How To Find The Best Raccoon Bait For Raccoon Trapping

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There can only be one reason why you’re on this page right now – you’re dealing with unwanted guests such as raccoons in your property. You want to get rid of these vermin that constantly pester things in your property.

If not dealt with right away, you may end up losing some things that you’ve worked so hard for. So what’s the best way to get rid of vermin without having to get your hands dirty? One effective way to do so is by trapping them – and for this you will need the best raccoon bait.

Having to trap raccoons in your property using a good raccoon bait however can be quite complicated. And while almost any kind of trap will do for trapping raccoons, it is quite a challenge to find the right raccoon bait that best suits your needs because of the variety of choices available in the market.

To help you get a better picture of your ideal raccoon bait and also to narrow down your choices to only the most trusted and reliable options, we’ll share with you our list of top 5 raccoon baits in the market today.


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Getting To Know These Vermin

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Before we jump into the details, let’s first have a look at the particular vermin which we’re be dealing with. Not all rodents have the same needs and traits. Some are harder to trap and some can only be lured by specific baits. To be able to successfully trap a raccoon with ideal trap bait, let’s first get to know these rodents.

What many people do not know about raccoons is that they are actually omnivores. This simply means they can eat just about anything. They can eat plants, left overs, your shoes and even your trash.

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Rodents come in many sizes which could range from a raccoon that is as small as a cat to those that can grow to as big as a medium-sized dog. And the worst thing about them is that they know how to fight back.

They have razor-sharp teeth which can bite through almost anything and they can move pretty quickly with their size which is why it is quite a challenge to catch them. In order to get rid of these animals, trapping seems to be the only easy and humane way.

Pest Control

Now that you know what raccoons are and what trouble it can bring to your property, let’s look at the ways on how you can control these unwanted guests.

1. Trapping Raccoons

The best and most humane way of getting rid of these vermin is through a raccoon trap. As you set your trap, you need to figure out a good location where raccoons use an entry point to your property. Also, you should have a convenient-sized trap that can accommodate any size of raccoons. Ideally, a trap with the dimensions of 12″x12″x32″ would be good to trap a regular-sized raccoon.

2. Secure Your Trash

trash bags

We have learned that raccoons can pretty much eat anything including your trash. So to avoid inviting raccoons to your property, make sure that your trash is secured and sealed so it won’t set off any smell that could attract these vermin.

3. Clean Your Yard

cleaning up the yard

A few things that could invite raccoons in your yard include yard debris, fallen fruits and leaves, scattered animal feeds or exposed fertilizers. With this, it is always important to clean up after every yard work. Make sure that things are in order and there is nothing that would initiate a raccoon infestation.

4. Fence Up


Getting your fence up on your property can also secure your property against raccoons. It would be best to choose a durable fence for your property. Unfortunately these animals are climbers so you would also want to add a protection (such as barbed wires) to your already high fences.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Raccoon Bait

There are a ton of raccoon baits that are being sold in the market today. With this, it becomes a difficult task to choose one which is right for you.

To help you with that, we’ll share with you some of the things to consider when purchasing a raccoon bait. With these considerations, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your requirements and your budget.

1. Scent

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Raccoons as well as other vermin and rodents are attracted with the smell of food. Raccoons particularly love the smell of sweet things, though some would also prefer baits that set off a strong smell. As you consider the scent, make sure to choose a bait scent that is manageable for you and the environment.

2. Type

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You may also want to consider the type of your raccoon bait – whether it would be liquid or pellet-type. Though can be mixed to any food such as bread, rice or meat, the liquid bait may be quite messy to deal with and requires a bit of effort to set up in the trap.

Whereas pellet types are easy and clean to manage – the downside with this type however is that it can a bit more expensive than the liquid type.

3. Quantity

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Many would say that quality should always be met over quantity. While this is true in other sense, it does not apply on raccoon baits seeing that raccoons will eat almost anything. Thus it is important that you choose bait that allows you to get the most quantity.

4. Environment-Friendly


The last thing you would want is to harm the environment when trapping raccoons in your yard. So before you cash in on the bait, make sure that it safe for the environment and don’t have chemicals that would pose danger to other organisms in your yard.

5. Budget

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Of course if you’re buying anything, you need to make sure it is close to your expected spending range. One thing to bear in mind when considering the price of anything - the most expensive option is not always the best choice.

Top 5 Raccoon Baits Today

Now that you know everything about raccoons and how they are a threat to your property, let’s check out your best options of raccoon baits in the market. Here we have a list of the most reliable as well as proven raccoon baits that would help you successfully get rid of raccoons in your property.

1. Ausable® Dog Proof Raccoon Bait

​The first option to consider when finding a good trap that would attract those pesky raccoons is the Ausable® Dog Proof Raccoon Bait. This raccoon bait is a popular choice among Northerners because of its reliability and proven effectiveness in luring raccoons as well as other rodents such as rats, skunks and others.

This product is highly attractive bait to raccoons which is easy to prepare and set up along with any kind of trap. It is a combination of 5 types of oils and essences that are guaranteed to set off a sweet and delicious scent for raccoons.

Also, since this raccoon bait is pellet-type, you don’t have to do all the mixing work and you don’t have to add other foods along with your lure – simply drop a good amount on your trap and it’s ready to go.

This product also works conveniently on traps such as live cage traps and dog proof traps. If you want bait that is tried and tested then this could be your best choice. Also, it is a good choice if you have a nosey dog that is always snooping around your property and don’t want them to get hurt.


  • Easy to prepare
  • Also works for trapping rodents and skunk
  • Safe for dogs (dog proof)


  • May set of a foul smell because of the fish oil ingredient
  • A bit expensive

2. Rickard's Raccoon Lure

Rickard's Raccoon Lure

​If you make a visit to a raccoon bait outlet or store, you’ll probably see a wide array of Rickard bait products. This is for the reason that Rickard is a popular name when it comes to lures and baits – and among their best sellers is the Rickard's Raccoon Lure.

This product is made out of unique formulation that is guaranteed to draw in rodents and vermin such as raccoon towards you trap. A single drop from its 1.6 ounce bottle to your bait holder such as bread or marshmallow will become hard to resist for these animals.

Also, it sets of a powerful delicious smell for raccoons which makes them hurry to your trap. It is proven to draw in raccoons within just a few hours after setting if set on the right place on your property. Preferably, place your trap on places where raccoons usually enter.


  • Powerful sweet scent which raccoons love
  • Works even with just small drops
  • Easy and clean to manage
  • Cheap


  • Very little volume in 1 bottle (1.6 oz)
  • Not recommended for live traps
  • Requires bigger dosage for trapping bigger animals
  • Not for general trapping purposes

3. WCS Treeberry Paste Bait

​If you want a general kind of bait which works for trapping rodents and other unwanted animals in your property then you can also opt for the WCS Treeberry Paste Bait.

This product is a proven solution to problems with vermin and rodents such as raccoons, skunks, armadillo, rats and others.

This product sets off a powerful sweet scent which is hard to resist for these rodents mentioned above. It is formulated with ripe fruit essences with bush berries that are made into a puree or paste.

With a little amount of this product on any bait holder such ash biscuit, bread, cracker or marshmallow, you can surely lure those guests to your trap.

When using this bait along with your trap, make sure to position this trap on the rearmost position inside your trap to make sure that the whole body of the animal is contained before setting off the trap.

Also, it comes with an anti-drying agent which ensures that your lure is fresh and attractive for a long time while waiting for a catch.


  • A general type of bait which lures other rodents and vermin
  • Used for various kinds of live traps
  • Doesn’t set off a foul scent


  • While it can lure other rodents and vermin, it can also lure cats and dogs
  • Expensive
  • Too little volume in one bottle
  • Trapping armadillos require a huge dosage on the bait holder

4. Hawbakers Raccoon Bait

​If you think that raccoons in your property are usually attracted from a sweet or strong smell of food then you can count on Hawbakers Raccoon Bait to give you what you want. This product comes with a powerful sweet scent that lures any kind of raccoon that may try to infest your property.

The Hawbakers Raccoon Bait is formulated from the highest quality of plant oils, glands, castors, essential oils and intoxicating ingredients that are tested to work effectively against raccoons and other rodents.

This 4 oz jar has more than enough morsels that are designed to deliver 50 sets of trapping routines. If used properly, you can lure raccoons in any place where you set up your trap. Also, it sets off a very powerful smell that you don’t have to use too much on one setting.

If you want a proven and effective solution to luring raccoons for your trap then the Hawbakers Raccoon Bait could be your best bet.


  • Sets off a powerful smell which is hard to resist for raccoons
  • Lures other yard rodents and skunks
  • Effective lure even with small amounts


  • Not affordable
  • Very little volume in a bottle
  • Sets off a too strong smell

5. Lenon's Raccoon Lure

If you want bait that is hard to resist for raccoons then you can also opt for the Lenon Raccoon Lure. This lure is made out of thick past blend that is made out of ingredients that raccoons love to munch on.

These ingredients include musk, fruit and essential oils, fish oils, and other secret ingredients that are guaranteed to draw any raccoon’s sense of smell.

If you want bait that is hard to resist for raccoons then you can also opt for the Lenon Raccoon Lure. This lure is made out of thick past blend that is made out of ingredients that raccoons love to munch on.

These ingredients include musk, fruit and essential oils, fish oils, and other secret ingredients that are guaranteed to draw any raccoon’s sense of smell.


  • Popular brand and is easy to find in the market
  • Good to use for general trapping purposes
  • Sets off a powerful scent for animals and not for humans


  • Contains only 1 oz in a jar
  • Can be quite messy to use and set up
  • Expensive

Our Final Thoughts

feeding raccoon

The options mentioned in this list are indeed effective and guaranteed to provide you with the things that you need out of a raccoon bait.

As personal recommendation, we would go with the first on the list - Ausable® Dog Proof Raccoon Bait. This is for the reason that while it is effective for almost all kinds of animals thriving in your yard, it is also proven safe to pets such as dogs.

Adding to that, it is also affordable and is a pellet-type of bait which relieves you of using trap holders such as crackers, meat, marshmallows, etc.

What do you think of our list of top raccoon baits in the market today? Got any questions or comments? Do let us know. We’d love to hear about it on our comment box below.

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