Best Rooftop Garden Ideas

Nowadays the world is incredibly saturated, and the population is ever-growing. As a result, countries around the world are being forced to extend urban areas. Now, with a higher number of urban areas and more habitants per area, there comes limited space for housing. So, developers are having to become more and more creative.

Why do you think there are way more terraced and semi-detached houses? But, more importantly; why do you think there has been a huge influx of apartment blocks? Well, because people need to be housed and there simply wouldn’t be enough space for traditional housing. However, apartment blocks and high-rises are usually lacking a garden area.

In this modern generation, a garden area is considered a necessity. Families love to hang out, socialise and enjoy themselves in a garden. Children love to play with toys and stay active in a garden. Senior citizens are known to love to relax with the fresh air in a garden. So, properties without an outside area are generally un-desirable and are a valued drastically lower.

Fortunately, creativity amongst developers has meant that there is a way to forge outside space with apartments, but just not in the way you’d expect. When there isn’t room around the property, it is possible to utilize the rooftop. Although, when looking to create a garden on your rooftop, ideas can either be hard to come by or overwhelming.

Which is why we have sourced some roof garden ideas to give you some inspiration…

Have a slice of the countryside

When living in an urban area with all the hustle and bustle, it is very easy to forget how beautiful our planet is. There is tonnes and tonnes of greenery that goes under the radar, and many people don’t get around to making a visit to the nearest countryside. So, why not bring the countryside to you?

If you do want to go down that route, remember to keep the area open and don’t overcrowd. For safety reasons, you do need to enclose your rooftop garden but consider using transparent glass or a lovely hedge.

Anyway, in terms of establishing a countryside feel; use a large array of trees, have artificial grass for the flooring and plant some seeds to get some flowers and trees growing for the long term. Moreover, despite the beauty of this option, it will take a little bit of maintenance to keep everything neat and tidy.

Keep it sophisticated

A luxury, sophisticated environment may be hard to achieve in a relatively small space such as a rooftop. However, it is certainly possible, and with correct choices in terms of furniture and features you’ll have a superb rooftop garden.

Raised beds in white or cream colours, a fireplace in the wall and maybe a focal point such as bamboos, smooth rocks and water feature will give you a sense of elegance. Plus, it is crucial that you consider the flooring.

Even if you get the furniture, features and decoration spot on, if you opt for simple, average and boring wood flooring, you’ll lose the luxurious, sophisticated aspect. Think about marble flooring or high-end woods.

Add some romance

What can be a better way to add romance to your relationship than with a rooftop garden, especially if you are lucky enough to have spectacular views from your location? It may sound simple to obtain a romantic setting, but there are many things that need to work in harmony.

Firstly, you’ll need a dinner table small enough for two, with adequate decoration that scrams romance. For example, add special flowers around the rooftop and roses on the table.

Additionally, it is vital that you get the lighting right, as that will make or break your rooftop garden. Keep the lighting dim, use a fireplace feature and add candles around the place. If you want to keep the romance flying following on from your dinner; think about a swinging bed that will allow you to relax and watch the starts together.

Ultimately, whichever rooftop garden idea you go with, just make sure that you go with one that matches your style, interests and personality. After all, you’ll need to make the most out of the space you have!

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My name is Emily Taylor, gardening is my passion and I’m looking forward to sharing it with everyone. I know that there are millions of people out there want their backyard and garden be attractive just like their front yard, so I am here to help you create your own backyard paradise.

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