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Can Horses Eat Lettuce? Giving A Hydrating Treat For Your Horses

feeding horse with veggie

Horses need to eat high quality hay on a regular basis if you want to make sure that they are able to have normal and healthy lives. But because of the fact that horses are quite adventurous when it comes to their palates, they are also known to be able to eat a wide array of food items that even include eggs.

There are actually horse owners who will gladly try to give their horses candies and even hotdogs or sugary pastries. But those who truly love their horses and want to care for them properly, will only opt to give their horses nothing but the best and most natural forages or treats that they can find.

When it comes to giving fruits and vegetables, you should know that there are actually certain items that you should never try to give to them. This is because they might be very harmful for your horses. Fortunately, lettuce is not one of them. Read on and know how you can give it to your horses.

Can Horses Eat Lettuce? Giving A Hydrating Treat For Your Horses

Things You Need To Know About Lettuce


Lettuce is a great vegetable that we can all enjoy and get some nutrients from. It is also one of the go-to treats that many pet owners will give to rabbits, guinea pigs and even to medium-sized animals such as pigs and goats. This is probably because we all like its fresh taste as well as its texture.

What you should know when giving lettuce however, is that it does not actually contain a lot of vitamins or minerals. Lettuce is not known to contain calories and the nutrients that it contains is not actually enough to help people or animals meet their dietary requirements.

horse eating cabbage

However, what makes lettuce great is that it actually has a lot of water. This makes it a nice vegetable that you can give to different animals especially during a very hot day. Lettuce is also easily digestible, this means that your pets can enjoy eating it without having to worry about getting stomach aches.

Lettuce is also readily available in many areas of the country and it is also quite affordable. This means that you can easily buy lots of it especially if you are taking care of several animals in your ranch or in your farm. You can even put it in the fridge and let it cool a bit before feeding it to your pets.

Can Horses Eat Lettuce?

feeding horse with veggie leaf

Absolutely! In fact, horses are known to love lettuce especially when it still has an amazingly fresh flavor and crisp texture. Since it can easily be digested and because it contains a lot of water without the calories or the sugar, horses are actually allowed to eat a large portion of lettuce when given as a treat.

However, lettuce should not be given to horses as a main part of their diet. This is because it does not have the vital nutrients needed by the animal. Since horses are quite large, they will need to get a lot of calories and nutrients from other sources in order for them to keep up with their body’s needs.


a horse eats leaf

Horses can eat lettuce and in fact, many of them are known to like eating it a lot. They like this vegetable a lot because of its great taste and texture especially when refrigerated. It is a great treat that you can give to horses especially during summer if you want to make sure that they are happy and hydrated.

Lettuce however, should not be used as their main source of nutrition. Although you can give larger portions of this vegetable when compared to other food items, you should only limit to giving horse two pounds of lettuce per day while still giving them their regular, well balanced diet on a daily basis.

Have you tried giving lettuce to your horses? Share your experience with us in the comments section.

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