Can Rabbits Eat Grapes? Another Sweet Treat For Your Bunny

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Fresh hay, leafy green vegetables, even grass and weeds should be the main part of your rabbit’s diet. But it does not mean that the rabbit cannot eat a few treats every once in a while. Rabbits are known to be curious whenever they are presented with new smells, flavors and even new sights.

But rabbits can also be quite picky too. If they do not like the taste of the treat, there is a huge chance that they will never want to go near it again. This is why it is very important for owners to let pets try out new treats so you won’t have any problems in case they need nutrients from a different food source.

You need to keep in mind that experts do recommend that aside from the rabbit’s regular diet, you should try to add in at least a cup of chopped fruits and vegetables. One of the fruits that you can give to your rabbit are grapes. Here’s what you need to know when giving grapes to your bunnies:

Can Rabbits Eat Grapes? Another Sweet Treat For Your Bunny

What Are The Benefits Of Grapes?

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Grapes are known to be very good for health. These fruits are known to contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. But perhaps the best thing there is about eating grapes is the fact that they can be quite sweet and delicious. This is why it can be very easy for humans and animals alike to eat dozens in one sitting.

Although grapes are known to contain sugar, they are actually known to have a low glycemic value. This allows us and our pets to easily balance the sugar levels in our bodies whenever we consume them. It also allows our insulin to be regulated properly. This is why your rabbit can safely eat grapes.

Grapes are also known to contain glutathione and resveratrol. These antioxidants are known to help fight oxidative stress and they might be able to help protect your rabbit’s internal organs and overall health. To have resveratrol, you do not have to ferment grapes as it can be found naturally on its skin.

Things To Consider When Giving Grapes To Rabbits

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Whenever you are planning to give grapes to your rabbits, you need to keep in mind that although you can give more of it than other sweet and sugary fruits, you will still have to do it in moderation. Keep in mind that the rabbit can suffer from diarrhea if you allow the animal to consume too much sugar.

The rabbit’s digestive system can also go haywire if you give your pet something new to eat. So give one or two pieces of grapes per rabbit first and try to observe what will happen for the next few days before giving them some more. You should also opt to use only organic, thoroughly washed grapes.

When giving fruits that contain sugar on a frequent basis to your rabbits, you should know that these animals can be made susceptible to long term health problems. Although rabbits can safely eat grapes and even raisins, giving too much of these food items can cause kidney stones and renal failure.


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Grapes can be used as a nice treat for your pet bunnies simply because they are known to contain nutrients and have a low glycemic value. This simply means that your pet’s body can easily balance it by properly regulating the insulin levels.

However, you should still opt to use moderation when giving grapes. Only 10% of the rabbit’s regular diet should be composed of fruits or grapes if you intend to give them some. Avoid giving grapes frequently to your rabbit so that your pet will be able to avoid going through different health problems.

Have you tried feeding grapes to your rabbits? Tell us more about it in the comment section.

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