Hints To The Best Roach Fogger And Bombs To Deal With Troublesome Roaches

Among the insects that are very hard to get rid of are cockroaches. Not only are these insects hard to deal with because they reproduce at an alarming rate but they can also adapt to environments as well as chemicals used on them.

This is why there are many kinds of roach killing methods available in the market today. With the vast number of these insect killers, it becomes hard to tell which one works and which doesn’t.

In this article, we’ll be talking about one roach killing method that has been proved to be effective – the roach fogger and bomb. Having known that this method is effective in dealing with cockroaches, how would you know if you are buying the best roach fogger and bombs that suits your requirements?

Listed below are some of the best roach fogger and bomb options that you’ll find in the market today. We’ll also share with you a few safety tips when using this roach killer and some essential info regarding the things to consider when buying roach foggers and bombs.


Product Name




Black Flag Indoor Fogger

97 /


Hot Shot 20177 Roach Fogger

93 /


Raid Roach Fogger

89 /


Spectracide Bug Stop Fogger

85 /


Hartz UtlraGuard Plus Fogger

80 /

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Safety Tips When Using Roach Foggers Or Bombs

Considering that roach foggers or bombs make use of chemicals to deal with unwanted insects like roaches at home or in the yard, it is important that you handle it with caution. Here are a few safety precautions when using this roach killer to ensure safety for the environment, animals and for the user as well.

1. Clear The Room

clean house

Before you set off your roach fogger or bomb, make sure that the location is clear of people, animals and even plants as the chemicals can impact health. It is also best to clear the location of any obstacles such as furniture to make sure that the fog or smoke scatters through the whole area.

Also, some foggers have strong chemicals so it will be a good idea to clear the location of anything that is prone to stains such as cloth or fabric.

Foggers are flammable and should not be used in compact areas

One thing that you should know about foggers is that it is highly flammable. If it comes in contact with a tiny spark or friction, it can explode. This is the reason why it is not a good idea to use foggers in closets, cabinets and other enclosed spaces such as under the tables or counters.

2. Notify Everyone

fogging area

Before setting off the fogger, make sure to notify people in your home or your neighbors about what is going on. This would help in keeping people out of the target areas and not to be exposed to the chemicals and pesticides that are present in the fogger or roach bomb.

One easy method to warn people is by placing a warning sign or tag on all entry points where you are setting off the fogger or bomb.

Things To Consider When Buying A Roach Fogger Or Bomb

While it is easy to purchase a roach fogger or bomb, it is not easy to find one that suits your specific needs. To make sure you are buying one that you can use for a specific breed of roaches, for your budget and for a certain environment, be sure to bear in mind these considerations.

1. Volume Per Bottle Or Can


When buying this roach killer, make sure that it has enough volume in a single can or bottle. Make sure that the volume is enough for the specific area that you are looking to use the fogger for.

Are you planning to use this roach killer on the yard, only in the kitchen or on the whole house? Whichever the size of the space, make sure that your roach fogger or bomb has enough volume.

2. Price

sprays in store

Just like when buying anything else, you also need to consider the price of this roach killer. As we already know, popular products will cost more than those with lesser popular names. Also, going for more volume would simply mean a higher price for these products.

3. Effectivity

dead cockroaches

Another important consideration to make when buying roach foggers or bombs is to ensure that it can kill the specific specie of roaches that you have. One way to do so is to check the labels or to simply ask your dealer about the range of insects that the fogger or bomber can target.

4. Scent Or Odor


The last thing that you’d want out of your roach fogger or bomb is a foul scent which may not be very pleasing to the nose. Ask your dealer about the scent made by the product and if it is safe to be inhaled directly.

5. Easy To Use

fogger machine

You’ll also want your fogger or bomb to be easy to use. Preferably, the product should be easy to use even for children and senior citizens without prior preparations or other requirements. With this, the product can be used anytime and anywhere.

Top 5 Roach Foggers And Bombs

Now that you have an idea of your ideal roach fogger and bomb and the precautions to make when using these products, let us look at your best options in the market.

Each of these roach foggers and bombs are carefully handpicked using certain criteria such as effectivity, price and recommendations from previous users.

1. Black Flag Indoor Fogger


Lastly, you can also invest in the Black Flag Indoor Fogger if you want a cheap insect killer for the sturdier breed of roaches such as German cockroaches.

While this product is made for indoor insect-killing ventures, it can also be used outdoors provided there is still wind where the fog will not be blown away. This product is also a common choice for users because it kills roaches right away upon contact and is very easy to use.

Once this product is sprayed, it leaves a lasting effect for as much as 12 weeks and guarantees no insects on the sprayed areas.

This product comes with a subtle chemical scent but it is very minimal and hardly noticeable. With a cheap price, this product provides 6 cans out of one purchase for more fogging ventures and to be able to cover multiple areas at the same time.

While it is proven effective for killing sturdier breeds of roaches such as German roaches, it is also highly effective against other insects such as spiders, ants, mosquitos and other smaller breeds of bugs.


  • Fast acting
  • Fast-killing
  • Does not stain
  • Hardly noticeable chemical scent
  • 6 foggers in a can
  • Doesn’t leave behind a messy or wet residue


  • Does not kill roach eggs
  • Expensive

2. Hot Shot 20177 Roach Fogger


Another roach fogger that you can consider if you want one that is easy to use and does not leave behind any messy residue is the Hot Shot 20177 Roach Fogger.

This product is formulated with deep reaching chemicals that are lethal to insects but harmless to humans and other animals. It is also non-staining as well as does not leave behind a foul scent or odor.

The Hot Shot 20177 Roach Fogger is a common choice among users because it makes use of dry fog to kill roaches. With this, it makes this roach fogger very effective against flying insects without leaving any wet or moist residue.

Along with cockroaches, this is also a proven solution for eliminating other insects such as pillbugs, spiders, moths, mosquitos, gnats and smaller breed of insects. It is formulated with cypermethrin, piperonyl butoxide and tetramethrin which are all known to be lethal to insects.

Another good thing about this product is that it is also easy to use. Even your children can use it easily. It doesn’t require any preparation or tools to use this product.


  • Fast acting
  • No need to switch off pilot lights
  • Deep reaching
  • Works effectively against flying insects
  • Dry fog
  • Does not stain


  • Made of not very durable material
  • Long setting time

3. Raid Roach Fogger


One popular name when it comes to insect killing products is Raid and among their best roach killers is the Raid Roach Fogger.

This product is not only focused on cockroaches but is also proven effective against other insects such as spiders, ants, fleas and the smaller varieties of bugs. It is a long lasting product and will continue to eliminate insects for 2 months after application.

What users love about this product is that it doesn’t stain and can work on deep corners and cracks where the roaches hide. Also, this product is easy to use and does not leave behind any messy residue.

It is formulated with cypermethrin which is chemical that is highly effective against persistent breed of insects such as cockroaches.

A single package comes with three foggers for multiple uses without having to spend for another unit. One fogger can cover an area of 600 square which is already an impressive coverage compared to other conventional foggers.

If you are looking for a widely-known as well as highly effective roach fogger, the Raid Roach Fogger could be an excellent investment to consider.


  • Works effectively for flying insects
  • Fast acting
  • Very easy to use
  • No mess
  • Non-staining
  • Works on deep corners


  • No enough volume in a single fogger
  • Not recommended for tougher species of roaches such as German roaches

4. Spectracide Bug Stop Fogger


Another fogger that is worth the money is the Spectracide Bug Stop Fogger with its fast-acting chemical that kills roaches right away upon contact.

Although this fogger is designed to be used indoors, it can also be used outdoors provided it is not windy for the fog to evenly scatter around the area. This is also a favorite brand of insect fogger because a single case comes with a 6 cans for more fogging ventures and to cover multiple areas simultaneously.

Just like the others mentioned earlier, this product is also non-staining and does not leave behind foul odors. One thing to note when using this product is to switch off the stove or anything that can produce fire since this product is highly flammable.

Once this product is set off, it scatters right away and even seeps through cracks and deep corners where insects usually hide. While it is lethal to insects, this product is harmless on human beings and animals.


  • Fast acting
  • Does not require any preparation
  • Odorless
  • Non-staining
  • Doesn’t leave behind a messy or wet residue


  • Not recommended for bigger species of insects and bugs
  • No recommended for rooms with high ceilings

5. Hartz UtlraGuard Plus Fogger


One popular fogger that is mainly used for fogging fleas but can also be used for cockroach elimination is the Hartz UtlraGuard Plus Fogger.

This product is formulated with a chemical that continuously gets rid of insects for up to 210 days upon application and even works on eliminating insect eggs. One thing users love so much about this fogger is that it is easy to use and does not stain once it is used.

Also, while it contains chemicals that are sure to be lethal against small insects such as cockroaches, flees and bugs, it is harmless for humans and animals. In addition, this product is popular in the market because it is much affordable than other conventional insect foggers.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, effective and long lasting fogger that not only deals with cockroaches but also other smaller insects such as fleas and varieties of bugs, the Hartz UtlraGuard Plus Fogger is definitely a smart investment.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to find in the market
  • Works perfectly on other insects such as fleas and bed bugs
  • Long lasting


  • Not recommended for other species of roaches such as German roaches
  • Not fast acting

Our Final Thoughts

So which among this list of roach fogger and bombs is the best choice for your specific needs? To be honest, all these options are proven effective for killing cockroaches in and outside home.

One particular product that is more popular than others is the Black Flag Indoor Fogger because it is highly effective against the sturdier breed of roaches which is the German roach. Also, while it is effective against roaches, it can also be used to eliminate other insects.

How do you like our article about the top roach foggers and roach bombs in the market today? Got questions, suggestions or comments? Do let us know. We have a convenient comment box below for all your messages.

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