Can Rabbits Eat Basil? Another Herbaceous Treat

rabbits eating vegetables

Rabbits belong to the lagomorph family and they actually have a very sensitive stomach. Their tummies are actually designed to process cellulose from hay and grasses but they are also known to be able to handle some fruits and vegetables. Of course, food items other than grass should be kept at a minimum.

Otherwise, the rabbit can easily suffer from stomach problems. You should also keep in mind that minor problems such as diarrhea can have a very significant impact on the rabbit. The rabbit can easily weaken and even die from diarrhea. Impactions can also occur, requiring you to provide emergency treatments.

This is why there are many rabbit owners who prefer to only give their rabbits green vegetables. Luckily, there are also leafy greens that can serve as a great treat simply because they are low in sugar but they have a lot of nutrients. One of the things that you can give to your rabbit are herbs like the tasty basil.

What Can Basil Offer?

Basil is an herb that many of us commonly use in everyday cooking. As a matter of fact, many homeowners grow basil in their own gardens. Since basil is an herb, it does contain a lot of flavor and it also has a nice texture. This means that in most cases, the rabbits will love eating them right away.

Basil is known to contain high amounts of vitamin A, it also has some vitamin C as well as B vitamins. It does not contain a lot of sugar and carbohydrates. Basil is also known to contain decent amounts of calcium and manganese. These nutrients are all good for your rabbit’s overall health and wellness.

Since basil is basically just flavorful green leaves, you can actually give more of it to your rabbits compared to other fruits or vegetables. This means that you can use this herb not just to add flavor to your pet’s regular food, but also to make sure that your rabbit can easily get additional nutrients.

Things To Consider When Giving Basil To Your Rabbit

rabbits eating

Whenever you want to give your rabbit basil leaves, you need to make sure that they are fresh and properly cleaned. Avoid giving them leaves that might contain aphids or microorganisms. Of course, you should never try to give them leftover basil, cooked basil leaves or dried ones for cooking.

As a general rule, treats should only make up 5% of the rabbit’s daily diet. This means that as you measure your rabbit’s meal, you can add in a little bit of fresh basil just to make your rabbit get an unexpected burst of flavor. You should also avoid using basil as the main part of the rabbit’s daily diet.

Although it might not cause as much problems as fruits or vegetables that contain a lot of carbohydrates or sugars, you should still keep an eye on your rabbit if it’s the first time he or she eats basil. This is to make sure that your rabbit will not be suffering from diarrhea or gas buildups in the next few days.


rabbits eating

Basil is an amazing herb that you can give to your rabbits as a treat. This herb is not just full of flavor, it also contains vitamins and minerals that can be used to help your rabbit stay strong and healthy. Basil also does not contain a lot of sugars or carbohydrates, allowing your bunny to eat a lot of it safely.

However, since it does not contain all of the nutrients that the rabbit needs to survive, you should only use basil as a treat. Use only fresh basil leaves and make sure that it has been cleaned properly. Introduce this herb slowly to your rabbit and make sure that the rabbit does not develop diarrhea.

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