Can Horses Eat Cabbage? Giving Them A Leafy Treat


Many farmers who grow a wide variety of vegetables and also tend to horses at the same time will notice that if given the chance, their horses will forage on them. Horses are known to love the taste of different food items and what’s more, they can actually eat a wider variety of foods than most pets.

As a matter of fact, horses can eat most fruits and vegetables. They can also eat pastries and even candy if you let them. One of the things that many horse owners want to know is if they can give cabbages to their horses, given that there are some vegetables that cannot be given to them.

Luckily, horses can actually eat cabbages. However, you should understand that there are some things you should know before giving them a few pounds of this vegetable as a treat. Read the rest of the entry so you can give your horses some cabbages safely.

What’s In A Cabbage?

horse eating cabbage

Cabbages are closely related to broccoli and Brussels sprouts. They also come in different varieties. Cabbages can have a green or purple color and the most common varieties are the white cabbage, savoy cabbage as well as the spring greens and red cabbage.

Cabbages are very rich in nutrients. They contain a lot of vitamin C and vitamin K. Cabbages can also provide folate as well as vitamin B6, making this humble vegetable a great source of nutrients. Cabbages also contain phytochemicals that can help fight certain diseases.

a horse eats leaf

When given to horses, cabbages cannot serve as their main diet. This is because cabbages cannot compare to the level of nutrients that can be commonly found in the typical fodder. They can however, be given as treats. Cabbages can be given to horses as a reward or if you want to give a nice surprise.

Giving cabbages is also a great way for you to be able to let your horse try out a new flavor. It is also a good treat to give for horses that are insulin resistant simply because it does not contain sugars or starches. This ensures that the horse will not be discouraged to eat its regular diet after enjoying it.

What Should You Know About Giving Cabbages To Horses?

horse eating leaves

Since cabbages do not contain sugars, they are typically not sweet. This means that if your horse has a sweet tooth, he or she might not like cabbages at all. Aside from the flavor, you should also understand that cabbages can be quite dry and it also has a very tough core.

This is why you might want to make sure that you slice it properly before feeding it to your horse. Cabbages are also known to cause colic or bloating. If you give your horse too much of it, your horse can easily develop gas problems or stomach discomfort.

When feeding horses cabbages, you should only give them 2 - 4 ounces per week. Keep in mind that colic can cause a lot of discomfort in horses. As a matter of fact, it might even be deadly to them. Some people on the other hand, recommend cabbages for horses that are suffering from ulcers.


horse eats leaf

Cabbages are very nutritious vegetables that you can give to your horse as a treat. By using this vegetable instead of other fruits or sweets, you are actually allowing your horse to eat something flavorful and different without making the horse consume a lot of sugar.

Cabbages however, are known to cause gas buildup in the horse’s stomach. This can cause colic and major discomfort in horses. For this cause, I highly recommend that you only give limited amount of cabbages or opt for other treats instead if your horse is susceptible to gas pains.

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