option that you can look at when purchasing mulching blades is the MTD Mulching Blade. This product has a total length of 21 inches which makes it an ideal choice when looking to make fast and efficient cuts as it covers a wide area at a time while mowing.

What people love about this product is that unlike others, it offers a 90-day warranty and owners can have it replaced in case defects or malfunctions occur during the specified days of coverage.

Just like the previously mentioned mulching blades, this product is also painted as well as powder-coated to deliver an extra layer of durability. Also, this serves as a corrosion and rust proofing for the blade.

It also comes with an easy install feature and is made from high-grade quality metal for extended life. The only downside with using this product is that it can be loud.


  • Easy install feature
  • Less maintenance
  • Durable construction
  • Resistant to corrosion and rusting
  • Sharp enough to cut twigs, branches, weeds and thicker types of grass


  • No noise-reduction feature
  • Dulls easily after continued use and lack of maintenance

4. Longer Life 595-605

The 3 Gator 595-605 G5 Longer Life blades is an economical choice of mulching blade because it comes with a set of 3 mulching blades in a single purchase. It is recommended to suit Husqvarna mower models which include: 532187256 (54" Decks), 532187255, 532187254, 187255,187256 and 187254.

These Gator mulching blades feature a unique design which modernized how blades mulch grasses. The blades are designed with a set of special teeth that promotes air flow to direct the clippings toward its cutting edge for efficient and quick cuts.

The longer the clippings are in front of its cutting edge, the finer and more accurate the cuts will be. Once the finer cuts are made, it will be easier to sort out the debris and will no longer require raking to cuttings thus also providing lesser bagging. Also, the smaller and finer cuts translate to quicker decomposition.

This mulching blade is recommended for those who are looking to recycle grass clippings and use it as nutrition for their lawn.


  • Thicker and more durable than other mulching blades
  • Reduced noise on operation
  • Compatible with many Husqvarna mowers
  • Easy to install


5. USA Mower Blades Mulching Blades

The USA Mower Blades is a popular choice of mulching blade because these blades are manufactured using local steel as well as powder coatings, paint for efficient and durable solution to your mulching blade requirements.

These blades are the best option for you if you are using Craftsman models of lawn mowers. Among those Craftsman models that these blades are proven to work best is the Craftsman OEM 134149.

This choice of mulching blades leaves you with a blade having 21 inches for its length, 2.25 inches for its width and 0.140 inches for its thickness. It also comes with a 5-point center hole where you can conveniently attach it to the mower.

Although made from soft metal, these blades are also designed with thick powder coating to make it dependable against rusting and corrosion.

The only downside with using these blades is that since they are made from soft metal, they can easily dull or be damaged thus frequent replacing may be required.


  • Good quality and durable
  • Mows over hard obstacles
  • Less maintenance
  • Affordable


  • Always needs sharpening
  • Soft metal
  • Blunts easily thus compromising precision

Our Final Thoughts

Now that you have a better understanding of how your mulching blade should be like and a glimpse of your possible choices in the market, it is now time to pick one which best suits your needs (since picking all will be inefficient and impractical).

As a personal recommendation, we would go with the Rotary 12963 PK3 Mulching Blades. This mulching blade has almost everything that you should look for in a mulching blade which includes high quality construction material, dimensions, affordability and the number of lawn mowers that is compatible with it.

So what do you think of our top 5 mulching blades? Got more to add or any questions? Please do tell us. We’d love to hear your thoughts about it on our comment box below.

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