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Sportsmans Generator Reviews: Why Does Everybody Prefer Sportsman Generators Over Others?

a generator in winter

You’ll never know when power outages strike. This is why it is important to have a reliable generator always ready at your disposal. It is also important to have a generator to fully enjoy outdoor activities such as camping or boating.

One brand of generator stands out among others because of its durable design as well as its range of generator models that fits almost any kind of power generation need. This breed of advanced generators with an established name is the Sportsman generators.

If it’s your first time to purchase a generator or if you’re simply looking for a better replacement to your old generator, the Sportsman generator is an excellent choice.

In this article, we’ll be providing you reliable Sportsmans generator reviews and some of the things to consider prior to buying a generator.


Product Name




Sportsman GEN10K

97 /


Sportsman GEN4000LP

94 /


Sportsman GEN7000LP

89 /


Sportsman GEN4000DF

84 /


Sportsman GEN7500DF

80 /

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

What To Look For In A Sportsman Generator

Buying a generator should not be taken lightly. Investing in the wrong generator may not only cost you your money but can also cost you your time (from regular repairs and maintenance) and also your safety.

To ensure that you are buying the ideal Sportsman generator that suits your requirements, be sure to check out these few considerations.

1. Power & Fuel Performance

a green generator

When buying generators, the most important things are the power output and the fuel performance of the engine. This is to make sure that your generator can provide enough power for your specific power needs and that it can make full use of every ounce of fuel.

The new models of Sportsman generators are equipped with high performing engines that can deliver 1,250 – 7,000 running watts. Generally, most household electrical devices and appliances require 5,000 watts at most. With this, this brand of generators can also accommodate devices with higher or lower wattage requirements.

2. Engine Fuel

a black generator

It is also best to check out the fuel that can be used for the specific engine of your generator. Many modern generators are equipped with features that allow any kind of fuel to be used for the engine.

These engine types are the dual fuel and the tri-fuel types of engines which run on gasoline, propane or natural gas. Before you cash in on that generator, make sure that the fuel is easily obtainable within your area or that it matches your fuel lines at home.

3. Safety Features

a black and red generator

Safety features is also an important consideration to make prior to purchasing a generator. When using a generator, there will be risks of overheating, overloading, sparks, oi leaks and many others. Not only can this be dangerous to the user and the engine itself but can also be dangerous to the environment and surroundings.

So before you pay for that generator, make sure that it is equipped with safety features to ensure a lengthy life of use for the generator and to ensure personal safety as well.

4. Maintenance And Upkeep

generator in action

The last thing that you’d want out of your generator is to always take it to a service outlet whenever it has issues or problems. Not only can this be costly but can also cause you a lot of time and effort from bringing the generator to the service dealer yourself.

When buying a generator, make sure that you can perform the maintenance and upkeep yourself. Also, it is important to note that most modern generators are now equipped with maintenance-free features which allow you to establish a single maintenance session that could last for a long time – even months at that.

5. Control Panel

a generator on the field

Another important thing to note is that generators come with a control panel which provides easy access to all the primary functions in the unit.

Not only can this allow better convenience in managing your generator but can also provide better sorting and monitoring of your generator performance and output.

6. Added Features

gasoline generator

Many modern generators also come with various added feature which provide convenience, comfort, portability and efficiency.

Some of the added features that you can check out for your ideal generator include the volt meter, outlet covers, extra hose for fuel lines, wheels, handles, low noise and low vibration features, electric start system, and many others.

Top 5 Sportsman Generators Today

Now that you are more confident to buy a good generator that suits your requirements, let’s look at some of your best Sportsman generator options in the market. All these choices are carefully handpicked and are chosen as per customer recommendations.

1. Sportsman GEN10K


If you want more power out of your Sportsman generator, you can simply look into investing on a Sportsman GEN10K.

It is designed with a reliable OHV engine that is sure to provide 10,000 surge watts and 7,000 continuous watts and can run continuously for 8 hours at 50% load. This product also comes in a variety of outlets for specific power requirements.

Its assortment of outlets includes the 120V/140V twist lock outlet, a 12V DC outlet designed for charging batteries and 4 120V outlets. Also, this generator can be started using two ways – the recoil start system and the electrical starting system using an external battery.

It is also easy to maneuver and transport this generator because it is designed with a durable wheel kit. It comes with an installation and setup manual to guide you through the installation and setup process. Also, this product is EPA approved for safer engine performance.


  • With impressive output of 10,000 watts of its surge watts and 7,000 watts for its continuous watts
  • Can operate for 8 hours at 50% load of its 8 gal tank
  • Dual start system
  • With many outlets available
  • EPA approved


  • Requires technical skill and knowledge to set up connections
  • Expensive

2. Sportsman GEN4000LP


First on the list is the Sportsman GEN4000LP which features a 7 HP 4-cycle OHV engine which delivers 4000 watts for its surge watts and 3250 watts for its continuous watts.

It is designed with a number of outlets which include the pair of 12V outlets along with the 12V DC outlet which is mainly designed for charging batteries. Compared to other generators today, this is smaller and makes it more portable for outdoor use especially during camping, tailgating and other outdoor activities.

This product is designed with a recoil start style which is much economical since it doesn’t require external power from a battery on start up. Also, this machine is made with an auto-volt regulator along with an auto-oil shutdown on low level of oils. These features allow better performance and safety for the engine.

As a bonus, this generator also includes a 5 ft propane fuel hose in its package. This provides better reach towards fuel lines and from distant spaces from the generator to the fuel supply.

It operates quietly with only 68 dBA and generates clean power with 40% lower carbon dioxide emission compared to other conventional generators.


  • With durable engine
  • Impressive output of 4000 surge watts
  • 10 hours of running time at 50% load
  • With circuit protection
  • EPA approved


  • Installation manual can be hard to interpret
  • Too heavy
  • Fragile filter cover

3. Sportsman GEN7000LP


You can also opt for the Sportsman GEN7000LP if you’re looking for a Sportsman generator with higher output.

The Sportsman GEN7000LP features a 13 HP 4-cycle OHV engine which delivers 7000 Watts for its surge watts and 6000 watts for its continuous wattage. It comes with a series of standard of outlets which include the 120V outlet, the 120V/240V outlet and a 12V DC outlet provided for battery charging.

Starting this product is also easy and can be done in 2 options – through the recoil start or through the electric starts using a motorcycle battery. It comes with a low-oil shutdown feature which ensures safety for the engine during low oil instances.

Also, it comes with an auto-voltage regulator when you can monitor the output of the generator. At 50% load, the generator can run for at least 12 hours which is more than enough time of performance before making the next refill on its 20 lb cylinder.

It makes use of propane fuel which is the cleanest fuel among all types. It is also easy to transport and maneuver into desired places with its wheel kit.


  • With 7000 surge watts and 6000 continuous watts
  • 12 hour running time at 50% load
  • EPA approved
  • With a series of outlets
  • Dual start system


  • Not very durable frame
  • Battery for electronic start not included

4. Sportsman GEN4000DF


If you want the lighter version of a Sportsman generator, you can also invest on the Sportsman GEN4000DF.

If you want a generator to take out with your RV or if you’re looking for a generator for your outdoor activities, this would be a perfect choice since it is lightweight with only 90 lbs for its total weight.

Despite its much lighter weight compared to other high performing generators, it does not lag behind in terms of performance because it can deliver as much as 4,000 Watts for its rated watts and 3,500 watts for its starting Watts.

With this much power, it can provide a good amount of electricity for air conditioners in RVs and for home appliances.

This product also has a dual-fuel engine type which makes it run using either propane or unleaded fuel. It can run for as long as 10 hours with 50% load over its 3.5 gal tank. Along its package includes a free 5 ft propane fuel hose with regulator to provide better reach to your local fuel line.


  • Light with 90 lbs for total weight
  • With 1 year warranty
  • Runs for 10 hours at 50% load
  • Dual fuel engine
  • With range of outlets


  • Noisy performance
  • With plastic parts that fragile

5. Sportsman GEN7500DF


As a last option, you can also opt for the Sportsman GEN7500DF if you want a reliable generator for your mid-range power generation requirements.

This generator from Sportsman is built with a 6.2 gal tank along with a fuel gauge to monitor fuel levels and to know when to prepare for a refill during operation for continuous performance. In addition, it also comes with added features such as circuit shield, a recoil start and an electric start using an external battery.

This generator can run continuously for 9 hours at 50% load providing 6,000 watts for its continuous watts and 7,500 watts for its surge watts. Also, it comes with a number of outlets which include the 12V DC outlet that is designed for charging batteries, a 120V/240V outlet, a 12V RV outlet and 4 120V AC outlets.

It is also designed to run on either propane or unleaded fuel for convenience especially during events when one type of fuel is unavailable. This generator is also a common favorite in the market because it is easy to set up along the fuel lines of the home and does not require much maintenance.


  • Recommended for general power generation requirements
  • With assortment of outlets
  • Dual start system
  • EPA Approved


  • Battery not included for electric start system
  • Expensive
  • Fragile propane regulator


Generators from Sportsman are indeed an excellent choice when looking for temporary power during power outages or shortages. As for our best choice on this list, we believe that the Sportsman GEN10K stands out more than the others not only mentioned in this list but also for all other conventional generators.

This is for the reason that it comes with a durable engine that provides a flexible output which is good for both the electrical devices with larger power requirements and for the sensitive devices such as cellphones and computers.

Also, it comes with a dual start system that allows for either electric start or the usual recoil start and it is EPA approved for better engine performance.

What do you think of our Sportsman generator review? Got questions or suggestions? Leave us your comment and feedback through our comment box below. We’d love to hear your thoughts about this article.

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