Can Horses Eat Grapes? Giving Horses Fresh Fruits


Just as we humans love to get treats from time to time, horses also love it when you surprise them with sweets sometimes. Treats are not just helpful when it comes to giving the horse a small reward for its hard work, treats can also be used to help you form a connection or bond with your own horse.

Unfortunately, not all treats are the same. As a matter of fact, some people will only give sugar cubes and mints to their horses. This is actually not a good idea since these treats do not contain any nutrients at all and they are only known to have empty calories. These sweets can even be dangerous.

This is why there are owners who will opt to give their horses fresh fruits instead. In effect, they don’t just provide the horses a burst of sweetness, but also allow them to get a good dose of vitamins, minerals and fiber. With that said, one of the fruit treats that you can give to your horses are grapes.

Can Horses Eat Grapes? Giving Horses Fresh Fruits

Are Grapes Safe For Horses?

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A lot of people love to eat grapes. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of kids and adults all over the world who just can’t seem to get enough of its sweet and juicy taste. Grapes however, must not be given to other pets. Fortunately, horses are exempted from this rule since they can safely eat them.

Horses can easily eat both seedless and seeded grapes. They are known to eat lots of grapes simply because they love its natural sweetness and soft texture. Grapes are known to contain high amounts of antioxidants and with them, you can actually support your horse’s heart.

As a matter of fact, some will use the grapes that are left behind after pressing as forage. There are also those who will give their horses grapes out of the vine and those that will allow their horses to forage on their vineyards to eat the ones that have been left out of the harvest.

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Today, scientific studies are now being conducted in order to find out what the effects of grapes are on thoroughbred horses. The study was able to find out that the supplement they used was palatable to the horses and that the grapes were able to support the horse’s digestion and lower blood glucose.

Although the studies used grape seed extract, it can help owners get a good idea of exactly how the right treat can provide the horse with useful benefits. This is also the reason why I highly recommend that you use fruits or vegetables instead of commercial sweets if you want to give a treat to your horse.

What Other Fruits Can You Use?

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There is a wide array of fresh fruits that you can use to give to your horse. The most common one that you can use are apples. You can also give strawberries to your horses if they are readily available. If you want to help support your horse’s muscles on the other hand, I recommend that you use bananas.

Although you can choose different kinds of fruits to give to your horse, just make sure that you avoid avocados, rhubarb and tomatoes since they are known to be toxic to horses. You should also consider giving only small amounts of these treats. For grapes, you should only give a pound of it per week.


a horse eating hips

Grapes are naturally sweet and they can contain a lot of antioxidants and nutrients. When giving grapes I highly recommend that you freeze a pound of it before giving it to your horse. Aside from helping them get vitamins and minerals, you can let them enjoy a crunchy and cool treat at the same time.

Instead of letting the horses eat the grapes that are left on the vineyard, I would suggest that you pick them yourself so you can clean them individually first. This can help you avoid letting your horse eat mold and also ingest chemicals that might be on the surface of the grapes.

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