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If there is one insect that most of the world hates so much, it would be cockroaches. For many people, just one sight of this creature can make them scream and run away in fear. These insects are probably one of the earliest creatures to walk on earth and have an insane ability to adapt to any kind of environment.

In this article, we’ll share with you some essential information about dealing with cockroaches at home or anywhere else. Also, we’ll provide the best roach bait choices that are sure to rid the house or yard of these unwanted pests.


Product Name




Advion Syngenta Roach Bait

97 /


Invict Gold Gel Bait

94 /


Harris Boric Acid Cockroach Bait

90 /


Bayer Maxforce Roach Bait

85 /


Combat Roach Bait

83 /

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Why Cockroaches Should Be Eliminated At Home And In The Yard

dead cockroaches

While many find certain breeds of cockroaches can be treated as pets, there is certainly no denying that not everybody wants to have cockroaches at home. For those who are not aware of the dangers of cockroaches, here are a few things that cockroaches can do at home.

  • Firstly, cockroaches have an amazing ability to find food – even if it stored securely. Once they detect the smell of food, they will deliberately attack just to have a bite out of it. As soon as they come in contact with food, they leave behind fecal matter and germs which can be dangerous to a person’s health.
  • Cockroaches can nibble anything that has a stain of food or a tasteful scent. This means if your clothes are stained with food and left out in the open, the cockroaches can nibble on the fabric thus causing damage.
  • Cockroaches also bite. In many instances, cockroaches can also bite and if they do, they can leave behind allergens from their saliva which can cause asthma.
  • These insects emit a bad smell. Since cockroaches are infest anything – even garbage, the smell sticks to their body thus emitting the same smell.
  • They reproduce at an alarming rate. Cockroaches lay eggs and each egg contains dozens of eggs and they can lay eggs once every two months. Just try to imagine if you leave them in your house for a year.

There are still other reasons why you need to rid your home of these unwanted visitors. Using roach baits are one of the proven and most effective ways to do the job. To make sure you are buying the right roach bait that suits your needs; feel free to check out these important considerations.

Things To Consider When Buying A Roach Bait

Buying a roach bait over other kinds of roach killing methods is an excellent decision because it is much cheaper and easier to use. To make sure you are buying the right roach bait for your roach killing needs, here are the essential considerations to make.

1. Ingredients

roach bait

It is always important to consider the ingredients out of your insect killer solution. Many ingredients can attract other insects and animals and you don’t want to be dealing with having to kill your pets by accident. You need to make sure it is effective against the specific target and is safe for the environment and pets.

Before you cash in on that roach bait, check the labels and ask the dealer if it is safe to use in your specific environment.

2. Effectiveness And Reliability

While it can be hard to determine the effectiveness of a chemical without having to try it out first, you can always refer to reviews and comments from users. A good place to check reviews regarding the reliability of certain roach bait is through the Internet.

3. Reaction Time

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Another thing to consider when buying a roach bait is its reaction time. Many pest solutions and chemicals take a while to kick in after application. You need to know the reaction time to know when to expect the results and when to clean the roach carcasses.

4. Cost

roach gel bait

Of course, just like when buying anything you also need to consider the cost of your ideal roach bait. While many brands may be more costly because of its rate of effectivity, you should consider the volume per cost. If it costs more to purchase a few ounces of the chemical then it would be impractical to invest in it.

When considering the cost, refer to the volume that is used for every venture. If possible, go for the concentrate as it costs much cheaper but is still as effective.

Top 5 Roach Baits Today

Now that you have a better idea of your ideal roach bait, let us look at your available options in the market. Each of these choices is carefully chosen with reference to strict criteria such as effectiveness, affordability, safety and as per suggestions and reviews from previous customers.

1. Advion Syngenta Roach Bait

When it comes to roach baits, the Advion Syngenta Roach Bait seems to be making a fuss because of its reliability and affordable price.

Using sprays and other insect killers have been known to deliver a much lesser effect when dealing with cockroaches. This is the reason why many prefer roach baits and the Advion Syngenta Roach Bait is always on top of the list.

This product is available in gel form which targets any kind of cockroach that dwells anywhere. This means, you can use this product at home, in the yard and in anywhere else. It is made from an active ingredient – the MetaActive TM coumpound, which is known to be highly effective in killing roaches.

What many users love about this product is its effectivity duration which can last as much as 2 years and deliver 8-10 kills every day. Also, this product is very easy to use and doesn’t require any expert knowledge when handling this chemical.

It also comes in a wide variety of volumes or amounts for specific needs and requirements.


  • Effective against all kinds of roaches
  • Fast acting
  • Can be used outdoors and indoors
  • Safe and easy to use


  • Not recommended for large infestations
  • Not effective against other insects

2. Invict Gold Gel Bait

Another cockroach that is worth investing on is the Invict Gold Gel Bait.

If you are looking to eliminate the bigger and peskier breeds of roaches such as the German cockroach species, you will find the Invict Gold Gel Bait very effective. It is formulated with special ingredients that are detrimental to the aforementioned breed of roaches.

While it is highly effective against the more-robust breeds of roaches, it effortlessly eliminates other weaker breed of roaches at home or in the yard. It is also formulated to be quick acting for a fast and easy solution to roach infestation.

This product is also formulated with chemicals such as Imidacloprid and other attractants which ensures that roaches bite the dust in just a few days after application. Included in the package is an extra-long syringe which lets you reach those tight and small spaces and spots where roaches love to dwell in.

It comes available in 35 gram packs which can last a long time depending on the level of infestation. This product is safe to use and can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.


  • Highly effective against German cockroaches
  • Fast acting
  • Can be used inside and outside
  • Affordable


  • Dries out easily upon application
  • Not very reliable against other species of roaches

3. Harris Boric Acid Cockroach Bait

Another long-lasting roach bait that you can use to rid your home of roaches is the Harris Boric Acid Cockroach Bait.

This particular roach bait is a common favorite because not only is it highly effective in ridding the house and yard of roaches but also of other bugs. Other bugs that it can effectively terminate include palmetto bugs, silverfish along with water bugs.

This bait can last for long weeks just as long as it is dry and away from moisture. This product is also designed to be fast acting which lets you see results for as fast as 2 days upon application of the product and upon contact of the insects.

This doesn’t require any tool or other equipment on application and is safe to use indoors as well as outdoors. The package comes with an extendable straw that allows you to reach hard to reach places such as under furniture, under the sink, in between cracks and other places where roaches dwell and nest.

This product is formulated with a special ingredient that makes it irresistible for roaches.


  • Long-lasting
  • Fast acting
  • Easy to use with formulation that is irresistible for roaches
  • EPA registered for environment protection


  • Expensive
  • Requires a substantial dosage on application

4. Bayer Maxforce Roach Bait

Another reliably roach killer in the form of gel is the Bayer Maxforce Roach Bait.

This product’s main ingredient is Fipronil 0.05% which is an effective ingredient used to eliminate the toughest of insects like roaches. This roach bait is popular in the market because it can be used in outdoors, indoors or in any residential or commercial areas.

This product lasts a long time and can be used for 2 years if carefully stored and tightly capped. One thing to note about this product is that it can dry out easily and is not resistant to moist.

One thing that users love about this product is that it is irresistible for roaches and that it delivers fast results upon application. The product can ensure that roaches die even from just touching the bait – even without eating it.

With this kind of technology, it is guaranteed to have a sure kill in every application. Also, if the gel bait is not consumed by the insect it can last longer thus will not require reapplication which in turn will help you save on your purchase for another pack.


  • Fast acting
  • Kills roaches even when not consumed
  • Formulated with irresistible chemicals for roaches


  • Expensive
  • Messy

5. Combat Roach Bait

The Combat Roach Bait is yet another option if you want a roach bait that can kill roaches fast but doesn’t cost as much.

This is also a popular roach killer in the market because it works to rid roaches at any place non-stop for up to three months upon application. When placed strategically where roaches are gathered, it can deliver optimum and fast results.

Just like the earlier product mentioned in this list, this roach bait is also highly effective against the bigger types of roaches and even kills the eggs. Also, while it is effective against bigger breeds of roaches like the German cockroaches, it is definitely effective against weaker and smaller kinds of roaches.

This product is designed to set off a scent that is hard to resist for roaches. As soon as they are inside the station, they will be exposed to the poison and will also spread this poison as they go back to their nest where the eggs are nested and other roaches are hiding.

If you want a safe effective roach bait, the Combat Roach Bait could be worth your investment.


  • Affordable
  • High quality roach bait
  • Eliminates German roaches
  • Can eliminate roach nests


  • Not recommended for large infestations
  • Very little volume in one package


If there is one roach bait that stands out among others in this list it would be the Advion Syngenta Roach Bait. One reason for this is that this product is much quite popular in the market and is much easier to find in any local store.

Also, this product is designed with highly-effective formulation that is made to lure and attract roaches to their doom. In addition, this product is not messy to use and is safe to use indoors or outdoors.

So what do you think of our list of top 5 roach baits in the market today? Do you have better suggestions, comments or questions about this topic? Do message us; we’d love to hear your thoughts about it through our comment box located below.

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