How To Get Your Hands On The Best Rabbit Repellent Without Having To Spend Much

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Although rabbits are cute and cuddly, they’re typically not the best animals to have around your yard. They love to play, hide and nibble on plants, especially if you’re growing crops, fruits and vegetables in your garden.

Personally, I have been dealing with these pesky furry animals for quite a while in my yard and using the right tools and equipment, I have been able to keep them away effectively for a long time. Want to know my secret?

In this article, I’ll share with you the best rabbit repellent options that I’ve personally tried in keeping away rabbits, rodents and pests off the yard.


Product Name




Predator Guard Deer Repellent

97 /


Liquid Fence 113 Rabbit Repellent

92 /

3 Non-Toxic Rabbit Repellent

87 /


Nature's Mace Rabbit Repellent

83 /


Nature's Mace Concentrate Rabbit Repellent

80 /

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Benefits Of Using Rabbit Repellents

While rabbits are considered pets, they can also become a threat to plants, flowers and properties. Having to deal with these rodents, I have tried a number of solutions to keep them away from my yard.

Among the tools, equipment and methods that I’ve tried, using rabbit repellents was the most effective. Among the benefits of using these products are as follows:

1. Makes Use Of Natural Ingredients

rabbits smelling pumpkin

Probably the best thing I love about repellents is that it’s formulated with natural ingredients in keeping rodents and pests away from the yard. Since the ingredients are all-natural, it does not deliver a harmful effect to the environment as well as on the plants.

2. Easy To Use

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Another selling point of rabbit repellents is that they’re easy to use, install or set up. These products don’t require further tools, equipment, any rigorous preparations or procedures such as fencing or trapping. Simply spray, sprinkle, plug or quickly set up and your garden will be safe from these rodents.

3. Compact And Can Be Stored Easily

rabbit eating cabbage

Rabbit repellents come in pocket-size cans, canisters or in bags that can be carried and stored easily anywhere. Also, these products are light and are usually handheld.

4. The Humane Way Of Dealing With Rabbits And Rodents

rabbit eating tomato

Some people deal with trespassing rabbits by trapping, baiting, shooting and even poisoning - all of which are lethal to the creature. While these creatures pose a threat to our garden, they are still an essential part of the ecosystem and food chain.

This is the reason why we should resort to a more humane way of keeping them off the yard rather than opting for lethal solutions.

Things To Consider When Buying Rabbit Repellents

While most rabbit repellents are effective in driving away rabbits off the yard, it is important that you find one that suits your particular needs. Also, these products come with specific requirements, instructions and features that are effective only for specific cases – make sure yours matches all your requirements.

1. Versatility

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One thing that you should consider out of your rabbit repellent is that it should also work on other species of rabbits or rodents such as rats, squirrels or skunks. By having a versatile rodent repellant, you will be able to save more on your other pest or rodent control repellents.

2. Easy To Use

rabbits eating a cabbage

When buying your ideal rabbit repellant, you should also make sure that it is easy to use. If you’re looking to have others use the repellent, make sure that they understand the procedures and instructions easily in using the product.

Make sure the procedures in the label are easy to understand and that it doesn’t require meticulous preparations or set ups when using the product.

3. Safe On Plants And Animals

a rabbit eating a rotten thing on grass

While the yard will also be an environment for plants and other animals, you need to make sure that your rabbit repellant is safe to use on them. Personally, I would suggest a repellent that is formulated with natural ingredients as these will not pose a threat to other living organisms.

4. Affordability

a rabbit

The same with buying almost anything, you also need to ensure that your rabbit repellent fits your budget. One common mistake that people make when buying things is that they usually opt for the branded or named products for better quality.

Oftentimes quality can also be found in non-branded products and sometimes they even work better. All you have to do is be adventurous and try new products not only to find your ideal option but also to save more on your money.

Top 5 Rabbit Repellents

Now that you have an idea of what your ideal rabbit repellent should be like, you’re now ready to go out there and make that purchase. Sadly, there are a ton of options available in the market and going through each one of them will be a hassle.

Since sharing is caring, I’ll share with you my top 5 rabbit repellents that I’ve personally tried on my yard. Each of these options is highly effective and conveniently priced rodent control solutions.

1. Predator Guard Deer Repellent

Another reliable repellent to add on this list is the Predator Guard Deer Repellent. While this product is designed mainly to repel deer, it also works perfectly on dealing with rabbit infestation.

This product is a popular choice because of its high efficiency rate as well as its rather cheaper price compared to other repellents available in the market today. While deer and rabbits use their strong sense of smell to search for food, this product will surely have them looking elsewhere.

Using this product is much easier than other repellents since you simply need to have them on places or on the trees and shrubs that these animals invade. These pouches are also long lasting and cannot be washed away by water or rains.

While this product emits a very strong scent that temporarily causes discomfort to deer and rabbits, it doesn’t provide the same effect on humans and pets. It is conveniently priced even with 10 packs in a single package.

I personally love this product because it doesn’t require any preparation or set up and does not require maintenance or any reapplications.


  • Highly effective
  • Rain resistant
  • Ready to use
  • Fast acting
  • Safe to use on any environment
  • Easy to use
  • All natural


  • Expensive
  • Soap scent attracts other animals

2. Liquid Fence 113 Rabbit Repellent

The Liquid Fence 113 Rabbit Repellent could also be an excellent choice if you’re looking for the concentrate type of repellent that can cover multiple or larger areas.

This 40 quart concentrate provides enough coverage for a big area of 10,000 sq m. Also, it is formulated with natural ingredients which include garlic, whole egg and other environment safe ingredients.

This product comes with a clear set of instructions regarding the specific volume or mixture for each use. Using 8 oz. of this product, a gallon of mixture can be made. As soon as the mixture is ready, you can now use a sprayer or a watering can to spread the solution.

It is also long lasting and can last for a month before reapplication. While this product is a liquid concentrate, it is important to note that it can be washed away by rain or water. Therefore, when using this product, ensure that the solution dries or settles after application.

While this product is excellent in repelling rabbits and other rodents, it is also effective in deterring insects and pests. Furthermore, this product can be used anywhere even around plants and pets.


  • Covers large area
  • Long lasting
  • Repels other rodents and pests
  • Safe to use around plants and animals
  • Odorless


  • Makes plants look messy
  • Not recommended for young deer

3. Non-Toxic Rabbit Repellent

The Non-Toxic Rabbit Repellent in the form of pellets is likewise a good investment if you’re looking for a humane solution to rabbit infestation in your garden.

Just like me, many users also love this product because it is easy to manage and can cover quite a large area in the yard of at least 1,200 sq ft. This product is lighter and also much cheaper than other rabbit and rodent repellent available in the market.

While I like this product because it works effectively in driving away rabbits off my garden, it also works on other rodents and pests such as rats, squirrels and insects like roaches and spiders. Many users simply love this product because of its versatility and cheap price.

Another great thing that I like about this product is that a single pellet can last for a year under any weather condition. With this, it is understandable that this product is long lasting and cannot be dissolved easily in rain or water.

While this product is an excellent choice for outdoor rabbit repellent, it may not be a good option to use it indoors because of its rather foul odor.


  • All natural repellent
  • Long lasting
  • Cannot be dissolved in water easily
  • With essential oils
  • Safe around any environment


  • Has a foul odor
  • Not recommended for indoor use
  • Not very effective against rats

4. Nature's Mace Rabbit Repellent

One favorite choice of mine when it comes to rabbit repellents is the Nature's Mace Rabbit Repellent.

While this product is highly effective in keeping rabbits away from your yard, it is also an effective repellent for deer and other rodents. This product is the granular type of rodent control which doesn’t require any further set up or installation. Simply scatter or sprinkle your desired amount or volume over target areas.

While it is very easy to use, it is also safe to use in the environment as it is formulated with natural ingredients. While it provides a stinging and foul smell to rodents, it is totally harmless to pets, plants and humans.

Another thing that I love about this product is it has an excellent lasting effect which reaches until 30-45 days after application. Also, this is a highly effective product that large areas can be covered using only a few amounts. A single bag of this product is good enough to cover 5,000 sq m.


  • Safe to use around plants, pets and humans
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Cannot be washed by rain easily
  • Long lasting
  • No foul odor


  • Not recommended for smaller and sensitive plants
  • May require constant reapplication

5. Nature's Mace Concentrate Rabbit Repellent

If you want the concentrate type of rabbit repellent which can be mixed with water or any solution for more applications, you can opt for the Nature's Mace Concentrate Rabbit Repellent.

Unlike the granular type of repellent, this product is a lot easier to manage and can be scattered easily on target areas using a sprayer or watering can. This product is also made of natural ingredients that causes discomfort to rodents such as rabbits and deer but doesn’t provide the same effect on humans, pets and plants.

While this product is much more effective when set to dry, it may not be an optimal choice during rains or when environments are moist. This is because the solution can be washed away by rain or water easily if not allowed to set for a while.

Once this product sets after application, it can last for a few weeks and doesn’t require constant reapplication. The 32 oz volume of this concentrate can be mixed with water to make 4 gallons of solution. With this much quantity, you are able to make more applications and can cover more areas.


  • Can be mixed with water for more quantity
  • Covers large areas
  • Long lasting
  • Repels deer and other rodents


  • Washed away easily by rains
  • Requires specific amounts upon mixing


So which repellent in this list works for you? In my opinion, if you are willing to spend a good amount for a high quality repellent then the last option - Predator Guard Deer Repellent would be an excellent option to go with.

This is for the reason that it doesn’t require any further preparation nor set up to get the product working. Simply hang on shrubs, trees or near plants. Furthermore, it is rain resistant which allows it to last longer than other repellents.

Do you have questions, comments or suggestions for the best rabbit repellents in the market today? Do let us know. We have a convenient comment box below for your messages.

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