Can Horses Eat Pears? Giving The Treats For Digestion

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When choosing treats for your horses, you can select between giving them something healthy, or something that is a bit sweet and naughty. While there are owners who love giving them cookies and mints, those who are serious about their health should give only fruits and vegetables.

Horses love to eat apples and carrots as treats. But aside from these two common food items, owners can actually widen their options and use other fruits and vegetables. They can actually try to use a plethora of other food items not just to make their horses happy, but also to help support their health.

If you truly want to give your horse a nice surprise, one thing you should do is to make an effort to diversify the treats that you are going to give. For example, if you want to reward your horse with something new without ruining his or her health, why not try to give a pear instead?

Can Horses Eat Pears? Giving The Treats For Digestion

Can Horses Eat Pears?

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Pears are very succulent and they can have a distinctly sweet flavor. As a matter of fact, there are horses that want it more than any other treats you might give them. It also has a lot of nutrients to offer. This makes it a great option that you can choose especially because it is easy to find in most grocery stores.

Pears are very cheap and they have an amazing texture that horses will definitely love. This fruit also contains a lot of fluids that can help sustain these large animals especially during a hot day. Pears even contain high amounts of fiber and vitamins, making them suitable for the horse’s nutrition.

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This fruit also contains a naturally occurring digestive enzyme called pectin that can help protect the lining of their stomach and allows the horse to easily absorb nutrients. This makes it a very beneficial treat that horses can consume to help prevent gastric ulcers as well as the buildup of stomach acids.

Although giving pears to horses might sound weird to most people living in America, you should know that it is actually a very common treat that many Europeans give to their equine helpers. Pears contain riboflavin, vitamin C, vitamin E, as well as copper that can help support the horse’s vital organs.

How To Prepare The Pears For Consumption

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If you want to give pears to your horses, you need to pick one or two of them per horse. Make sure that the pear is not rotten and that it does not have any mold. You do not have to remove the skin of the pear since it is what gives the pear its unique crunch and flavor. But you can remove the stem.

I highly recommend that you try to slice the pears into quarters before feeding it to the horses. You can also opt to remove the core so your horse will not choke on it. You can also get rid of the seeds since these are known to contain very small amounts of toxins that can accumulate in the horse’s body.


horse eating an apple

Pears are packed with flavor and nutrients. What’s more, it also contains an enzyme that can help promote digestion and protect the horse from stomach problems. But because it also contains a lot of sugar, you should never try to give the horse more than 2 pounds of pears per week.

You can give pears to horses that have colic or distention problems, and you can also give it to horses that have a sweet tooth. Aside from providing your horse with a tasty treat, you are also giving the horse vitamins and minerals that can help keep the animal active, strong and also very healthy.

Have you tried giving pears to your horses? Share your experience with us in the comment section.

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