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Can Rabbits Eat Bread? A Simple, Yet Processed Treat For Bunnies

cute tiny rabbit looking at the bread

We all know that as lagomorphs, rabbits need to eat fresh grasses or hay since their stomachs are made to process the cellulose in these food items. Rabbits however, can also consume treats from time to time. While most will only use fruits and vegetables, there are those who want to try other items.

Although some people will just recklessly try to give candies, chocolates and even bacon to their rabbits, others are very cautious when it comes to giving human food or processed treats. This is why many rabbit owners want to know whether or not they can safely give ordinary bread to their pets.

Ordinary or simple bread is typically made from only a handful fresh ingredients. Bread is also relatively cheap and is also readily available in American homes. This is why many owners will wonder if it can be used to help rabbits stay healthy. Here’s what you need to know about giving bread to your bunnies:

Can Rabbits Eat Bread? A Simple, Yet Processed Treat For Bunnies

What Is In Bread?

a rabbit eating bread

Bread is typically made from flour. Although there are breads made from refined ingredients that includes fine flour, eggs, and a lot of sugar, there are those that are only made from whole grain flour, salt and water. Bread can also be enriched to contain vitamins and minerals for your health.

Depending on what ingredients you use, bread can contain micronutrients. It can provide you with folate, niacin, riboflavin and iron. All these nutrients can be used to help you get healthy blood cells, improve your energy levels as well as protect your vital organs from damage and from diseases.

While some bread is multi-grain breads, there is also white bread that is very easy to digest. Multi-grain breads may be able to provide you with a bit more fiber and minerals than white bread, but in general, bread is not a very good source of fiber. However, it is low in fat and has lots of carbohydrates.

Can Rabbit’s Eat Bread?

rabbit eating bread

No, rabbits should not eat bread at all. Although they can eat bread per se, it is actually not very healthy for them. This is mainly because of the fact that as lagomorphs, rabbits cannot properly process large amounts of carbohydrates in their stomachs. Rabbits are also not allowed to consume a lot of sugar.

Even if the bread was not made with sugar, the carbohydrates that it contains will be processed by the rabbit’s stomach the same way. This can result in the rabbit getting an undesirable weight increase and also cause the rabbit to develop diarrhea or an upset stomach. It can also cause indigestion.

While people think that multi-grain breads are healthier choices, you need to know that rabbits cannot actually process grains. This is why giving them this type of bread is much worse than giving them white bread. Although you might give them bread as a treat, you should know the risk involved if you do.


a rabbit with corn and bread

Bread can be very tasty and in some cases, it can also be a very healthy option for us humans. Unfortunately, the same thing is not true when it comes to rabbits. This is because the rabbit’s stomach is not meant to process flour, grains or huge amounts of carbohydrates that are always found in bread.

Bread is known to give rabbits diarrhea, indigestion and other stomach problems. Bread can also give your rabbit an undesired weight increase. This is why rabbits should not be allowed to eat bread especially when there are healthier treats that you can easily buy or choose from for your beloved pets.

If your rabbit ate a few slices of bread, it may or may not give your bunny immediate side effects. You should however, avoid giving it to them intentionally since bread should not be a part of the bunny’s regular diet or the bunny’s daily treat.

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