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Check Out These Pulsar Generator Reviews To Get The Most Out Of Your Generator

Pulsar generator

If you’re looking for a generator that is reliable, fuel efficient with all the advanced features that is needed in today’s power generation requirements then you could rely on Pulsar generators to bring you all that you need.

Pulsar generators are a popular name in the power generation industry because they are equipped with up-to-date designs and features on each of their products. Also compared to other generators, this series of generators are more flexible to any requirements and are also much cheaper.

When looking to buy a Pulsar generator, be sure to check out these few Pulsar generator reviews on the best line of generators today. Also, we will share with you some of the things to consider when buying the ideal generator that suits your requirements.


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Things To Consider When Buying A Pulsar Generator

Generators are a reliable equipment to keep your electrical devices running even power outages. While rooting for a Pulsar generator is an excellent choice, you need to make sure that it is equipped with all the necessary features that suit your requirements.

To help you find the ideal generator that is right for your needs, check out these considerations.

1. Pulsar Generator Type

a generator in winter

Before you head out to look for your ideal generator, it is best to have an idea of what generator type you’ll need. Currently, there are three types of generators that are available in the market - the standby generators, portable generators and the inverter type of generators.

First is the standby generator which is more of the fixed type of generator and is designed to sit still in one place. Seeing as this is stationary, it is a bit heavier than the rest of the other types however provide the most power which makes it ideal for heavy-duty power generation requirements.

Portable generators as its name suggests are the easy-to-move-around type of generators since it usually comes with a wheel kit, foldable handles for maneuvering and even carrying cases. This is an ideal choice of generator to use outdoors such as when camping.

The inverter generators make use of processors and circuits to regulate a smoother and cleaner output of electricity. Inverter generators provide consistent power with advanced features that makes it ideal to use for sensitive devices such as cellphones or laptops. Also, this is the quietest among the generator types.

2. Features

inverted generators

While choosing generators or any other things, you should only choose one with features that you really need, or else you’ll just be wasting your money over features that you won’t use.

Among those features that you can look for in your ideal generator would be the electric start which allows you to start the generator with just a push of a button but may require an external battery.

Also, make sure to check on the varieties of outlets that are present in the generator – the last thing you’d want is to have a series of outlets that doesn’t have the outlet requirement of your device (such as for 3-pronged outlets).

3. Wattage

a black generator

Of course when buying a generator, you should also check out its wattage output. You need to check if your generator can handle the power requirement of your electrical devices. Each generator provides information about its wattage yield.

Make sure that it can provide you with the power you need or else you’ll be dealing with overloading in case the power requirement is not met.

4. Size And Weight

a generator outside of a house

While size may influence the power that is generated out of a generator, it can also affect the weight making it harder to move. When buying a generator, consider the space where you’ll be placing your unit. Also, if you’re looking to move it around, be sure to have a lighter generator.

5. Maintenance And Upkeep

a inverted generator

Since the generator is made out of engine and other components, it will require maintenance and upkeep. Make sure that you understand how to clean or maintain your machine. You don’t want to seek help from a professional every time your engine breaks because doing so can be costly.

Many modern generators are equipped with self-maintaining features that lets the machine do maintenance by itself. Or, you can also opt for the generators that require minimum maintenance such as those that require one maintenance work for every year.

Top 5 Pulsar Generators

Finally, you have an idea of the perfect generator with the features that suits your needs. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve compiled the best Pulsar generators that would perfectly suit your needs.

1. Pulsar PG7500B


The Pulsar PG7500B is also a good choice of Pulsar generator if you simply want more power for your home devices and appliances.

This is the dual fuel type of generator which allows you to use LPG and natural gas as fuel. Also, it is designed with electric start system for easier and effortless starts when operating the generator. While the electric start system may be more convenient to use, it actually requires an external battery to function.

This is the reason why it is also equipped with back up starting system which is the traditional recoil starting system which features a pulling cord that requires tension to start the engine.

It comes with a 13HP air-cooled engine which provides 7500 watts for its surge watts and 6000 watts for its continuous watts. With this much output, it can be a suitable generator for home appliances, power tools and for RV power applications.

The Pulsar PG7500B can accommodate a number of electrical devices with its series of outlets including 4-120V outlets, a 120V/240V twist lock outlet and a 30Amp RV outlet.


  • With impressive output of 7500 surge watts and 6000 continuous watts
  • Powerful 13 HP engine
  • Air-cooled 4-cylcle engine
  • With a wide range of outlets
  • Dual start system
  • Dual fuel engine


  • Loud operation
  • Heavy
  • Not recommended for sensitive devices such as cellphones

2. Pulsar PG1202s


A good Pulsar generator that you can invest in is the Pulsar PG1202s with its durable dual cycle air-cooled engine which can run for as long as 8.5 hours at 50% load.

It features a recoil start system which allow you to get started right away without using batteries and external power which the electric start system does. It also has a series of standard outlets which include a 12V outlet which is designed mainly for charging batteries and a pair of 12V outlets.

Compared to other conventional generators, this is a favorite generator because it operates quietly with only 65 dB for its noise levels. Also, it provides 1200 watts for its peak watts and 900 watts for its continuous watts.

Since it is smaller and much lighter than other generators, it is a perfect choice of generator to use outdoors.

If you want a compact but reliable generator with powerful 72cc of 2HP engine then the Pulsar PG1202s should be your ideal choice.


  • Impressive output for small generator
  • With durable and powerful engine
  • Air-cooled engine with dual cycle operation
  • Can run for as long as 8.5 hours at 50% load
  • Recoil start


  • Not recommended for heavy-duty power generation requirements
  • Using the cord may require a suitable amount of tension

3. Pulsar PG3250


Another Pulsar generator that you can choose if you want a compact generator with bigger tank capacity for longer refueling sessions is the Pulsar PG3250.

This generator features a pair of 12V 20 Amp outlets and 12V outlet for charging batteries. It has a recoil start system which allow for smooth and quick starts by simply pulling the starting cord.

Compared to the earlier models, this is mostly preferred because of its ‘bit higher’ output 3250 watts for its peak watt and 2500 watts for its continuous watts. Also, it comes with a much bigger fuel tank capacity which enables longer use of every refuel.

This generator can continuously operate for as long as 16 hours at 50% load and only produces 68 dB of noise levels.

Its single cylinder 208 cc is also a thing to boast about this product which generates 6.5HP. With this much power, this generator is the ideal choice for providing power for general devices and home appliances.


  • With 6.5HP air-cooled engine
  • With a pair of 120v outlets and 12V outlet for battery charging
  • Less tension on recoil start system


  • Instruction manual can be hard to interpret
  • Much louder operation compared to the earlier modelsExpensive

4. Pulsar PG2000iS


If you want more power out of your portable and compact Pulsar generator then you can simply invest in the Pulsar PG2000iS.

This generator is also a common favorite in the market because despite its smaller size, it provides more power than other generators in the same size and price category. It delivers 1600 watts for its rated watts and 2000 watts for its peak rating.

It has a much lesser tank capacity of 1.18 gallons which enables the generator to continuously operate for as long as 6.3 hours at 50% load. Since this is the inverter type of generator, you are guaranteed with a smooth running engine and clean power for your electrical devices.

Also, compared to other compact generators, this is much quieter with only 59 dB of noise produced during operation. Having only 47 lbs for its total weight, it makes it the ideal choice to use for camping or any outdoor power generation requirements.

It also comes with a series of outlets along with the 12V “cigarette” outlet which directly connects to USB for charging cellphones and small computers.


  • 1600 rated watts and 2000 surge watts
  • With powerful 79cc engine
  • Can run for 6.3 hours at 50% load
  • Low noise levels at 59 dB only
  • With USB outlet for charging phones and laptops


  • Requires warming up before use
  • Not for heavy-duty power needs

5. Pulsar PG7000DOF


Lastly, if you want the most power out of your Pulsar generator for heavy-duty power generation needs then you can also invest in the Pulsar PG7000DOF.

It comes with a 10 HP air-cooled engine which delivers 7000 watts for its surge watts and 5500 watts for its continuous watts. With this output, it makes it ideal to use for general home appliances such as refrigerator, air conditioners, TVs, power tools and even for computers.

Despite its bit higher price compared to the earlier mentioned models from Pulsar, it definitely worth every penny because it is guaranteed to last a long time of use and comes with many added features.

Among those features to expect include the wide variety of outlets that include the pair of 120V outlets, a 120V/240V twist lock outlet and a 120V twist lock outlet.

Also, it is designed with dual start system with a recoil start and an electric push start which provides more convenience in starting with the use of an external battery. Despite its bulky size and heavier weight, it is a common preference by many users because of its reliability and durability.


  • With 4 cycle OHV engine
  • Air-cooled engine for lesser overheating
  • Dual start system
  • With wide range of outlets


  • The product is expensive
  • It’s bulky
  • It is heavy

Pulsar Generator - Conclusion

So what’s the best among this list of Pulsar generators? The answer is Pulsar PG7500B.

We’ve set our eyes on the Pulsar PG7500B for simple reason that it packs more power than the rest of the options mentioned in this list and it comes with dual start system that lets you start the engine in whichever way you want it.

Of course it is also because of its dual fuel type engine which allows you to use either LPG or natural gas. Also, unlike other compact generators, the Pulsar PG7500B can also be used for RV power generation applications.

Did you find your ideal Pulsar generator from this article? If you have more suggestions or comments about our list, do let us know. We have a comment box below for all your messages, questions or suggestions.

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