Can Rabbits Eat Carrots? Are Carrots Good For Them?

a rabbit eating carrots

Thanks to Bugs Bunny and other childhood cartoon shows, many of us grew up with the preconceived notion that rabbits need to eat carrots. And now that we have finally discovered the truth that rabbits are actually built to process the cellulose that can be found in grasses, many of us are now confused.

This is because we are no longer sure whether or not rabbits can still safely consume carrots. To help shed light on this matter, you need to know that rabbits are mainly herbivores. But instead of consuming fruits and vegetables, their stomach needs to ferment fresh grass or hay for nutrition.

Rabbits however, can eat fruits or vegetables from time to time in order to help them get more nutrients for their overall health. Owners can also use this food items as treats to help make their rabbits happy or to help reward their pets. So, can rabbits eat carrots as a treat?

Can Rabbits Eat Carrots?

feeding a rabbit with a carrot

Fortunately, not all of what we saw in cartoons back in the day is false. This is simply because although rabbits cannot eat this vegetable as their main diet, they can actually eat carrots as a treat. For as long as they are given the right portions of it, carrots can actually be used to help keep rabbits healthy.

Carrots are known to contain vitamins and minerals that the rabbit can use to stay active. Carrots are also known to contain a lot of beta carotene that the rabbit can convert into vitamin A. Carrots are also known to contain different antioxidants that can help protect the rabbit’s organs from free radicals.

Aside from all these, carrots is also one of very few vegetables that can provide falcarinol that might be able to help the rabbit avoid cancers or tumors. However, you should understand that carrots do not contain a lot of cellulose and that it actually contains a lot of complex carbohydrates or sugars.

Things To Keep In Mind When Giving Carrots To Your Rabbits

feeding rabbits with a carrot

As a root vegetable, carrots contains sugars that is not ideal for these animals. If the rabbit eats too much of it, it can be very easy for the rabbit to develop diarrhea. Carrots can also give your rabbit an upset stomach or gas buildup. This is why you should never try to feed them carrots on a frequent basis.

Experts have also said that rabbits can easily develop tooth decay when they are given too much carrots. This is probably because the carrot’s very hard texture can easily damage the rabbit’s teeth and gums. The sugars in the carrot can also cause your rabbit to gain a lot of weight and be at risk for health issues.

Whenever you want to give your rabbit a carrot, you can try to give your pet once slice as a treat every other day. You need to keep in mind that the carrot cannot provide the rabbit with all of the essential nutrients that it needs. And that the rabbit will die if you will only let it eat carrots every single day.


Although we have been made to think that rabbits naturally eat carrots, you should know that carrots are dangerous to rabbits when they are given too much of it. Carrots however, can be used as a healthy treat if you want to give your rabbit a healthy reward that is full of nutrients and flavor at the same time.

If you want to give your rabbit some carrots, you should only give your pet a slice of it every other day. You need to keep in mind that carrots contain a lot of sugars and it can easily cause diarrhea and stomach problems if you give too much of it. Carrots are also known to cause tooth decay in rabbits. So be very carefully when giving carrots to your pets.

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