Can Rabbits Eat Parsley? Another Green Treat For Your Pet

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Oftentimes, when we think about rabbit food, we are thinking about dry or bland-tasting food or the common ones that we are used to see rabbits eating. This might include carrots, apples and other common fruits and vegetables. But this is actually quite false because rabbits do love to eat a lot.

As a matter of fact, rabbits are known to be quite curious when it comes to food and they will easily go crazy over ripe and sweet fruits or crisp and fresh vegetables. Rabbits can eat more than just hay and carrots, they are known to enjoy eating delicious strawberries, blueberries and even bell peppers.

This is why owners should try to make sure that they use unique food items if they want to keep their rabbits happy and healthy at the same time. It is always best to try to explore new options and possibilities when it comes to the rabbit’s food so you can make their meals as exciting as possible.

Can Rabbits Eat Parsley? Another Green Treat For Your Pet

Can Rabbits Eat Parsley?

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One of the things that many rabbit owners want to try giving their pets is parsley. This is possibly because of the fact that parsley is also a green, leafy herb, but it has a lot of flavor to offer. Parsley also contains vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidants that can help your rabbit stay strong and healthy.

Parsley is known to contain vitamin K, Vitamin A, vitamin C and Vitamin E. These vitamins can help protect your rabbit from inflammation and it can also help fight against cancers and tumors. These vitamins can also act as antioxidants which will help your rabbit get rid of free radicals.

Parsley also contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron as well as zinc and potassium. These minerals can help your rabbit stay strong and active since they can be used to protect and support the rabbit’s bones and muscles. They can also help stave off infections and diseases.

Things To Consider When Giving Parsley To Rabbits

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When it comes to giving parsley, you need to understand that most online communities heavily debate its use simply because there are owners who say that they should not be given to rabbits at all. This may be because parsley is known to be a diuretic and because it contains oxalates which might harm them.

There are also people who let their rabbits eat parsley freely without being able to notice any problems. If you want to give your rabbits parsley, make sure that you are only going to use it as a treat. Introduce this herb slowly to your rabbit and try to check if your pet will develop diarrhea or any stomach issues.

You should also avoid giving your rabbit parsley if your rabbit has not been feeling good lately. You need to keep in mind that there are other less debated food items that you can use as a treat for your pet. Give your rabbit only 1 cup of parsley for every 4 pounds of your rabbit’s weight if you want to use it.


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Parsley is known to be aromatic and delicious. What’s more, it is also known to contain a wide array of vitamins and minerals that can help your rabbit stay healthy. Unfortunately, the rabbit owner’s community is divided whether this herb is good for the rabbits or not because of a few minor factors.

I, on the other hand, recommend that you try to give parsley to your rabbits only as a treat. You should avoid giving too much of it and you should try to make sure that your rabbits are able to adjust to its effects by introducing this herb slowly to your pet’s diet. You should also avoid giving it too often.

Have you tried giving parsley to your rabbits? Tell us more about how your pet reacted to it in the comments section.

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Kathleen sorce says Aug. 2018

My rabbit ate parsley almost exclusively (as far as fresh food goes). Her primary food was Timothy hay and hay cubes.
She absolutely loved it and she was a very healthy, active girl right up to the age of 13!

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