What’s The Best Solar Generator That Suits Your Needs?

One of the most popular innovations of man with regard to power generation is solar generators. It has been gaining popularity through the years because of its many benefits.

In this article, we’ll be talking about these benefits as well as the things you should consider prior to buying the best solar generator that suits your needs.

Also, we’ll add some of the top solar generators in the market today to help you narrow down your choices.


Product Name




Offgridsolargenerators Solar Generator

97 /


Goal Zero Yeti 400

94 /


Goal Zero Yeti 1250

90 /


Grape Solar GS-400-KIT

85 /


Go Power! Solar Generator

80 /

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Advantages Of Using A Solar Generator

Many people see solar generators as just something that people buy out of norm and just for the aesthetics. What they do not know is there are actually a line of benefits to get out of these innovations.

Among the obvious benefits that one can acquire from using solar generators as a source of alternative power is that it is a more ‘eco-friendly’ choice as compared to using a fuel-powered generator. Also, not only is it safe for the environment, it also relieves the user of the fees acquired from fuel repurchases.

In addition to the obvious advantages of using a solar generator, here are also some reasons why it is better to purchase a solar generator than other kinds of generators.

1. Cheap Energy

generator with solar panels

Cheaper energy is generated using solar generators. Aside from saving from the refuels, users can also save more on maintenance. Also, with a solar generator, you can cut back on your grid reliance and utility bills thus you don’t have to worry about bills in the mail each month.

2. Portable

Solar generators are much smaller in size or more compact than the traditional generators. They are available in compact sizes which make them perfect to use for camping or any outdoor activities.

3. Safe To The Environment

Unlike fuel-powered generators, the solar generator does not produce smoke emissions when in use. It doesn’t produce byproducts that can be harmful to the eco-system.

4. Store Power

Another great benefit of using a solar generator is that you can actually store the power that is generated by the equipment. It allows you to stock on your power to be used for future applications which fuel-powered generators are unable to provide.

Things To Consider When Buying A Solar Generator

Now that you understand the benefits of solar generators, let us now look at the things to consider prior to buying one. These considerations can help you purchase the ideal solar generator that suits your needs and fits your specific budget.

1. Storage Capacity

If there is one thing that you should check first from your solar generator, it is its battery storage capacity. The amount of power that you store in your battery will dictate for how long you can have power.

If you’re looking to use the generator at night then having a good storage capacity out of your solar generator would be essential.

2. Solar PV Input

A solar generator is powered by a solar PV input. If you’re looking to continuously use your solar generator from day till night, just be sure not to use your solar generator while recharging in order to reach full capacity immediately.

3. Component Quality

It is also important to check on the quality of the component as this will contribute to the longevity and usability of your solar generator. You need to make sure that its casing and other components can withstand pressure and exposure to heat and cold.

If you don’t want to spend money for repairs and replacements for parts, make sure your unit is made out of high-quality materials.

4. Portability

At some point, you will move your generator from one place to another for convenience and when you do you’ll want to do it with ease. A great factor that can contribute to the portability of a solar generator is its weight which is mostly contributed by the battery.

A solar generator with good portability feature should have a compact and light battery as well as a good set of durable wheels to carry the weight of the equipment.

5. Price

Of course, when it comes to buying almost anything you should also consider the price. When it comes to generator price, the bigger the generated power, the bigger will be its price. There will be bulkier solar generators but has the lower power generation capability and these will be much cheaper.

Top 5 Solar Generators Today

With the wide array of solar generator choices that you can find in the market, it is difficult to find the ideal one that is right for your needs. To help you with that, we’ve done all the research and comparison and found the top 5 solar generators that you can choose from.

They are as follows:

1. Offgridsolargenerators Solar Generator


Lastly, you can also consider the Solar Generator from Offgridsolargenerators if you are into the solar generator that is easy to use right from the box. This product is designed with a ‘plug n play’ feature that allows you to use without the need for any installation or set up.

This choice of solar generator is gaining popularity in the market because of its excellent portability and flexibility for many applications. It is designed with a 25 feet cable which allows better reach on solar panels. With this good length of cable, it is easier to set up the solar panels at any distance and location.

This kit also comes with a 30-watt polycrystalline solar panel which connects directly towards the charge box. Compared to the other solar panels mentioned above, this product is much lighter and is very comfortable to handle. It even includes a few gauges which allow the user to monitor power usage.

It is designed with a Kisae 800 power pack that plugs directly to the solar panel for a quick plug n’ play set up.


  • With 12v polycrystalline panel
  • Sealed battery
  • Durable panel
  • Environment-friendly and can be used indoors
  • Lightweight


  • Charges too long
  • Expensive

2. Goal Zero Yeti 400


One more solar generator from Goal Zero that is worth mentioning in this list is the Goal Zero Yeti 400. It is a compact solar generator that packs enough power to run small appliances, computers, and even the television for long hours.

It comes available with one 1.5 Amp USB port along with a 12 V outlet and 300 w power inverter that is built-in with the equipment. If you are located far from the reach of power grids or are trying to camp outdoors, this portable and efficient solar generator can be your ideal choice.

When not charging through the sun, this solar generator can charge through the outlet. It is a bit lighter than the other models from its series which makes it easy to carry and move around when needed.

It is designed with a handle along with a stackable shape that provides you with flexibility and convenience when using this generator for outdoor activities such as camping. Also, since this product does not have emissions, it is safe to use for the environment and can even be used indoors.


  • Can be used with another Goal Zero Yeti 400 to increase its run time
  • Safe for the environment and can be used indoors
  • Comes with a good number of outlets
  • With AC inverter


  • Not generating enough power for heavy duty applications
  • Issues of battery not charging after constant use
  • Expensive

3. Goal Zero Yeti 1250


One popular brand when it comes to solar generators is the Goal Zero and one of their best solar generators is the Goal Zero yeti 1250. This product is considered the most powerful model yet in its goal zero Yeti series.

It comes with a pair of boulders 30 solar panels which can charge the generator within just 24 hours. It is also designed with adjustable parts that enable you to add more panels for a faster charge time. It can be powered directly from the outlet during the evenings or when the sun is not visible.

Compared to other models, this solar generator is quite heavy despite its compact size. It also comes with a 1250 wph battery and features 3 USB with 3 DC connections. Also, it is made available with 3 AC connections which allows charging multiple devices or equipment together.

This product is also ideal for indoor use since it does not produce any fumes and loud noise during use which the traditional generators do.


  • Doesn’t produce emissions and works quietly
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Comes with rolling cart for better transportability and mobility
  • Ideal for indoor use


  • Heavy
  • Exterior or casing is not very durable
  • Sensitive battery – often needs replacement

4. Grape Solar GS-400-KIT


Grape Solar GS-400-KIT can also be an excellent option if you want a reliable backup power to run home appliances such as TVs, lights, audio devices, blenders and others. It is also a durable solar generator to use when camping and for other outdoor activities.

This product is designed with a 35 Amp controller which came from Xantrex – a leading provider of charge controllers for solar generators.

It is also designed with a 2000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter which packs more than enough power to produce a 400 watt per hour. In a day, this solar generator can produce as much as 1200 watt hours which can still be expanded depending on the battery bank that is installed with it.

This solar generator also features four polycrystalline panels with each having 2-diode junction box that is designed for better energy capturing capability.

Its package comes with 2 outlets, one USB port and a few cables for installation purposes.


  • Recommended for pumps, lights and sensitive devices such as phones
  • With 35 Amp charge controller from Xantrex
  • Ideal for running small pumps and lights or charging your portable electronic devices


  • Battery not included
  • Short wirings
  • MC4 connectors are not standard

5. Go Power! Solar Generator


Another option you can consider when looking for a durable solar generator is the solar generator from Solar Power! This product is designed to generate just the right amount of power for the basic appliances and devices used in the household such as TVs, computers, audio equipment, microwave and many more.

It comes with 480 watts charging kit along with 3000 watts Sine way inverter technology which allows you to charge even the smallest sensitive devices such as phones, netbooks, ect.

It is also designed with a portable and component to make it easy to store when not in use and to move to places easily. It features all the things you need to connect the inverter and solar generator to a wide array of batteries and to solar panels.

If you’re looking for a cheap and compact solar generator to use for your power generation needs, this product can be your ideal choice.


  • Comes with complete kit for connecting other accessories and components
  • Can power home appliances and delicate devices
  • Safe to the environment
  • Zero maintenance


  • Incomplete set up instructions
  • Doesn’t generate enough power with the inverter

Our Final Thoughts

When it comes to power generation and affordability, all the solar generators mentioned in this list are equipped with these criteria. However, as a personal choice, we would like to point out that the Solar Generator from Offgridsolargenerators could be an ideal choice.

This is for the reason that this solar generator is easy to use with its ‘plug n play’ feature which allows beginners to use the equipment right away even from unboxing. Also, it comes with 25 feet cable which allows for better reach when installing the panel over to far locations from the component.

So what do you think of our top 5 choices of solar generators? Got any question, suggestion or comment? Do let us know, we have a convenient comment box below for that.

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