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Gardens and lawns always need regular weeding in order to maintain aesthetics. Let’s face it though, no matter how hard you try to keep your garden free from weeds they will always keep coming back. Fortunately, we now have advanced means to eliminate this garden problem – by using a weed barrier.

So what is are weed barriers, how it works and what are the best weed barrier options in the market?

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What Is A Weed Barrier?

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Weeds are every gardener’s mortal enemy. It sucks up the ground’s nutrients, block the plant’s sunlight as well as deprive them of water. If these weeds are ignored and mature, they will dig their roots deep within the soil and reproduce rapidly until it covers a whole area.

A proven and effective way to deal with these “nutrient gobblers” is by using chemical sprays or pesticides to kill them down to the roots and offspring. The bad news however is that using chemical sprays can also harm the soil and the environment.

So to deal with the problem of weeds and to avoid causing problem to the environment while doing so, the weed barrier was invented. Weed barriers eliminate the problem of weed by blocking their source of sunlight, water and even oxygen. By depriving them of these nutrients they are unable to multiply and therefor stunting their growth.

Advantages Of Using A Weed Barrier

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  • Most methods today of eliminating weeds involve using chemicals which is definitely a no-no for the environment. Not only does chemicals contaminate the lush soil but also kills other organisms such as earthworms which help in cultivating the soil. Preferring weed barriers will be a more environmental-friendly solution to weeds.
  • Weed barriers are designed with holes where water, air, sunlight and other nutrients can seep into a specific area on ground and distribute these nutrients to the plants and not to the surrounding areas where weed can grow. Also, through the barrier moisture can be retained thus the lesser need for constantly watering the plants.
  • Plants also tend to grow faster when using weed barriers. With the absence of weeds which suck up the nutrients from the ground, plants can hog all the nutrients from the ground to itself therefore making it grow faster and healthier. This is evident when the plant’s leaves are lush green in color.
  • Since the weed barrier fabric is durable and tough, animals cannot simply break through or destroy it. This is especially for the case of dogs who love to dig holes on the ground. If a weed barrier is used on the ground, dogs won’t be able to get through their tough fabric.

What To Look For In A Weed Barrier

If you’ve understand the importance of using a weed barrier in your garden or backyard and are ready to get yourself one then you might want to check on a few more things with regard to getting the best weed barrier that suits your needs. So before you make that purchase, make sure to use these few factors as reference.

1. The Weed Barrier Should Be Easy To Install

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One thing that you should consider in your prospect weed barrier is that it should be easily installed. The last thing you want to do is call a professional to install it for you. If you think it’s too complicated to install the weed barrier on your own then you don’t have to purchase it – look for the easy to install ones. Find those you can work on your own with just a few tools like scissors, cutters or just a knife.

2. Make Sure That Nutrients Can Get Through (Water And Air)

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In order to grow lush green plants, you need a healthy soil. And the best way to have a healthy soil for your plant is by supplying it with enough nutrients. So when buying a weed barrier, you need to make sure that air and water is allowed to seep through to the ground. Of course, the nutrients should only be concentrated on the plants not on the weeds.

3. Environment Friendly


Just as mentioned before, dealing with weeds in the garden shouldn’t compromise the health of the ground and other micro organisms. The weed barrier fabric should not be composed of chemicals that can do these harms. Find a fabric that is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

4. Can Last A Long Time

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Of course when you buy something, you would want it to last as long as possible. It’s the same with weed barriers. Nobody wants to replace a weed barrier every once in awhile – not only is this costly but can also be a daunting task. Ideally, find a weed barrier that can last in all 4 types of seasons.

The Top 5 Best Weed Barrier Options In The Market Today

There are a lot of weed barriers available today in the market and each of these has a specific positive as well as negative review. In order to have an idea of your best possible options, we’ve came up with a list of the top 5 best weed barrier options in the market today.

All these choices are proven and tested to deliver the best performance when it comes to eliminating weeds in your law, garden, or backyard.

1. Dewitt Weed Barrier Fabric 12YR450

The Dewitt 4-Foot by 50-Foot 12-Year Weed Barrier Fabric 12YR450 is a weed barrier that deactivates the growth of weeds right from the start and both user-friendly and environment-friendly. It has a few features designed within its system which its competitions do not have.

This weed barrier by Dewitt is made of durable materials using spun-bond process that puts together melt-blown materials to produce a sturdy triple layered weed protection system. In addition, the Dewitt 4-Foot by 50-Foot 12-Year Weed Barrier comes along with a dynamic carbon black content fabric that are designed to block every millimeter of sunlight to avoid the weeds from getting any.

Also, this weed barrier provides anti-tangle features as it is designed to avoid unraveling and is easy to cut with just using a pair of ordinary scissors. Furthermore, the Dewitt 4-Foot by 50-Foot 12-Year Weed Barrier Fabric is hydrophilic treated which means water and nutrients can flow easily towards the plants.


  • The Dewitt weed barrier 12-years is preferred by more users because of its easy-to-use feature
  • Fabric does not unravel and very easy to manage – easy to divide into smaller parts
  • Thickness and durability allows it to withstand all other destructive elements –even dogs!


  • Requires more pins or weight on top in order to fix it to the ground
  • Not recommended to use on pathways as doing so will puncture holes into the fabric
  • The material can last up to 12 years, however the gravity of use can lessen the years to a few years

2. SCOTTS Pro Fabric

The SCOTTS 25-Year Pro Fabric, 3 by 150-Feet is ideal for the gardening and lawn maintenance for owners who doesn’t want to spend much for a weed barrier. It provides decent work in clearing weed in a lawn or a garden which is worth the money. With the brand name on this item, users can immediately know that it is reliable.

Seeing that the price is affordable and the length is a bit shorter than others, it is best recommended for small or compact areas or spaces. Also, the SCOTTS 25-Year Pro Fabric, 3 by 150-Feet lives to its brand name, this weed barrier by Scotts is durable and has a cloth-like texture.

Hence the smaller size than the conventional weed barrier, it is easy to install and maintain.


  • Weeds are easily sorted out right away without using chemicals and durability helps in reducing possibility of soil erosions
  • Can be used to cover ground for pathways, walkways along with retaining walls and lightweight material and easy to cut to pieces


  • Fabric allows only a minimum amount of water to seep through to the ground
  • Possible frequent tears and cuts from too much use
  • The product fabric can be thinner when used to other thicker weed barrier fabrics

3. Easy Gardener 21041MJ Landscape Fabric

The Easy Gardener 21041MJ 3-Foot by 50-Foot 15 Year Landscape Fabric is another good option to keep your lawns and gardens looking attractive all year round. The fabric quality can be used to cover areas of various sizes from small or tiny to the larger areas.

Not only does it work perfectly in covering ground surfaces but also on water surfaces such as pools or ponds. The special Easy Gardener landscape fabric easily eliminates the possible growth of weeds in your lawn or garden without having to use any chemicals that could harm the ground and the environment.

With this weed barrier designed to be resistant to UV rays, the dream of maintaining a healthy soil for your plants and devoid of weeds will be a reality.


  • This fabric material looks and has the same texture as the fabric under furniture
  • The material is tough and can be pulled without tearing or ripping
  • Cannot be easily shredded by strong winds and can last whole year round on changing seasons


  • Not enough water seeping through the fabric
  • Doesn’t exactly last for 15 years when regularly used and under adverse conditions

4. PRO Series Weed Control Landscape Fabric

The PRO Series 4 Ft X 225 Ft Weed Control Landscape Fabric is one of the most favored weed barriers by professional gardeners and lawn owners for the reason that it can last for 2 decades if installed properly under minimal adverse conditions. Special fabric controls weed growth effectively and evenly distributes nutrients, water and oxygen to plants.

The PRO Series 4 Ft X 225 Ft Weed Control Landscape Fabric is designed with polypropylene material with 3 layers of spun-bond fabric delivering extra durability and zero light seepage to exterminate weeds but permeable to water, light and oxygen for plants for healthier and lush growth.


  • Eliminates the seed germination of weeds from the roots and durable and helps reduce the chances of soil erosion
  • Polypropylene material makes it more durable than other weed barriers and makes it hard to tear or rip in adverse conditions


  • Fabric degrades sunlight exposure
  • Difficult to maximize a shelf life of 20 years without external effects from rains, strong winds and even animals

5. Dewitt Black Weed Barrier Pro Landscape Fabric PBK4100

The Dewitt Black 4-Foot by 100-Foot 3oz Weed Barrier Pro Landscape Fabric PBK4100 is a common favorite for lawn and garden owners looking to fully manage their lot. Very popular for garden designers and people who are into landscaping due to various available colors such as brown, white and the traditional black color.

Every stone or mulch application can be easily matched using these three types of colors. Protects the soil from UV rays and the hydrophilic treated fabric allows permeability to water, sunlight and air.


  • Does not require constant watering as moisture is contained under the fabric and totally eliminates weed to its roots
  • Designed with hydrophilic treated fabric permeable only to water, air and nutrients essential for plant growth


  • Poor packaging and grass as well as weeds will get through if not installed properly
  • Quality and durability may not be best for some types of weeds and grasses


As a final verdict, all of these mentioned weed barriers can be the best option you can have to effectively disable weed for a long time in your garden however comparing all the features with each model, the Dewitt Weed Barrier Fabric 12YR450 could be the better choice.

This is because it has a proven track record of positive reviews from its users along with all the mentioned amazing features adding to its affordability. But of course you can still choose any of the mentioned best lawn mower options mentioned above.

If you think the other models are way better than the recommended weed barrier do let us know. We’d love to hear your thoughts about through our comment box located below.

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