Best Rooting Hormone To Use For Any Plants

Ever heard of the word ‘rooting hormone’? Did it ever cross your mind that this is actually an effective solution in stimulating plants’ growth? If you’re someone who is dealing with growth problems for your plants, this could be a great solution for you.

Also, if you’re into gardening or landscaping and looking to grow your plants fast and healthily, you should try a rooting hormone solution. However, getting one is not an easy task because there are a few things to consider making sure that you are getting the best rooting hormone for your specific needs.

In this article, we’ll be discussing all the things you need to know about rooting hormones as well as your best choices in the market.

Rank Product Name Image Score


HydroDynamics Clonex Gel
97/100 Review


Garden Safe Rooting Hormone
94/100 Review


General Hydroponics Rooting Hormone
90/100 Review


Quick Clone Gel Rooting Hormone
85/100 Review


RootBoost Rooting Hormone
80/100 Review

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Best Rooting Hormone To Use For Any PlantsWhy Use Rooting Hormone?1. Rooting Hormone Tips2. Gathering Your Stems3. Pouring Rooting Hormone4. Planting The Stem5. Water The PlantThings To Consider When Buying Rooting Hormone1. Liquid Form​2. Powder Form3. Gel FormTop 5 Rooting Hormones To Choose From1. HydroDynamics Clonex Gel2. Garden Safe Rooting Hormone3. General Hydroponics Rooting Hormone4. Quick Clone Gel Rooting Hormone5. RootBoost Rooting HormoneConclusion

Why Use Rooting Hormone?

For those who do not know what rooting hormone is yet, it’s actually something that is utilized in order to propagate plants. This is used generally on plants that are being grown after cutting.

There is a wide variety of plants that can be grown by just cutting a piece from the original plant and have it to grow a new plant. However, since there are no roots to absorb nutrition from the ground, the plant may have a lesser survival rate – thus the rooting hormone comes into place.

By using a rooting hormone, you can ensure the survival of the plants despite the absence of its roots. Today, there are a wide variety of rooting hormones that have various features.

1. Rooting Hormone Tips

To grow your plants using a rooting hormone is not as easy as it sounds. You’ll have to follow certain procedures as well as certain details in order to grow your plants successfully via rooting hormone.

Here are a few tips and procedures on using rooting hormone for your plants.

2. Gathering Your Stems

cloning plants

The first thing that you should remember when growing your plants using a rooting hormone is to make sure that your collected stems are fresh and clean. Prior to rooting, make sure that you have cleared the stem of leaves. Once the leaves are removed, you can set them aside for the next process.

3. Pouring Rooting Hormone

Do not pour your rooting hormone directly to the prepared stems – pour it over to a separate container. Make sure that the container is clean and have enough opening where you can easily dip the cut stems.

Once you’re all set, you can go ahead and dip the end of the roots submerging only an inch. The dipped or submerged end of the stem will be where the roots grow.

4. Planting The Stem


After dipping the stem to the rooting hormone, you can now plant them over soil. If planting over a pot, you need to cover the pot with plastic bag after planting. After that, place it directly under the sun for proper light nutrition.

5. Water The Plant

water tomato plants

After planting the stems over a pot, you will need to constantly keep them moist. Only remove the plastic bag when you see signs of growing leaves from the plant.

Things To Consider When Buying Rooting Hormone

Now that you have a better understand of how rooting hormone works as well as the processes involved, let’s jump right into how you can find the ideal rooting hormone for your needs. To help you make a better decision on which rooting hormone to purchase, we’ve come up with these few considerations.

Aside from the volume and price, there are actually not much considerations to make when buying a rooting hormone that suits your needs. You’ll only need to be aware of the different forms so you can make a decision on which rooting hormone to purchase. These forms are as follows:

1. Liquid Form​

This first form of rooting hormone is the most popular form and it has 2 types – the ready-to-use liquid form and the liquid form that is concentrated.

The ready-to-use liquid form is a common favorite because it already comes with the right amounts of ingredients and mixtures from the package. It features a synthetic hormone which delivers fast root development from the plants.

As mentioned in the procedures above, it would be best to dip the plant onto a container and not directly from the bottle to avoid contamination and spillage.

a needle and hormone bottles

With regards to the concentrated liquid form of rooting hormone, as its name suggests, it requires diluting the solution with water. With this option you can personalize your mixtures.

Say, if your previous mixture had a different effect, you can always try changing the quantities of your solution until your desired outcome is met.

2. Powder Form

The powder form of rooting hormone is preferred by hobbyist and commercial gardeners because of its lengthy life span.

When using the powder form of rooting hormone, simply dip the stem cutting into the powder, then tap lightly as you lift to remove the excess powder and to make sure that no powder grain is put to waste.

This is a great option if you don’t like the messy way of preparing your solution such as the liquid form of rooting hormone.

3. Gel Form

needle and hormone bottles

This last form of rooting hormone is a popular choice for those who are looking to grow plants indoors. Among the 3 forms, this stands out to be the most effective as it provides long lasting coverage of stems thus providing better absorption for the plant.

Just like the previous forms, it is best to use the gel form of rooting hormone over a container to avoid contaminating the bottle.

Top 5 Rooting Hormones To Choose From

Now that you have a better understanding of what a rooting hormone is, its advantages as well as its types, let’s walk right in on the best rooting hormones that are sold in the market today. Listed below are some options that you can consider.

While these options may not be the most affordable to take, they are surely the most effective choices today.

1. HydroDynamics Clonex Gel

Lastly, you can also try the HydroDynamics Clonex Gel if you prefer the gel type of rooting hormone over powder and liquid.

This product features various blend of vitamins, hormones, minerals, anti-fungal agents and other ingredients that promote plant growth. A good advantage with using this product is that since it is gel-based, there is no need to reapply the product after a few days of application.

The gel used is EPA accredited and is safe to use over other species of plants which include root crops, fruits and vegetables. Additionally, this is also used in propagation of medicinal plants.

This product is water-based which sticks to the stem of the plant for long lasting efficiency.

This Rooting Gel from HydroDynamics Clonex comes available in the market in bottles of 100ml, 250 ml, 16 oz and 32 oz. To test if this product works with your plants you can opt for the 15 ml variant as test solution.


  • Propagates any species of plants even root crops, fruits and vegetables
  • Nourishes the roots
  • Stays intact around the stem for faster root growth
  • Plenty vitamin ingredients


  • Other units may arrive unsealed
  • Can cause wilting and withering upon too much application
  • Can take a while for roots to grow

2. Garden Safe Rooting Hormone

The TakeRoot Rooting Hormone from Garden Safe is another good choice of rooting hormone if you want prefers solutions having more Indole-3 Butyric Acid in its mixture. Indole-3 Butyric Acid promotes better growth rate for the roots of the plants and makes the plants healthier as they grow.

Also, Indole-3 Butyric Acid is something that is present in almost all plants and that it contributes to the plants growth ability. Having more of these in a solution will provide better yield for cloning plants.

One thing to be taken advantage of with Garden Safe Rooting hormone is that it keeps pests away from the plants. And it has safe ingredients which makes it an ideal solution to use for vegetables, fruits as well as flowers.

If you’re looking for a cheap rooting hormone for a number of applications then this option could be perfect for you.


  • User-friendly and is very easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Efficient in promoting root growth


  • Not recommended for some plants – check the label of the list of plants that can use this product
  • Too much volume on application can cause the plant to wilt or wither

3. General Hydroponics Rooting Hormone

This rooting hormone from General Hydroponics is an excellent choice if you’re looking to enhance plant growth. This solution works perfectly for providing a sufficient amount of amino acids and nutrients which the plants need.

It provides an explosive growth rate for the roots and stimulates their branching within just a short period of time. With the thicker and more branching of the roots, a sufficient amount of nutrients is delivered to the stem thus making the plant healthier and grow faster.

This product from General Hydroponics can be used in various types of plants as well as can be used over different soils such as hydroponics, coco, blends, soil mixes, and others.

The General Hydroponics Rooting Hormone comes available in 1 gal, 1 lit, 500 ml, 275 ml and 125 ml variants. If you want to try if this product works for your plant, you can simply opt for the 125 ml variant for testing.


  • Very effective in increasing plant growth rate
  • Visible root growth in just a few days
  • Boosts plant health


  • Not recommended for consumable crops
  • May develop white fungus around the plant

4. Quick Clone Gel Rooting Hormone

If you want to try the popular as well as a common rooting hormone then you can also opt for the Quick Clone Gel Rooting Hormone. It is a popular choice among gardeners and landscapers because of its high yield in growing plants fast.

This product is easy and quick to use. Simply dip the stem it in a container of the solution directly plant it over the soil. It requires a quick process and also delivers quick results. Within 5-10 days after planting, you will be able to see visible root growth.

One thing that is impressive about this product is that it has 60 kinds of ingredients in a bottle to promote faster and healthier plant growth. Among those ingredients that boost the plants growth rate include rooting hormone solutions, amino acids, nutrients, vitamins and many other ingredients.

This rooting hormone can be used on any kinds of plants which include produces such as peppers, tomatoes, and even flowers such as roses or orchids.


  • Fast results in as little as 5 days
  • Increased root growth rate
  • Perfect for cloning plants
  • Keeps the plants moist to avoid dehydration and wilting


  • Watery
  • Requires even application for stems to develop

5. RootBoost Rooting Hormone

Should you be looking for a rooting hormone that is designed mostly for ornamental plants then the RootBoost Rooting Hormone could come in handy for you. This product enhances growth rate of ornamental plants and helps them propagate at a short span of time.

It delivers stimulation for the plants roots and promotes plants health. Among those plants that are known to work effectively with this product include Roses, Coleus, Hydrangeas, Phlox, Cacti, Poinsettias, Photinias and many other ornamental plants and flowers.

RootBoost Rooting hormone is a trusted and reliable solution for turning cuttings to healthy, strong and beautiful ornamental plants and flowers.

Again, one thing to note about this product is that it is formulated only for ornamental plants and flowers. Using this product for other plants will deliver zero results.


  • Promotes root growth within a week
  • High yield rate
  • Ideal for thick stemmed plants
  • Affordable


  • Requires even application to avoid wilting and withering
  • Doesn’t work with other species of plants



For our final thoughts and recommendation of the best rooting hormone on this list, we would like to go with HydroDynamics Clonex Gel Rooting Hormone.

We recommend HydroDynamics Clonex Gel as the best among the products in this list because of the wide range of plant species that it can cover. Also, since it is in the gel form of rooting hormone, it stays with the plant longer, feeds more nutrients and vitamins to the plant thus providing better growth rate. It is also affordable and easy to use.

Did you like our list of top 5 Rooting Hormones that are available in the market today? If you have suggestions or questions about our list, we’d love to hear about it through our comment box located below this article.

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