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Wen Generator Reviews: What To Look For In Your Wen Generator Purchase

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When it comes to power tools, the brand name Wen always comes to mind. Today, Wen provides a few of the best high quality power tools along with reliable generators in the market. They offer a wide array of generators that would suit any kind of power generation need.

They offer generators with running watts that range from 3500 watts to 9000 watts depending on the specific power requirement. Wen is a popular name in terms of generators also because their units are designed with the most advanced technology and modern features.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best Wen generator reviews that are available for any specific power need. To narrow down your choices, we’ve researched the top 5 Wen generators available in the market today. Read through to check out these top 5 choices.


Product Name




WEN 56180

97 /


WEN 56352

93 /


WEN 56551

89 /


WEN 56682

85 /


WEN 56200i

81 /

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

What To Consider When Buying A Wen Generator

There are quite a number of generators available in the market – the same goes with Wen generators. Due to the increasing demands and various power requirements, many variations and models of Wen generators are also manufactured.

To help you find the ideal Wen generator that suits your needs, be sure to check out these considerations prior to cashing in on your choice.

1. Fuel Capacity

a small generator

One thing should be kept in mind when considering the fuel tank capacity – the bigger tank you have, the longer it will take to make another refuel. On average, a generator should be able to hold up as much as five gallons for the regular power generation applications.

This much tank capacity can make the unit work for 7 hours of running time.

When considering the fuel tank capacity out of your ideal generator, be sure to think of your specific requirements. Will you be providing power for the whole house or just a few electrical devices at home?

If you want more power for a long time then you can invest for the more substantial fuel capacity.

2. Power Output

champion generator

Just like mentioned earlier, you may want to consider your power requirements thus it is also important to look at the power output of your specific Wen generator.

While most generators in the market are equipped with enough power to supply electricity to average devices and appliances at home, some may not be a good choice for providing power to sensitive devices such as computers or cellphones.

Conventional generators are made with better power outputs that can match any specific power generator need – you just need to shop around for them.

3. Weight And Portability

a generator

If you’re looking to use your generator for camping, for your RV or any outdoor activity then it would be best to invest for those with portable design and light weight.

A smaller and more compact body doesn’t always mean it is lighter, make sure to check the weight as many are designed heavier despite their compact size.

With regards to portability, be sure to check out the wheels that come along with the unit. Also, some may include a carrying in the package for easier transportation of the unit.

4. Maintenance

Anything that has an engine requires maintenance. The last thing that you’d want out of your generator is to always have a professional check the machine in case of trouble.

When looking for your ideal Wen generator, make sure that it is easy to maintain or at least doesn’t require regular maintenance.

Many modern generators are equipped with maintenance-free features that relieve you of the daunting and repetitive task of maintenance and upkeep.

5. Durability

a 2000 watt generator

Of course if you want your investment to last for a long time, you need to make sure it is made out of durable materials with a robust design. Find a Wen generator that is equipped with a solid metal body to resist rust, dents or corrosion.

6. Other Features

a generator outside

There have been a lot of advancements on the modern generator since its birth. One can now operate the generator with many added features such as noise-reduction features, smart start technology, fuel gauge, outlet covers, wheels and many others.

There will be additional features that may be offered to go with your generator but only select those that you really need or else you will end up shelling off much more than your allotted budget.

Top 5 Wen Generators In The Market Today

Now that you know what to look for in your ideal Wen generator, let’s check out your top options in the market today. Each of these Wen generators are carefully handpicked based on delicate criteria such as reliability, power output, features and affordability.

1. WEN 56180


Another popular Wen generator that you can have if you want the CARB compliant generator is the WEN 56180.

This Wen generator features an OHV 4-stroke engine which can provide a running time of 7.5 hours at 50% load. Compared to the earlier models of Wen generators, this unit is much lighter with only 5 lbs for its total weight.

Despite its size and weight however, it provides a sufficient supply of power for the average power needs. Since it is CARB compliant, you are guaranteed of cleaner and much cheaper fuel consumption out of your engine.

Of course since it is fuel efficient, you’ll no longer have to deal with unwanted volume of emissions which makes this generator safe to use around any environment such as during camping in forests, parks and even on the yard.

It also features a variety of outlets which include a 120V AC outlet, a pair of 12.5A 3-prong outlet and a 12V DC outlet which is designed with a cigarette-lighter style.


  • CARB Compliant
  • Lightweight with only 5 lbs for its total weight
  • With a variety of outlets
  • With low-oil shutdown feature
  • Compact and portable


  • Not recommended for heavy-duty purposes
  • Loud operation
  • Very minimal fuel tank capacity

2. WEN 56352


The WEN 56352 is a good choice of Wen generator if you’re looking to provide power for mid-range power generation applications. It delivers 3000 watts for its running watts and 3500 watts for its starting watts.

It is designed with a 7 HP OHV engine with 4-stroke cycle which provides more than enough power to charge home appliances and even RV air conditioners. It provides a variety of outlets which can accommodate 120V/240V power outlet requirements.

This product is also designed with a wheel kit to make transportation and moving a breeze. Also, it comes with an hour meter for easier tracking of the maintenance schedule. Although this product is not CARB compliant, you can ensure that every ounce of fuel will be used efficiently.

Additional features include the low oil shutdown feature which shuts down the engine in cases of low oil. Also since Wen is a popular name in the market, its parts are easily obtainable anywhere and even on local hardware stores.


  • Designed with dual voltage capacity
  • Low oil shutdown feature
  • Include a run time meter and wheel kit
  • Easy maintenance
  • With 2 years of warranty


3. WEN 56551


First on the list, you can opt for the WEN 56551 if you are looking for a high quality generator. This is a popular generator in the market because it provides a good output of 5000 running watts and 5500 starting watts.

It is designed with a 389 cc OH motor engine with a maximum tank capacity of 6.5 gallons. With its tank full, it can run for as long as 11 hours at 50% load. When computed per hour, it has an average fuel consumption of 1.69 gal per hour.

This product is also designed with a comprehensive control panel which provides convenience and access to all the major functions that come with the unit. It is designed with a number of outlets which include the 120/240V twist lock outlet, a 12V DC outlet for battery charging and 4-120V 20A 3-prong outlets.

It also comes with many added features to provide better convenience such as the voltage meter, fuel gauge, outlet cover, and many others.


  • With powerful 389 cc engine
  • With long running hours of 11 hours at 50% load
  • With automatic voltage regulator
  • Comes with a wide variety of outlets
  • 2 years of warranty


  • Not enough power for heavy duty applications
  • Loud operation

4. WEN 56682


If you simply want more power out of your Wen generator, you can also invest in the WEN 56682.

This generator provides more power than the other generators listed above with 7000 watts for its surge watts and 5500 watts for its running watts. With this much power, you can provide a sufficient amount of power for average home appliances, pumps and lightings.

This product is also EPAIII compliant which ensures safe and clean fuel consumption through its 390 cc 13HP OHV engine with 6.5 gal tank capacity. With the tank full, this generator can run as long as 11 hours over 50% load.

It features two choices of starts – the keyless electric start or the traditional recoil starter which requires much less tension. This product also features a wide assortment of outlets which include 4-120V/240V 3-prong outlets, a 120V/240V twist lock outlet and a 12 DC outlet with car-charger design.


  • With reliable 390 cc 13HP engine
  • With 7000 surge watts along with 5500 running watts
  • Long running hours with 10 hours over 50% load
  • With wheel kit
  • With a wide assortment of outlets for specific power needs


  • Not CARB compliant
  • Loud operation
  • Expensive
  • Not recommended for sensitive electrical devices such as cellphones and laptops

5. WEN 56200i


If you’re looking for a good THD (total harmonic distribution) for fuel efficiency out of your Wen generator, you can also opt for the WEN 56200i.

This generator is designed with Pure sine wave output having only 1.2% THD over at full load. With this, it becomes an effective and safe solution to providing power for the more sensitive electrical devices and appliances such as computers, laptops and cellphones.

It is also designed with a reliable engine of 79.7 cc 4-cycle OHV engine which produces 2000 watts for its surge watts and 1600 watts for its running watts. With this much power, you can provide a sufficient flow of electricity for home appliances.

Another thing that customers love about this particular Wen generator is that it runs much quietly compared to other conventional generators. It only produces 51 dBA of noise which is hard to beat even for other popular names in the generator industry.

A single full tank of only 1-gallon can last 4-hours of run time at full load. Though, at lower power load and enabling the ESC Throttle feature it will result in longer run time. Also, this portable generator is easy to carry around since it only has 48 lbs for its total weight.


  • Quite operation with only 51 dBA
  • CARB compliant and safe to the environment
  • With powerful engine
  • Comes with a variety of outlets
  • Safe to use for sensitive electrical devices


  • Not enough power for heavy-duty applications
  • Casing is not very durable

Our Final Verdict

So what’s the top pick in this list? If we were to talk about steady supply of sufficient power for a long time then we would recommend the WEN 56682 as the optimum choice because of its impressive fuel capacity and engine.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a quick and portable solution to power outages, we would recommend the WEN 56180 because of its size and portability. Despite its smaller size and lighter weight, it does not lag on power and efficiency.

Despite the difference in each model, all these choices are reliable and come with a much affordable price compared to other brands.

So what do you think of our top Wen generators? If you think that there should be other models that deserve a spot on this list then do let us know.

We have a convenient comment box below for all your comments and suggestions.

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gerald thomas says Apr. 2018

I believe you will find the WEN 56180 generator does weigh more than 5 pounds. I think someone left off a zero.

Dave says May. 2018

You might want to double check the weight listed for the Wen 56180. I can guarantee it is not just 5 pounds. Probably more like 50 or 60 pounds at least.

Tom Burns says May. 2018

This writer/reviewer sells this as a great lightweight object. Several times they mention it’s 5 pound weight. The WEN spec says 57 pound shipping weight. Much more accurate.

Tom Burns says May. 2018

This writer/reviewer sells this as a great lightweight object. Several times they mention it’s 5 pound weight. The WEN spec says 57 pound shipping weight. Much more accurate. Loud and quiet are not empirical. Give us the decibels.

jay norris says Oct. 2018

will the wen 2000 portable generator run a refrigator, tv, and cable box.

this is all i need in power outage

let me know


Don says Nov. 2018

What are the pros and cons for wen 11000 – df1100

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