How To Get Yourself The Best Propane Generator That Suits Your Needs


Propane gas generators are the breed of fuel-type generators that are commonly preferred by most users. It allows us to recharge and use electrical devices during power outages or in situations where power is simply inaccessible.

When it comes to reliability and efficiency, the propane gas powered generator seems to be on top of other types of generators. With this, it is important to have one at your disposal. Having to get one, however, is not an easy task for there are a lot of things to consider.

In this article, we’ll be giving you all the details you need to know prior to buying the right propane generator that suits your needs. Also, we’ll show you some of the best choices that are available in the market right now.


Product Name




Pulsar PG7500B Generator

97 /


DuroMax XP4400EH Generator

92 /


Champion Power Equipment 76533

90 /


Champion Power Equipment 100165

83 /


NorthStar Portable Generator

80 /

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What To Consider When Buying A Propane Generator

Before you buy that propane gas generator that you’ve seen in the hardware store, make sure it has all the features you need for your specific requirements. To find the ideal propane-powered generator that suits your needs, simply bear in mind these few considerations.

1. Capacity

the generator

Among those things that you need to consider when buying a propane-powered generator is its capacity. When considering the capacity of your generator, simply think of where you will use your generator.

You may use your generator to provide power for the whole house or to charge a few phones, etc. By having an idea of the applications for your generator, you will be able to come up with a good capacity requirement.

With this, you’ll be able to know if you need a big, small or a medium propane generator.

2. Noise Reduction Capability

a generator

One thing that you will also want out of your portable generator is the reduced noise during operation. Generators are known to operate with a loud noise which may not be very pleasing to the ear. Modern propane gas generators are equipped with noise-reduction features that take away the hurt on the ears.

To check out the noise reduction capability of your potential propane generator, check out the labels for the decibel levels. With absolutely no noise directly converting to 0 decibels, the common decibel level that is produced by noise-reduced generators are 40-60 decibels.

3. Fuel Efficiency

gasoline generator

Of course, when it comes to anything that has an engine and makes use of fuel, you would want something that is fuel-efficient. Among the traits of a fuel-efficient generator is that it should be able to run for long hours without consuming much fuel.

Also, it should be able to burn fuel without producing many emissions as this can cause harm to the environment. With regards to other fuels used for generators, the propane gas stands out to be the most efficient.

4. Customer Reviews

one generator

You should also check the reviews from previous customers whenever considering buying a propane gas generator. This is especially essential if it is your first time purchasing a propane-powered generator.

Check out those generators that have been used by more customers and carefully check their reviews. Track all the pros and cons of the product and make sure that you also keep an eye on suggestions as well as recommendations for better products to make sure that you are getting what you need and what’s worth your money.

5. Price

a generator

Lastly, just like when buying anything else in the market, you may also want to consider its price. When it comes to generators, there is only one rule of the thumb if the price is at stake – the bigger power produced from the generator, the pricier it will be.

To avoid being surprised when asking for the price of a propane generator, make sure that you prepare yourself for its corresponding price. If you are willing to spend more on your generator, you can go ahead and jump into looking at the generators with great power output.

6. Services And Maintenance


When buying just about any kind of generator, you will want to make sure that it is easy to maintain and that it has a service outlet nearby in case of repairs, failures and replacements.

The last thing you would want is to ship your generator back to the dealer for repairs and replacement then deal with all the shipment and other fees that come along with the process.

Top 5 Propane Gas Generators

Finally, you’ve made a decision on buying the ideal propane generator that you can purchase for your needs. Before you head out looking for that ideal generator, we want you to have a look at our top 5 list. Who knows, maybe the best propane gas generator that you are looking for is on this list.

1. Pulsar PG7500B Generator

If you are the type that wants a more modern look over your propane powered generator then you can also consider buying the Pulsar PG7500B Generator.

It comes with a durable engine and a modern as well as stylish look which most users today prefer to accentuate or match the aesthetics of the space provided for their generator. Adding to its looks, it is also a common favorite because of its low-maintenance engine and its reliability.

Its 13HP engine generates as much as 7500 watts for its starting watts and 6000 watts for its running watts when fueled with gasoline. If you want a more-flexible model for this series of Pulsar generators, you can choose from the models with bigger and lower starting watts.

Just like the previous options, you can also start this equipment with ease using its push-start button feature. It also comes with a convenient control panel that lets you access all other features that come along with the product.

The basic outlets include 4 120V outlets along with 2 twist lock outlets designed for 120V and 120V/240V applications.


  • Max output of 7,500 watts
  • Comes available with models for lower and higher starting watts
  • Air-cooled engine for lesser chances of overheating
  • With a number of outlets for specific power requirements
  • Push button start feature


  • Doesn’t have assembly instructions on the manual
  • Not very convenient for propane fuel
  • Heavier than other models

2. DuroMax XP4400EH Generator

Another propane generator that you can consider when looking for a bigger sized-generator that packs more power is the DuroMax XP4400EH Generator. Designed with a bigger size compared to other generators, it provides more power with a wide array of outlets for your specific applications.

Among those many outlets that can be found over this generator include a pair of 3-pronged 20 amp 12V outlets, 120V/240V 30A outlet, 120V 30A outlet, a mini outlet for batteries having 12V 10 amp and 1 heavy-duty 120V/240V with 50 amps.

It comes with a control panel that allows you to manage and access all other features of the product. Also, it comes with a noise-reduction feature that allows you to use the equipment without having to worry about loud noise that can be irritating to the ears.

With the huge power output of this product, it is recommended for heavy-duty applications and can also be used to power sensitive devices as well.


  • Max output of 4400 watts
  • Comes with many outlets designed for different connections
  • Can be used using propane or gas fuel
  • Auto shut off switch and volt meter for convenience


  • May not be sold on some states
  • Breaker is sensitive
  • Easily corroding wires around battery

3. Champion Power Equipment 76533

The first on this list when it comes to durable and fuel-efficient propane gas generator is the Champion Power Equipment 76533 propane generator. This generator works effectively over propane as well as gasoline in delivering efficient power to any household.

On gas, this generator delivers 4750 watts on start and 3800 for its running watts whereas on propane gas, it can generate 4275 starting watts and 3420 for its running watts. This product is also designed with a battery which helps you get the equipment working right away by simply referring to its push-button start feature.

With this much power that is generated from this equipment, you can use it on your RV and other heavy-duty applications during power outages or situations where power is needed.

It also works well in providing power for the more-sensitive types of equipment and devices such as cellphones, televisions, DVDs and others. In addition to its fuel efficiency, this product also operates with reduced noise having only 68 dBA which is much more silent than other modern propane gas generators in the market.


  • Can be used on either gas or propane fuel
  • With 4750 starting wats and 3800 running wats for 9 hours running time
  • With durable engine
  • Easy maintenance
  • With 3 years of warranty


  • Replacement parts are not easy to find
  • Heavy
  • Not recommended for heavy duty applications

4. Champion Power Equipment 100165

One more propane gas-powered generator that you can consider is the Champion Power Equipment 100165. Having pretty much all the features from its predecessors, this product is improved with more power outage and other features.

With its bigger power outage, it is designed with a bigger tank capacity to handle 6 gallons of gas or propane. For its starting watts, it can produce as much as 9,375 and 7,500 for its running watts.

With this much power that is generated you can likely power up a whole house that is filled with electronics such as appliances and other electrical equipment.

With the fuel tank full, it can run for as long as 8 hours for gas fuel and 5.5 hours when using propane gas. Just like other series from this brand, this product is also equipped with a wide array of outlets such as the pair of 120V duplex outlets, 120V receptacle (L5-30R) and a 12V/240V twist-lock style of outlet.

This product is also EPA as well as CARB compliant to deliver that efficient fuel burning process that is also safe to the environment.


  • Can run both on gas or propane
  • 6 gal tank capacity
  • Push-button start
  • With a number of outlets for different power requirements
  • 3 years warranty


  • A bit louder than other propane-gas powered generators
  • Customer support doesn’t respond right away

5. NorthStar Portable Generator

You can also choose the NorthStar Portable Generator if you want a generator that has high output. Although this product is very efficient with the use of propane, it can also be quite efficient and handy when using gas as its fuel.

It comes with a Honda engine which is a popular name for power generation and engines in any equipment. With its dependable engine, it is a popular choice among households and makes this equipment as well as its parts easy to find in the market.

Using gas to fuel this generator, you can have as much as 8,400 for your starting watts and 10,000 for your surge watts. On the other hand, if you use propane fuel on this generator you can have as much as 9,450 for your running watts and 10,000 for your surge watts.

Lastly, this generator is commonly preferred by most users because while it delivers power for heavy-duty applications, it can also deliver power to the more sensitive devices and equipment at home such as cellphones, monitors, computers and many others.


  • Runs perfectly on gas and propane
  • Match with propane lines at home
  • Impressive output
  • Durable and reliable engine
  • Good for heavy-duty applications and sensitive devices


  • Not very durable
  • Expensive

Our Final Thoughts

As for our final thoughts, a propane-powered generator is indeed a great help during power outages and situations when quick power is needed.

As a personal recommendation, we would go with the Pulsar PG7500B Generator since not only is it more durable than other models mentioned in this list, it also has a long running time (13 hours) which far exceeds other models out there.

If you have questions, suggestions, comments about our top 5 list of dual fuel generators, do message us. We’d love to hear your thoughts about it through a convenient comment box located below.

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