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Essential Predator Generator Reviews To Help You Find Your Ideal Generator

Predator generator

When it comes to generators, one name seems to be making quite the attention in the market not only because of its unique name but also for its long line of reliable products. Predator generators are a common favorite today because of its proven track record of power and long lasting performance.

While a Predator generator is definitely the perfect option to have in case of power outages or shortages, it is quite difficult to find one that suits your specific needs because there essentially a lot to choose from.

To help you find that ideal generator from Predator, we’ll share with you a few Predator generator reviews and some of the considerations to make prior to purchasing one. Also, we’ll provide you with our top 4 list of Predator generators to narrow down your list to only the best.


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**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Things To Consider When Buying A Predator Generator

With the increasing demand of electricity in every home, it is always best to have a reliable backup power in situations of power outages or shortages. With this, a Predator generator would be your optimum choice. But how can you find one that suits your needs?

To help you with that, we’ll share with you some of the considerations. They are as follows.

1. Your Specific Power Needs And The Predator Generator’s Capacity

a generator

Before you cash in on that generator, make sure that it can provide you with enough power for your specific power capacity needs. Each Predator generator will be able to provide a specific amount of power and it is important to note them.

Say you are looking to provide power for the whole house during power outages. In this case, you will need a generator that can produce enough power or HP to supply electricity for the number of appliances and devices that are being used in the house.

Of course, while you opt for the generator with substantial power capacity, you’ll also need to prepare for a heftier price.

2. Safety Features

1 generator

Operating a high-performing and durable generator will not be enough if there are dangers and hazards of using it. Generators are complicated machines which could lead to injuries, accidents and even fatalities if handled by incapable hands.

Choose a Predator generator with safety features. Among these features you can look for in your generator include circuit breakers, wheels, brakes, confined casings, a stable base and many others. It should be able to stop oil spills and shut down on its own in case something goes wrong.

3. Price

a small red generator

Of course, when you buy something, you should always check its price. To find the ideal Predator generator that is right for you, it is important to consider your budget. Spend only for those features that you really need.

A good place to check for prices is through the Internet. Compare prices and have a list of possible options that matches your specified budget.

4. Performance Ratio

The performance ratio of the generator should also be kept in mind prior to purchasing your ideal Predator generator. Almost all features will be nothing if you are not getting enough performance out of your generator.

Make sure that your generator is fuel efficient and does not just burn fuel. To get the best-performing generator, find one that has a good engine. There are a lot of generator engines today that provide optimum fuel efficiency at an affordable price.

5. Fuel Type

a generator on the street

Currently, you can choose between 3 fuel types for generators today. These fuel types include natural gas, propane and diesel. Each of these fuel types has their own benefits and disadvantages.

Among the common pros and cons of the specific fuel, types include more efficient fuel consumption but the more costly price for gasoline-fueled generators, cheaper price for diesel or propane but can be difficult to obtain.

When choosing the ideal fuel type for your generator, make sure that the fuel is easy to obtain in your local area and that it matches your engine requirements. Of course, each fuel type also varies in price – choose one that you can comfortably afford.

6. Noise Reduction

a black and red generator

One thing that people dislike about using generators is that it produces a loud noise which is not very comfortable to the ears. Fortunately, modern generators are designed with noise reduction features for more convenient operation.

To check the noise levels of your generator, simply look for the decibel levels on its label. A good decibel level for a generator would range from 50-75 with 0 as absolutely no noise.

7. Maintenance And Services

generator control panel

The generator is made up of parts, components and an engine which will require regular upkeep and maintenance. If you’re not that well-versed about fixing issues of your generator then you will have difficulty in getting the machine back in shape. With this, it is important that you find a generator that is easy to maintain.

If you’re not familiar with the maintenance process of your specific generator, ask your dealer for a demonstration prior to purchasing the product.

In addition, if you’re not able to fix the generator on your own, make sure that there is a local service provider available for the specific generator you are buying. It pays to invest in warranties and service fees to ensure that you can lengthen the life of your generator.

Top 4 Predator Generators Today

Now that you have a better idea of your ideal Predator generator, let’s have a look at your top choices in the market today. These choices are carefully handpicked according to specific criteria such as performance, durability, affordability and added features.

1. Predator 13500 Peak


Lastly, if you’re looking to provide unlimited power for your business or for a building, you can go with the Predator 13500 Peak. This is a must have generator for those with substantial power requirements.

It features a 22 HP OHV engine with is air-cooled for that impressive performance without having to deal with overheating. It has a total running time of 7.5 hours over 50% load capacity. This product is also fully enclosed with a high impact casing which ensures the lengthy life of your generator.

This product comes with an electric start-lifting hook kit for easier movement and transportation. Its 670 cc gas engine generates 11,000 running watts with 13,500 at its peak. It is CARB compliant and with EPA certification.

Compared to other generators, this powerful generator works quietly with only 78 dB on operation. It weighs 375 lbs and made from high quality materials for that lengthy life of constant use. Also, it provides a wide selection of outlets for various charging requirements.

While it is proven to provide optimum power to electronic devices with heavy duty requirements, it is also good to use for the more sensitive gadgets and electronics such as computers, cell phones and laptops.


  • With low oil shutdown
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Wheel kit
  • Lifting hook
  • With a wide variety of outlets


  • Expensive
  • Bulky
  • Heavy

2. Predator 4000 Peak


If you’re looking for the much lighter breed of Predator generator, you can rely on the Predator 4000 Peak to give you just that.

This generator is designed with durable components and only has a total weight of 99 lbs. It generates more than enough power to supply power to a whole house with its 212 cc or 6.5 HP single piston engine which is well built to deliver optimum performance out of a generator.

Compared to other generators, this is a common favorite because it works quietly with only 72-74 dB over 10m depending on the load. If you’re looking to have 3 KW of load continuously then this series of Predator generator could be your best choice yet.

It is designed with 4 110V outlets along with a 240V outlet and a 12V DC outlet for battery charging. It provides continuous power for home appliances and devices but can also provide safe power charging for the more delicate and sensitive devices such as phones, laptops or computers.


  • With power 212 cc engine
  • Air cooled engine
  • Excellent for heavy-duty applications
  • 10 hours running time over 50% load
  • With a wide variety of outlets
  • Low oil indicator


  • Loud noise performance
  • Expensive

3. Predator 2000 Peak


One Predator that is worth mentioning in this list is the Predator 2000 Peak with 1600 Running Watts. It makes use of a built-in inverter system which generators clean but at the same time a good amount of power for the more sensitive types of electrical devices and gadgets such as phones and computers.

It is also more lightweight compared with other conventional generators today making it easy to move around and fit into tight spaces. With its light and portable feature, it is an excellent generator to use during camping, boating, and other outdoor activities.

A good thing about this product is that it comes available with an optional RV ready parallel kit which delivers as much as 4,000 watts for those added power requirements. It comes with a 79.7 cc OHV engine that is air-cooled having 6.5 hours of its running time at 50% load capacity.

This product comes with an oil indicator for oil accurate oil monitoring and a fully-enclosed durable housing. Overloads will also be a thing of the past due to its electronic overload protection which ensures protection for the engine and for the users as well.


  • Features parallel power capability for more power
  • With durable 79.7 cc engine
  • Long running hours of 6.5 hours at 50% capacity
  • Fully enclosed
  • With overload protection


  • Requires frequent oil change
  • Manual is not readable
  • Doesn’t have enough coil capacity

4. Predator 8750 Peak


Another reliable Predator generator that you can consider when looking to power the entire house for long hours is the Predator 8750 Peak. It is powered by a durable 420 cc 13HP engine that is air-cooled and fueled by gasoline.

It is designed with an electric start system for that easy starts when using the generator and it comes with a recoil backup to ensure flawless and effortless starts. This generator runs for as much as 12 hours with 50% load capacity.

This product features a low oil indicator along with low oil shutdown for better oil management and maintenance. It is designed with a 1.25 inch steel roll cage to ensure that all generator components are protected and lasts long.

Also, it comes with a wide array of outlets including a 120V outlet, 20amp duplex outlets, three-prong 120V outlet, a 20amp twist lock outlet, a three-prong 240V outlet, 30amp twist lock outlet, a four-prong 120V outlet and a 20amp twist outlet.


  • Huge engine capacity
  • 420 cc OHV gas engine
  • Air cooled engine
  • Long running hours of 12 hours at 50% capacity
  • With a wide variety of outlets


  • Bulky
  • Heavy
  • Not recommended for charging sensitive devices

Our Final Thoughts

Predator generators are indeed one of the best when you’re looking for a robust and efficient generator for various power generation requirements. Whether you’re trying to supply power to your business, a whole house or just for a few devices and gadgets at home, this breed of generators is a sure choice.

So which among the list is the best?

As a personal recommendation, we would go with the last on the list – the Predator 13500 Peak for the reason that it packs the most power. Also, it comes with a robust engine that is sure to last for years.

While it burns up the most fuel among the choices in this list, it is CARB compliant and doesn’t waste an ounce of fuel on operation thus saving you more on your money from fuel refills.

What do you think of our top 4 Predator generator list? Got better suggestions, comments or questions? Do message us on our comment box below. We’ll definitely reply back ASAP.

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frank Burke says Mar. 2018

I just bough a predator 4000. When I started it up it ran great about 5 minutes in it made a high pitch alarm n=sound. the low oil light was not lite. I have looked on line and couldn’t find anything about any kind of audible alarms. Can you be of any help. Thank You Frank

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