Can Rabbits Eat Green Beans? Green Veggies For Your Bunny

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Rabbits are known to love eating green grasses and hay. But more than just their typical diet, they are also known to like eating vegetables, especially green ones. While most owners have sweet candies or pastries in mind when thinking about treats, rabbits might actually prefer organic and healthy ones.

Rabbits are very adventurous when it comes to their eating skills. They will try to eat whatever food item smells or tastes well enough for them. But what many owners fail to understand is the fact that because eating grass can be very boring, rabbits will likely consider vegetables as a very welcome treat.

Experts also recommend that instead of using other food items, owners should opt to use vegetables as treats simply because it will not just help make the rabbit happy, it can also help improve their health. This is why some owners want to know if vegetables like the green beans can be eaten by their pets.

Can Rabbits Eat Green Beans? Green Veggies For Your Bunny

What Is In Green Beans?

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Green beans are known to be quite delicious and in fact, there are a lot of people who love eating it a lot. It is also widely available in the country and it is also quite affordable. In most cases, people will end up buying a few pounds of it per week and they want to know if they can share it to their rabbits.

Green beans are actually known to provide impressive benefits to those who eat this vegetable frequently. It is known to help boost immune system, help support cardiovascular health and it can also be used to help eliminate free radicals. Rabbits might be able to enjoy all these by eating green beans.

This vegetable is also known to provide easy access to different vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B6. It also contains copper, manganese, calcium and iron which can help support your rabbit’s muscles, bones and other important organs. This makes green beans a very healthy treat.

Things To Consider When Giving Green Beans In Rabbits

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Just like most green veggies that you can give to your bunnies, you need to keep in mind that you have to give green beans in moderation. This is simply because they can cause gas and it can make your rabbit’s tummy bloated. It might also cause diarrhea which can be fatal especially in young bunnies.

If you want to give your rabbit green beans, be sure to introduce it slowly to your pet’s diet. You can try to include a few small slices of it in your rabbit’s regular meal just so you can see how your pet reacts to it. Although they are nutritious, green beans however, should not be used to replace their regular diet.

If your bunny can handle the green beans without going through any stomach problems. You can start giving it as a treat. You can give the bunny 1 cup of green beans per 4 pounds of weight or make sure that it will only make up 5% of the rabbit’s daily meal. Always use fresh, organic green beans to be safe.


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When it comes to giving your rabbits a healthy treat, you can always opt for green vegetables simply because they will not just taste amazing, they can also help provide your rabbits with different nutrients. Green beans for example, is a great way for you to make your bunny happy and health at the same time.

However, you should only give small amounts of this vegetable to your pets. This is because it does not contain all of the vital nutrients that the rabbit needs to survive and because it can also cause bloating and diarrhea. If you want to give some to your pet, introduce it slowly by using small quantities per day.

Have you tried giving green beans to your bunnies? Tell us more about how you did it in the comments section.

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