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Can Rabbits Eat Oranges? Giving Your Bunny A Dose Of Vitamin C


Rabbits cannot actually make their own vitamins. For this cause, it is very important for owners to make sure that they are able to eat food items that contain readily absorbable nutrients. Although most of the time, rabbits can get vital nutrients from hay, some owners want to supplement their diet with fruits.

However, rabbits are not frugivores. This is why you must be very careful whenever you want to incorporate fruits into their diet. Keep in mind that you can keep the rabbit healthy if you use fruits properly, but you can easily cause them diarrhea if you give the rabbit too much of these food items.

One of the fruits that rabbit owners want to give to their pets are oranges. This is mainly because they want to help improve their rabbits’ health by trying to give them a good dose of vitamin C. Although you can safely give this fruit to your rabbits, there are a couple of things that you first need to know.

What Makes Oranges A Nice Treat?

rabbit eating an orange thing

Oranges are very affordable and they are available all over the country. Aside from the fact that it contains high amount of vitamin C, you should understand that oranges also contain antioxidants which can help fight oxidative stress. Oranges also contain pectin, which will act as a strong laxative.

This allows the rabbit to get rid of toxins from its digestive system. Oranges are also known to help your rabbit fight against inflammation. You can also use oranges to help the rabbits get enough potassium to improve its heart. It also contains calcium that can be used to help improve their bones.

The rabbits can also eat the orange peel. This allows many owners to avoid having to throw the leftovers whenever they make fresh orange juice in the morning. Oranges, when fully ripened, also contain sugars. This can allow you to easily introduce this fruit to your pets without having to worry about the taste.

Things You Need To Know When Giving Oranges To Your Rabbits

Oranges should never be a part of the rabbit’s regular diet. Although you can give oranges as treats, you need to understand that because of its high vitamin C content, feeding this fruit regularly to your rabbits can cause kidney problems which can lead to fatal results in rabbits.

Most experts say that you should only give ¼ of an orange to your rabbit once or twice per week. This will allow your rabbit to enjoy all of the nutrients that the orange can provide without letting the pet suffer from kidney problems. Oranges can also cause stomach problems in rabbits if you are not careful.

This is why you should try to slowly introduce the fruit to the rabbit by giving the animal small pieces at first. The rabbit can also develop bloating, diarrhea and even mouth sores if you allow the rabbit to eat too many oranges. In addition, the sugar in oranges can also increase the rabbit’s weight.


rabbit eats an orange thing

Oranges are nutritious treats that you can give to your rabbits if you want to make them stay healthy and happy. But because it contains a lot of sugar, you need to know that it can give your rabbit an unexpected increase in weight and it can also cause bloating and diarrhea if you give too much of it.

The vitamin C found in oranges is also quite dangerous if the rabbit gets an excess of it simply because it can cause fatal kidney problems. If you want to use an orange as a treat, you should only give ¼ of an orange to your rabbit once or twice per week and make sure you never use the orange as a main part of their diet.

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