Can Rabbits Eat Celery? Giving Vegetables To Your Pet


Oftentimes, people get confused or grossed out as soon as they know what rabbits actually eat. You see, aside from eating grasses like hay, alfalfa and even weeds, they are also known to eat their own feces. Often referred to as “pellets”, these are actually very important for the rabbit’s health and survival.

This is basically because the rabbit has adapted to make sure that its stomach is able to process the cellulose that you would typically find in grasses. The rabbit produces both soft and hard pellets and they would typically consume the soft pellets in order to extract its nutrients better.

With all that in mind, you should understand how important their diet is for the rabbit and you should also know exactly how complicated their digestive system is. This is why no matter how much you want to give them something nice, you should be very careful when giving them other food items.

Can Rabbits Eat Celery?

rabbits eating veggies

Rabbits are quite adventurous creatures when it comes to food. Although they will need to eat grasses since they are basically built for it, they will not back down whenever they are given the chance to try out something new. This is true even when they are given a stalk or two of celery.

Celery is a great-tasting vegetable and a lot of animals, including us humans, like it a lot simply because it has a nice, savory taste. Fortunately, rabbits can safely consume celery. And because celery is known to contain nutrients, it can be used to provide potassium, calcium, folic acid and even vitamin B.

rabbit eating celery

Celery does not contain a lot of sugar, this is why your rabbits might be able to eat a lot more of it than other food items. But so you can be on the safe side, you should try to cut a small piece of it first just to see if your rabbit will like it. If the rabbit does eat it, you should try checking if the animal gets the runs.

As mentioned, rabbits have a very sensitive digestive system and you would not want your pet to develop problems because of some celery. Cutting the celery into small pieces can also help prevent its fibers from getting tangled in between the rabbit’s teeth.

Things To Consider When Giving Celery To Your Rabbit

a rabbit eating celery

You can actually give as much as two cups of celery to your rabbit and unlike fruits that contain a lot of sugar, you can actually use celery as part of your rabbit’s regular diet. Doing so can actually help you give the rabbit a balanced diet for as long as 80% of the food you give is still made up of grasses.

When giving celery to your rabbit, you should always start with small amounts of it. This is because if you are going to try to give the animal too much of it, you might end up giving the rabbit severe stomach problems and you might actually end up killing the animal unexpectedly.


rabbit eats celery

Giving celery to rabbits is not just safe for them, it can actually be a great way for you to ensure that the rabbit stays healthy. Celery can be used as part of the rabbit’s regular diet, but you should never try to give too much of it all at once to avoid giving diarrhea to your pet or causing fatal problems.

You can give your rabbit 2 cups of celery but it would be best if you will try to mix it first with other fresh vegetables. This is so that the rabbit can get used to its taste and so you will be able to tell if it will cause any problems in the rabbit’s digestive system.

Have you ever tried to give celery to your rabbit? Tell us more about it in the comment section.

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