Best Rat Poison: The Rodent Death Dealers You Can Try

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Rats are deadly pests that will not just cause damage to property, they can also carry diseases and they can also bite you. Rats can live by the dozen in your home if there is food readily available. Rats have been deemed as pests for centuries and today, it is also known as a vector for deadly pathogens.

This is probably the reason why a lot of these rats are very good at hiding, very hard to kill, and also quite adept when it comes to survival and to adapting to its environment. This is also the reason why it is very important for people to have the right tools and pesticides to combat and effectively kill it.

When using rat poison for example, it has to work well against the specific type of rats that are in your property. Rat poisons can be very potent and effective when used properly. It is better than other tools simply because the rat itself will be the one to seek the rodenticide out especially if it is highly attractive.

In today’s article, we are going to take a look at some of the best rat poisons that you can use around your house. We have included a wide variety of rat poison options you can choose from so that you can meet your needs. For example, if you live in a house with young kids or pets, we have made sure to include options that will allow you to use the product safely without having to worry about your family members hurting themselves if they were to get in contact with the traps. 

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The Invasion Of Rats


Rats have been known to thrive in the dark and multiply by the thousands. As a matter of fact, some urban legends say that rats can match the human population in certain areas of the world. In India, bamboo rats emerged from hiding every fifty years to eat crops and everything they find edible.

Rats can indeed be a worrisome invader when they come by the thousands. But they can also wreak havoc in the home. Rats have a very high birth rate, this is why they can reproduce quickly while hiding in the basement, the attic, or in hidden areas of your house or property.

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Rats can eat a wide range of plant and animal food. They can eat fruits and vegetables, they can also eat meat. They will also gladly eat leftovers or food that has been allowed to rot in trash bins. If they live in your house, they will raid your trash, destroy pantries, and even go on top of tables and kitchen sinks.

Many international teams have spent millions to destroy rat populations. This is to protect other wildlife that have fallen prey to rats. Homeowners who want to protect their children, pets, gardens, and entire families, are also encouraged to do what they can to stop them from multiplying and spreading disease.

Things To Consider When Using Rat Poisons

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When using rodenticides, keep in mind that rats by nature, have bait shyness. Since they cannot vomit, they will typically try small samples of an unknown food, and then observe its effects first before consuming more. This is why you might want to consider using the right poison at home.

Since rats tend to “sample” the poisons first, you might find rodenticides that will require multiple ingestions to work better than ones that are lethal upon the first exposure. This is because if the rat will sense something bad with a strong rodenticide, it will never try to eat it again.

It should also be noted that some rats have already developed resistance to some rodenticides especially those that are known as first generation anticoagulants. This means that their bodies have adapted to this poison, and that you might need newer formulations for better results.

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Of course, when using rat poisons, you should also understand that when placed indiscreetly, the poison itself, or the food that has been laced with poison can become a danger to children and also to pets. Rat poison can look like candy, and having the chemicals come into contact with the skin or eyes is harmful.

Pets also have the tendency to be able to find the rat poison no matter how well it is hidden. This is why rodenticide products must be stored in a child-proof or pet-proof container and hidden securely out of their reach. When using food laced with poison, children and pets must be kept far away from it.

You should also take note of the fact that dead rats can also become health hazards. If they die while hidden, it can create an offensive odor in your home. The carcass can also attracts insects like flies and cockroaches. Most importantly, handling it can also put you at risk of exposure to the poisons you used.

The Different Types Of Rodenticides

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There are a lot of rat poisons available in the market today. They can kill on contact, meaning the poison can take effect after a few seconds or minutes, or they can work over time. This means that the rat needs to be exposed multiple times before it will be killed. Both poisons can be used effectively.

  • Anticoagulants – Anticoagulant-based poisons can take effect over time, usually 1-2 weeks. It kills the rat by destroying the blood vessels and by inhibiting its ability to clot its own blood. The rodent will die due to internal hemorrhage or anemia. It is considered the most humane form of rodenticide.
  • Metal Phosphides – It is a fast-acting poison and it will kill the rodents within 3 days. It does this by creating phosphine gas inside the stomach of the vermin when ingested with food. This type of poison is ideal for rats who are resistant to anticoagulant-based baits.
  • Calciferols – Also known as vitamin D, it is important to us humans, but it can lead to hypercalcemia in rodents. This makes it toxic for them and it can cause death over time. What it does is that it increases calcium absorption in rodents and it will cause their organs to mineralize and shut down.

The Best Rat Poison

To help you deal with rats effectively, you need to have proven-effective products that can help control the population of rats in your property. Depending on the size of your home, or where the rats are infesting, you might want to use on or more of the products that I recommend below.

1. The NEOGEN RODENTICIDE 45-Pack Ramik Rat and Mouse Bait Pail

This poison pellets is unique simply because it is formulated to work both indoors and outdoors. The poison can still kill rats even if the pellets are exposed to the elements outside the house, this makes it a great product for large residential properties, and for use in agricultural areas like barns and farms.

It is formulated to have a fish flavor, and it also contains protein, making it very enticing to rats who need sustenance. Some users also report that the poisoned rats look for water, this is why they do not die inside hidden areas, but on the outside where they can be easily thrown away.


  • It is formulated to be palatable to rats, making it highly attractive to them
  • The pellets has a weather-resistant coating for indoor or outdoor use
  • This product can be used to kill dozens of rats because of its large quantity


  • It might be ineffective to some mice
  • It is also attractive to other rodents like squirrels and it can also kill them
  • When it is not used properly outside, it might cause harm to pets and other animals

2. The MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse and Rat Bromethalin Bait Chunx

This product uses bromethalin, an acute toxicant that can kill rats with a few doses. When it the rats ingest a lethal dose, they will stop consuming the bait, allowing other rats to eat it as well. This product is ideal for Norway rats since it is meant to get rid of anticoagulant-resistant rats.

This product can also be used in residential or agricultural settings, making it ideal for those who live in large properties. It can also be easily mounted for bait, and as much as 40 pieces can be found in one package, allowing you to deal with large rat infestations.


  • It can be used for baiting
  • Rats will die after a few days of ingestion
  • It can be used to control large rat populations as the rats will no longer consume it when a lethal dose has been ingested


  • The product will attract cockroaches since roaches are not harmed by it
  • Some homeowners suspect that the rats infesting their properties are now resistant to bromethalin

3. The Old Cobblers Farnam Just One Bite Bar

This product is made to control the population of both rats and mice. It is formulated to instantly kill them upon consumption, and it will not discriminate what type of rats are nesting in your property. This product can be used for residential, commercial, or agricultural buildings.

Dead rats may begin to appear 4-5 days after the feeding has begun. This product already has holes, and is already scored, which is great because this allows you to set up baits, or to break it off to more manageable sizes.


  • It has a potent poison because it contains .005% bromadiolone
  • It can kill rats with just one feeding
  • It is designed for easy use and baiting


  • It can be harmful when the product is exposed to children or pets
  • It can contaminate food or food sources when placed on surfaces that are constantly used
  • Some rats are not interested in eating it especially when other food is available

4. JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait

This product is one of the first generation rodenticides that is still quite good when it comes to killing and attracting rats. The bait comes with peanut butter flavor, which is great because rats just love to eat it. This can also help make the bait less suspicious and it can also attract mice.

This product uses anticoagulant poisons, this is why you can expect dead rats to be seen a few days after feeding. This rodenticide is especially formulated for use in garages, and in basements. It also comes with a one-year warranty, making it ideal for those who want to use a product that is proven-effective.


  • It comes in a tamper-proof container
  • It has a 1 year warranty to help guarantee its effectiveness
  • It contains 144 pieces, good for controlling large rat populations


  • Some rats are resistant to anticoagulant poisons
  • Some rats are wary of this product and will not touch the bait

5. The Farnam Just One Bite II 1.5-Ounce Pellet Packs

If you want pellets instead of bait bars, then this product might be of great help to your rat problem. It is formulated to kill rats that are resistant to anticoagulants or to warfarin, and it can be easily used in cracks and crevices where the rats hide because it is in pellet form.

This product is also formulated so that it can bypass the rat’s bait shyness, allowing the rats to ingest it in large amounts. This product can kill rats with one feeding, but because death is delayed, it will allow the rat to keep on feeding until it dies.


  • It can kill Norway rats and rats that are resistant to anticoagulants
  • It bypasses the rat’s bait shyness
  • The product remains potent even after a year


  • Rats can consume a lot of pellets, this is why you might have to buy a lot of pellets to control huge populations
  • Some rodents were not interested in the pellets
  • You might want to coat it with peanut butter to increase its effectiveness but it might also make it more dangerous to pets and children


dying rat

When it comes to killing rats with poison, it is always best to know what type of rats you are dealing with. You can buy small amounts of different products, in order to test which ones work best for the kind of rats you have in your property. You can also use two products at the same time for best results.

For me, the clear winner would have to be the NEOGEN RODENTICIDE 45-Pack Ramik Rat and Mouse Bait Pail. This is because the poison is properly formulated, and because it is highly attractive to both rats and mice. It can also work both indoors and outdoors.

Final Thoughts

If you have had to deal with a rat issue, then you know all too well the nuance that it can cause. Even if it is a small, single instance, the headache of having to deal with a rat issue is something you will want to avoid at all costs.  If this describes you, then we hope that our list of the best rat poison options has been handy for you. If you have any experience using any of the rat poison opinions we have listed about, be sure to comment below with how your experience went. Is there one that you would recommend over another? Why or why not? 

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