Can Rabbits Eat Apples? Giving Your Pet A Treat

rabbit and apple

Rabbits are small and very cute animals that can require a lot of care and attention if you are caring for them as pets in your property. Rabbits can come from different genera and species, but by far, the most widely domesticated species are the European rabbits which was first kept as pets in Ancient Rome.

When it comes to their diet, rabbits are known to be herbivores. They will mainly consume grass and even weeds that will allow them to get a lot of cellulose. Cellulose however, is very difficult to digest. And to overcome this, the rabbit has developed a hindgut that allows them to ferment their food.

Although it might sound gross, rabbits can actually re-ingest the droppings that they produce instead of chewing the cud in order to get more nutrients out of it. With that said, their diets should be made up mostly of grasses. But it does not mean that they can’t enjoy fruits, like apple, every once and awhile.

Can Rabbits Eat Apples?

Basically, a rabbit can eat apples. However, it does not mean that they should be given large amounts of it on a daily basis. Since their diets should be composed of grass or hay, you should understand that apples cannot be used as substitutes for their natural diet. Doing so can actually be harmful for them.

Although apples are known to be quite healthy because they contain a lot of nutrients, you need to understand that it might not have all of the nutrients that the rabbit needs. Apples are also known to be quite sweet since they can contain a lot of sugar. This is actually what can attract rabbits to eat them.

a rabbit eating apple

However, the presence of sugar might actually be what causes the runs in these tiny animals. Rabbits can easily go crazy over them especially if they are very ripe. So if you will allow them to eat as much apples as they want to have, they can easily end up having stomach ache or diarrhea.

Rabbits do love to eat fresh fruits, but you should understand that letting them eat grass as well as the pellets that they can produce is actually quite important when it comes to their overall health. This is why experts recommend that although you can give them apples, you should keep it at a minimum.

Things To Consider When Giving Apples To Rabbits

rabbit eating apple

If you want to give apples to your rabbits, make sure that you will cut it into small pieces first. You can give a couple tablespoons of apples per rabbit. You should never try to give them a whole fruit since it can give the rabbits too much sugar as a result. Always keep an eye for diarrhea if you give them apples.

Whenever you are going to give apples to your beloved pets, make sure that you are going to clean the apple properly and that you are going to remove the stem and the seeds first. This is because the seeds and the stems of the apple contains some cyanide which can be quite deadly if eaten in large quantities.


rabbit eats apple

To simply put, rabbits can safely eat apples. However, you need to keep in mind that if you want to keep your pet rabbit healthy, you should always try to avoid giving too much of it. This is because although apples contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, it also contains a large amount of sugar.

This can be dangerous to rabbits because it can cause diarrhea and give them an upset stomach. You should only give your pet rabbits a few tablespoons of sliced apple chunks without the stem and seeds so that they can safely consume it without any unwanted side effects.

Do you give apples to your pet rabbits? Tell us more about it in the comment section.

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