Black and Decker Leaf Blower: Honest Review

If you live anywhere near trees, and your fall weather hits, chances are leaves begin to litter your yard.

It’s a hard task to be stuck with, raking leaves, and if you let them idle for weeks, the debris can start to kill the grass underneath.

No one wants to see their green grass die, and raking takes time and unnecessary effort. There’s a solution to be had, and one that’s easy to do: get a leaf blower.

Yes, sometimes you need to spend money to save time. There’s a reason that certain power tools exist, and if you have any problems with leaves near your yard or home, a leaf blower is something you may need to invest in.

Of course, there are many different makes, and even models, to choose from.

How do you know what to pick and what will suit your needs? Well, you let us do the heavy lifting.

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There are plenty of gas models on the market that always provide a powerful machine to use, but generally, require more maintenance to keep running. Plus, mixing gas and oil can get frustrating over time.

That’s why we’re going to talk about an electric model, the BV5600, a Black and Decker leaf blower. Can this corded electric blower stand up to the task of saving your lawn? Let’s find out.

What Makes the BV5600 Unique

In a somewhat-stale market like leaf blowers, it can be harder to stand out.

There’s not a whole lot of moving parts or technology at use unless you step-up to commercial grade equipment. Even so, it’s hard to find a reason to implement, or even research anything for leaf blowers.

That said, there are a few things to not like about the BV5600 Black and Decker leaf blower.

First up is regarding the noise.

Most leaf blowers, especially gas models, are loud creations that you can hear quite a way down the road. It makes sense, of course, that this is the case. The whole premise is an engine powering a fan to powerfully create centrifugal force.

Basically, leaf blowers work like airplane turbines and thus are loud.

Fortunately, this Black and Decker leaf blower utilizes a quieter-sounding motor. Being electric, and corded, has its perks, as the electricity is powered directly from the outlet, which keeps the forces fluid.

Overall, the blower operates at 68dB on maximum power.

Some electric leaf blowers house a plastic fan for blowing, and this can lead to a variety of problems. Plastic is, by no means, as strong as certain metals, the fan inside the BV5600 is of steel construction.

This means the fan should last a while, and the mulching capability can be utilized by the user.

Pricing Out This Black and Decker Leaf Blower

BLACK+DECKER BV6000 High Performance Blower

​Image via Amazon

It’s hard to find reliable power tools for under $​$, yet that’s exactly what the BV5600 represents.

The retail price on this blower is a budget-friendly $​, making it hard to pass up regardless of its performance.

Of course, price isn’t everything with power equipment, so knowing what that money gets you is sometimes more important. Black and Decker is known for their inexpensive, budgeted tools for light duty use. These tools are targeted towards homeowners that just need something to work and use sparingly.

That may sound great in theory, but it’s another thing to put it to use.

Still, plenty of people will find solace in a tool they use 4-to-5-times a year during the fall, and that may be good enough for them.

How the Public Views the BV5600

Sometimes it’s hard to please people.

Other times, all you must do is make a quality product and people will let you know.

The latter is the case found with the BV5600 Black and Decker leaf blower. Mostly positive people seemed to like the overall performance of the machine. This is the best thing to hear, as we’d imagine anyone buying a leaf blower wants it to perform well.

Power wise, most found it adequate for their usage and praised its easy, snap-on attachments. Mulching mode seems to work good for what it is, and the extension cord holder makes carrying around cords much smoother.

Everything isn’t perfect, however.

The biggest gripe that we found with the BV5600 is the lack of speed options. With only two speeds to choose from, it can be hard to decide which to use. Plus, this means the BV5600 isn’t as versatile as a blower with a trigger for speed control, or more options on a dial.

Overall, you might find that the BV5600 won’t work as reliably as other makes and models of blowers, which probably stems from the company’s reputation as a consumer, budget-friendly manufacturer.

In addition to the speed problems, people did find that, even though it’s rated to be quieter than some gas blowers, it was just as loud as certain other medium-duty blowers.

This wasn’t a deal breaker for most, but people seemed to feel indifferent on the noise.

One of the last things to note, though, is that this model had a big recall notice back in September 2016. Not that this wasn’t fixed by now, but it’s something to know before going in, for sure.

The incident was described as the fan cover coming off the device, which could cause a laceration to occur, and was a major hazard for the 560,000 units affected.

Again, this issue should be corrected now, but no one wants to deal with recall issues, and trust can be broken with these types of incidents.

Comparing the BV5600 to Other Leaf Blowers

To make an informed decision regarding any power equipment or tools, it’s a smart move to compare models and the different makes out there.

Thus, we’ll look at three competing blowers and decide which one reigns supreme at the end. Two of them will be gas-powered, while the other one will be a cordless, battery-powered model.

 Ryobi P2180 Cordless Jet Fan Blower Kit

​Image via Amazon

If you want a sleek, battery-powered leaf blower that includes said battery and charger, the Ryobi P2180 is a solid choice.

For starters, you’ll find that the included One+ battery is compatible with over 100 Ryobi tools, making it a good investment if you’re ready to invest in an electric ecosystem.

The Japanese company is known for quality, inexpensive-but-not-cheap, products. Their P2180 is no different.

Overall, the power provided is less than the BV5600, but for most homeowners who deal with your standard debris, such as leaves and needles, it will suffice at 280cfm and 100mph. One of the best features is that this model uses a variable speed trigger.

That means, instead of the dial of the Black and Decker leaf blower, you can control just how hard or soft the air you blow is.

Plus, it’s rated at 65dB, meaning it’s quieter than the BV5600 and Hitachi we’ll later mention.

Lastly, the leaf blower is one of the lighter models you’ll find on the market at a convenient and mobile 6-pounds. Ryobi power tools also boast a 3-year limited warranty, which is the standard you want to see.

You can find the battery, blower, and charger for a reasonable $​$ retail.

It’s hard not to recommend the Hitachi RB24EAP leaf blower.

Boasting one of the most reliable engines on the market, coupled with a solid design, make this leaf blower a force in the market (no pun intended.)

Since it’s a gas engine, you’ll find that it’s already more powerful than the two previously mentioned electric models. The 24cc commercial-grade engine can spit out 170mph winds and is backed by 441cfm of power.

Most people have found that this is the sweet spot of power when it comes to many medium-duty residential blowers.

You won’t be making your neighbors that mad when using the blower, as the noise is rated for 68dB. Putting that in perspective, the BV5600 shares that rating, while the P2180 is quieter. There’s a variable speed trigger which makes controlling the power and noise easier, too.  

One of the best things about the Hitachi, after the noise rating and power, is the warranty. Here, you’ll see Hitachi somehow squeezes in a 7-year coverage period. This can be a big relief should anything go wrong.

Of course, judging by testimonials from people, you probably won’t need to use the warranty.

At the end of the day, if you don’t mind a gas-powered machine, the RB24EAP is a great option. You’ll find it for $​$ at local hardware stores, but frequently can be found on sale.

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At double the price of the Black and Decker leaf blower, you might expect double the performance.

Indeed, the Husqvarna name is no slouch in the power equipment industry and is often among the nicest products you’ll find. This means, though, that you’ll pay a premium to acquire one.

The 125B leaf blower is no different.

With this blower, you get the following performance: a 28cc engine that puts out 170mph airspeeds and contains a 425cfm airflow rating. In the power department, you’ll find the 125B solid.

Not everything is about power, though, and one of the gripes you’ll find with this blower is weight, as it’s the heaviest on our list at 9.4-pounds.

Sometimes weight translates to the materials used, but here, that really is just from the engine’s size.

Unfortunately, the 125B blower has some documented issues that may leave you hesitating to consider it. Fuel lines are known to rupture and be crafted from poor components, while there are quality issues regarding the bolts and nuts holding everything together.

We include it in this review to inform you that even some of the best companies around still have can make a lower-quality product. Think of it as a warning to certain higher-priced products. You will find a standard 2-year limited warranty, which is also the worst on our list.

Our Though​ts on the BV5600 Black and Decker Leaf Blower

Man using leaf blower on a street

Image Source: Pixabay

Unless your heart is set on an electric model to do your leaf blower, there isn’t much to present a case for using the BV5600 over other gas, or even cordless, models.

While the leaf blower isn’t a bad choice due to power, the reliability and maintenance could be a factor down the road, especially with the below-average warranty.

Plus, while the company claims that the blower is quieter than gas blowers, the Hitachi found on our list outputs the same noise volume.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, yet reliable blower, our pick goes to the Hitachi RB24EAP. It’s the best-in-class for any blower under $​$, especially if you can find it at its sale price of $​. The design is tried-and-true, making it durable and powerful for the class.

There are numerous people who can claim it has been working for them over 5-plus years, and the long 7-year warranty should give you the ultimate peace of mind when purchasing.

The only reason to consider the BV5600 model is if you’re absolutely needing, or wanting, a corded electric blower from Black and Decker.

It’s hard to argue with the durability and dependability that other leaf blowers provide, and as such, this isn’t our most-recommended medium-duty machine.

If you require a leaf blower, check out the Hitachi for one of the best values in the business.

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