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Can Rabbits Eat Cilantro? An Herbal Supplement For Your Bunny

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Rabbits are actually quite brave when it comes to food. In fact, they are known to enjoy different food items even though they are might not good for their own health. If the owners permit it, rabbits will gladly devour various fruits, vegetables, candies and even processed meats and pastries.

However, you need to understand that you are actually putting your rabbit’s life at risk each time you give your pet something that his stomach is not designed to process. Simply put, if it is not made up of grass or hay, it is probably something you will have to keep away from your rabbit.

Despite that, you do not actually have to be too strict about your pet’s diet. You can actually give your rabbits some treats from time to time. When it comes to treats, avoid taking it too literally. You do not have to give your rabbit sweet pastries or chocolates. Instead, you can use herbs like cilantro.

Can Rabbits Eat Cilantro? An Herbal Supplement For Your Bunny

Can Rabbits Eat Cilantro?

cute rabbit eatinhg parsley

Yes, rabbits can safely consume cilantro. Although some treats can contain a lot of carbohydrates and sugars, cilantro on the other hand, is known to contain nutrients that can be used to help improve the rabbit’s health. What’s more, rabbits can actually consume this herb more frequently than most treats.

This is mainly because it packs in a lot of flavor and it does not contain starches or sugars in huge portions. Some experts will even say that it can actually be used as a dietary supplement for your pet. Cilantro is known to contain a lot of antioxidants that can help your rabbit fight against free radicals.

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This simply means that if you are giving it as a treat to your pet, your rabbit will have more protection against cancer, inflammation and possibly other ailments. Some owners do prefer giving cilantro to their rabbits over using commercial treats. This is because cilantro does not contain any synthetic nutrients.

Cilantro is also known to contain antimicrobial properties. This means that it can be used to help your rabbit fight against common diseases and infection. And instead of causing gas, there are those who say that cilantro can actually be used to help rabbits that are suffering from gas or bloating.

Things To Consider When Giving Cilantro To Your Rabbits

cute kid feeding rabbit with parsley

When it comes to giving cilantro to your rabbits, you need to keep in mind that even though it contains nutrients and antioxidants, it cannot be used to replace your pet’s regular diet. This is simply because this herb cannot provide all of the nutrients that the rabbit needs for its own survival.

Although you can use it to supplement the rabbit’s diet, you should only use it in moderation. Some rabbit owners are known to give their rabbits one bunch of cilantro every couple of days just so that the rabbit can get a little bit more nutrients. You should however, never force your rabbit to eat this herb.


rabbits eating herbs

Cilantro is an amazing herb that many rabbits love because of its unique flavor. A lot of rabbit owners also like to use it as a treat to help improve the rabbit’s health simply because it contains nutrients and antioxidants. Cilantro can also provide a wide array of health benefits.

It is also known to help your rabbit fight against infections and common diseases, and it can be used to help treat rabbits that are suffering from gas problems or from bloating. You should understand however, that because it does not contain a lot of sugar, there are rabbits that do not like to eat it at all.

Have you tried giving cilantro to your bunnies? Tell us more about how you use this herb as a treat or to help improve your rabbit’s health in the comment section.

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